Social Networking Used For Employment


The digital age has brought with it an evolution of globalised network technology. The widespread use of social networks, shows it's popularity and growth are here to stay. Social networks have also added an additional ingredient in the job search recipe book. That means that hiring managers, organizations and applicants can incorporate relevant information found on social media during the…


Another fabulous post Patrick Coppedge ! This is a great breakdown of social networking. Believe it or not, this is taught in…

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The ATS could be stopping you!!

Feeling frustrated because you applied to a TON of jobs and you still aren’t hearing back???

The problem could be that your resume is missing some important information!

If a company uses what’s called a applicant tracking system or ATS, your resume will go through a screening process. If it’s missing certain elements it will be pushed aside and not viewed by that particular company.

So, let’s look at some tips on how to use keywords to update…

Great pointers! Thanks Lenin!

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Social Networking Used For Employment

Candidates Benefit Through Networking

Social networking can provide many opportunities when job searching that traditional employment methods don't. Your social networking profile links you up to hundreds of people (through your friends and beyond). Depending on the scale of your social networking, you can build a great contact list, through which you can keep yourself informed of new opportunities on the…


This is a fantastic write up on social networking and its influence on employment and the search, Patrick Coppedge ! Thanks so…

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Matt Bornhorst

Hello Matt Bornhorst,

Thank you for kind and supportive reply. Actually Matt, until very recently, I was very…

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Social networking to find work

How can I re-structure my social media accounts to serve as job search networking tools?


Hi Aubrey,
Great question! Jobcase (& other social media) has become a key recruiting tool, so your question is spot-on.

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Im using this site for job searching and work related topics and questions. Its easier, cleaner, and looks more professional.

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