CPA can’t get an interview

I’m in give up mode. I’m a CPA with decades of experience.. primarily in tax and with large and small business and individual clients. I’ve been working for peanuts for the past few years as my full-time job morphed into a sometime job. I’ve been working for a staffing company as a waiter or bartender to get by, but the money is minuscule. I’m
pretty sure it’s my age, but I can’t even get an interview. Working on my QuickBooks Pro Desktop…


a CPA with decades of experience..primarily in tax and with large and small business and individual clients. Really have you…

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When Choosing An Employer, Culture Matters

When determining whether an employer is the right fit for you, it is important to find out about its culture. Companies are as different as the people who work there and run the business. For better and worse, culture and leadership are inextricably linked. Founders and influential leaders often set the initial culture of their organizations. Over time an organization’s leaders can also shape culture…


It in same program and profile to take care of bussinr

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Well, FINALLY I 'got a job' TOO . . .

Well, in the Spirit of a smattering of other posts . . . I TOO 'got a job' . . . after 35 years as a graphic designer, and a HARD fought, HARD opportunity chased career, finally reaching an echelon of 'Sr.' Graphic Designer, based on acumen, skill set and experience . . . and, after my last job ended with a company sale and dismantling in 2016, and nearly $3K spent in fees and postage sending out portfolio packs, and just under 350 applications…

I leave in Abu Dhabi Mustafa. I need part time job. If you have any operunity please consider me.

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Hello! So I have been having issues with being paid correctly and I have called the payroll department at the company I worked for and asked if they could send me a copy of my paystubs from 7 months until now. They said they didn’t have access to that because they switched payroll companies and no longer has access to my old paystubs from before March of this year! Is that illegal for them to not have my pay records available?

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Hi Will King - do you not have your pay records?

As for the company.. most places typically should keep the payroll records for…

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Hired x5

It's been six months since I worked in my field and I had applied everywhere for a job as an engineer . I went through 10 telephone interviews.. 5 on site interviews with all expenses covered .. got a job with Department of Energy .. offer rescended ..I could not get the documentation from the IRS that I had just filed my 2015 taxes because the government was shut down.
I never gave up and I kept praying . At times I wanted to and I felt so…



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Filing Taxes - Employee Paid as Independent Contractor (1099)

I have worked for a small electrical company full time for over a year now. I'm definitely an employee - yet I'm paid as an independent contractor (1099). The boss just writes me a check each week. I've expressed in the past that I'd prefer to have deductions taken out, etc. I'm now preparing to file my taxes. I read that I will owe double in taxes if I file as an independent contractor vs. an employee (paying both my share AND employer's share…

Matthew McCaffrey The IRS has guidelines the company needs to understand and abide by:

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Lois Martin Hi Lois - thank you. I think most employers are aware of this - however they don't care - they do this to avoid paying…

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Any suggestions?

IRS kept my entire imcome tax money saying i owe child support how do i go bout getting at least some of it ? This is my first time that i filed taxes just need a lil guidance on this . Thanks much

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Yep, tax returns will be used for owed child support. You have to get caught up and make your payments for that to not happen…

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I done my taxes and am furious. I have been a trucker for 47 years and always been able to use my over the road expenses as a tax deduction but this year they disallowed it. I was a o/o for 28 years and have driven for only four carriers the rest. Because of this disallowance I now owe the government another 9000.00 dollars in income taxes. I urge every driver to contact their representatives in Washington to change the tax code.


They got rid of the itemized deductions and they are doing the $14,000 or $24,000 , without all the paperwork. The problem is…

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Advice on job searches

Two weeks into job searching and trying my hardest not to get discouraged. I am blessed to have March bills covered. Thankful for tax return. I have always had a full time job and part time jobs at same times.
I am exhausted and tired of being a positive and hard worker at my company and not being appreciated. The place that let me go because I was being bullied by two younger girls that were best friends!!!
Management even told me this months…


Well miss night you stayed too long on that job you have a very beautiful family and your seems like a very nice lady. Never…

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Six Advantages Employees Who Save with Their Employer’s Tax-Deferred Savings Plans Enjoy

Most of us find it difficult to save money these days with the prices of goods and services seemingly increasing at the speed of light.  It is also for that same reason that some people do not take advantage of saving with their employer’s deferred tax savings plan.  Some people also think that they can’t save which, for most of us, is simply not true.  While everyone’s financial situation is definitely different, many of us can find at least a…


Thanks so much for sharing this post Cynthia Okonkwo ! This is definitely a good benefit to take advantage of for those employees…

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I recently had a phone interview with a prospect employer, they called me to come in and do the face to face interview went fine. I followed it up and sent in a thank you letter and I'm still waiting to hear from them but the employer told me they would make a decision very quickly, then HR had to do all the other paper work, they had me fill out the W-2 form the same day is that a good sign that I got the job.

Cora Brown If you have a phone number for the company or contact there, I would suggest calling to check in on your application…

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Laila Nashat I received an email today from recruitment stating that the job vacancy had been cancelled. I really am perplexed now…

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