Dispatcher wanted me to drive when I was tired

So last week I had to change sleep schedules a few times because of the timing of the loads. I ended up having a 10hr break and was able to grab a full nights sleep but then a half hour into my drive I was told to take another 10hr break. Of course I couldn’t sleep again so soon so when that ended and my dispatcher sent me out with a new load I was dead tired a few hours into the route. I pulled into the next stop and called in to let them know I…

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Give me a little break, then I'd continue..

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Get it in Writing.

You got the job offer, you are so excited. But did you really get the job offer?

Companies that are on the up and up will always, not sometimes but always do the following:
Send you a job offer, and what is included in that letter is Critical;. Keep that letter, make copies. Hopefully, you will not need to point anything out that is not being done.

Job offers can vary but they should at a minimum have the following information.

Start date…

Most jobs, for that matter most businesses, want an individual for hire to have great customer service skills, networking stills…

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A #stressful #BigLots day

Truck days. Unloading and handling multiple trucks. Not enough people and not enough space for items to go. A VERY dangerous place to work.


Hardest part of my last job was climbing into the dumpster to empty my vacuum bag

I'm sorry to hear that Jennifer Dunn , that does sound hard!

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Not sure how to calm those nerves

I am going to a job fair in Boston next week and I am happy about it, but I get really nervous, like sick to my stomach can't talk to anyone nervous. How do you get past this?!! I always get nervous at a new job but then I get over it. Job fairs are different. All those people just make my anxiety soar. Anything that works for you guys?

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Hi Andy,
Being nervous is only natural and is temporary. Don’t over think it. The previous comments by others are good. Keep the…

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Ken Sakamoto WOW great advice Ken!! : )

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GET HIRED: Information You Need for Your Job Search

I took the time to gather a series of resources for people on the job search. This will be a long read. If you are serious about finding a new job, this post is for you. For readability, it will be broken up into three parts of the job search - prepping for the job search, the job search, and the interview/hiring process. Feel free to follow the Jobcasers linked within - they are awesome people with great advice who can help you!


Thank you for the information!

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Document the mamager's actions and take it to upper management and to EEOC

Document everything and notify top management and EEOC.

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Great tip, thanks for reaching out Eleanor Shaffer

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Day I hired a vehicle for delivery at Haliburton and the materials were rejected as a matter of bein out of specification. Then I hard to take the materials out of the company premises bit by bit without enough money to heir a vehicle back to office

My advice to people interested in working at #MyGoodsMarket as a #CustomerServiceRepresentative ...

Hope you don't have to endure as much gossip from jealous people as I did.

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