A #stressful #privatefamily day

when the family dog bit the child on the cheek

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Estas aplicasiones en linea Los estan jodiendo a Todo Mundo trabaje hay pero esto de aplicasiones en linea no sirve

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A #stressful #TheBuffalonews day

it could appear to be stressful if you're working your job and you have journeyman who slack on doing their duty and it makes it appear as if you're not able to handle your job because they're assisting you and what you need to do as far as inserts so because they've been there for so many years they have a lighter load to carry and figure I'm a journeyman I started where you are so I'm above doing what you do even though we're assigned to work…

A #stressful #Kornerkwik day

The most stressful days are when store shipments come in. We typically only had two employees on staff. We had to pay the vendors, price and stock product, receive food orders over the counter/ phone, and cook. We had to patty out 80lbs of beef, slice luncheon meats when ordered, all while chatting with customers, watching for sticky fingers, and keeping an eye on the gas pumps; which by the way were old school, you had to stay on them or you…

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A #stressful #QuebecorWorld day

The day the company announced it was going bankrupt

A #stressful #UF/IFASExtentionservice day

Work-related no stress ...when you love what you do.

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A #stressful #Mitsuboshiprivatelimited day

Stress if I get clim from customer and I must check again

A #stressful #Scotty'sBrewhouse day

The most stressful day was when the person who worked my station before me didn't prep or stock the station

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A #stressful #Houseclinning day

I dont remember

A #stressful #Bostonstorefurnituregallery day

The last day of liquadation

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