January 6,2020 after 6 years I was terminated because I asked a manager that is friends with one of the owners about merchandise for his brother had not been paid for. My termination paperwork said lack of communication and unable to manage parts department. But the owner was told I up and walked out and took my department with me. I Love cars and I like helping people, the level of disrespect really hurt. I cared about my job because I Loved... see more

Well tell them

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Like many, I have been in the unfortunate situation of abruptly finding myself without a job. I don't mind telling you, in the moment, it's a completely demoralizing experience. When this did happen to me, there were a few steps I took so I could move forward productively:

1) I was gracious -- I thanked my employer for the opportunity and offered to expedited any needed transition. Why was I so nice? I don't believe in burning bridges... see more

all companies have no fault contracts these days so they can get rid of employees for no reason/

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I was unemployed for about 5 months in 2015 and very unsure about what I wanted to do next. I was spending 50-60 hours a week researching and applying to jobs. It took a while but I found a great job and it put my career on a new trajectory.

But burnout is real even when you're unemployed and I was worn down. Here are my tips for treating yourself with kindness while you're unemployed now that I'm on the other side of it.

  1. Set daily time... see more

i like that advice. I feel bad treating myself or doing things at this time for myself being unemployed and it... see more

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I can recall a time I had to the first shift work on top of mine, but I got over it fàst because I adapt well.

Working in the healthcare industry, there is always unexpected situations that bring stress, however stress is welcome as it keep us on our toes...

It really wasn't hard work

It's been awhile, so first and foremost Happy New Year to everyone. Since I last posted I received only one interview since I lost my job back in May of 2019. Three weeks ago, I did a phone interview with a major company and did well enough to receive a one on one interview a week later. That was the good. Here's the bad; as I arrived the recruiter I spoke with had me wait almost three hours until she could talk with me. She lost my paperwork... see more

I agree with Joel Keene that it's a tell-tell sign of how they could treat their employees. Don't let this weight... see more

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I was reading the congratulations that I received when I took the telemarketing job back in November. The place had really changed since I worked there before and not for the better. They had a new rule called competitive seating. They hire more people than they have seats for. If you don't get a deal (what they call a booking), you just might not have a seat the next day. Then you go home without pay. I used to have to show up an hour to an hour... see more

All you had to do is mention telemarketing.
This is already as bad as it get without any further details.

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When its mostly packed and you only got two people for close

How is everyone doing on this good Friday? Do anyone have any thing they would like to share about their day today? If you would like to, let me hear it. It does not matter if its good or bad ... LETS VENT!

I'm blessed today how about you. Where you from.

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I was being harassed and singled out by an envious and terrible manager for years. I endured it for about 6 years waiting for the day he would leave. He kept me hidden but kept me around for my ideas and skillsets because on many occasions I solved major issues that made him look like a hero and he never gave me credit or mentioned me in a positive light. He took credit for my creations and blamed me for his mistakes and bad decisions. Then one... see more

Hey Lehman (Lee) Huber , it sure sounds like you've been through some touch challenges with your previous employer... see more

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