Frustrated by temp agencies

The company that i worked for decided to close, i was employed with the company for 29 years, been out of work since August 2018, i have signed up with every Temp Agencies that pops up and they all want to send me back to school are a job that so far away i would have to relocate, companies have chosen to take the eady way of hiring, they want you to have experience, what gappen to giving people the opportunity to apply get hired and learn a new…

I am so sorry that your old company you worked for closed. That is a tough thing to face Nettie Threatt especially after 29 years…

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Estas aplicasiones en linea Los estan jodiendo a Todo Mundo trabaje hay pero esto de aplicasiones en linea no sirve

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Almost 61

Hi , I am almost 61. I worked as a RN in hospitals for 35 years. I am now on disability but need to find a part time job because I'm not getting enough money to stay in my house even though it is very inexpensive only costing me $66,000. to buy.
I dont want to work in any medical field anymore. I am able to be up on my feet for only about 4 hours at a time . Can someone suggest a job for some one like me?

I got an e-mail saying that Concentrix is looking for customer service people who can work from home FT or PT.

Go here: https://j

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forced out

Trying to make long story 5 plus yrs. Short. Can't say there aren't should haves & could have & I know my weakness. Struggled since day one. Only one in my dept..I had to figure out everything , often given a hard time. There was often a turnerover of staff. Then the issues of overtime .I was constantly being told & reminded of the time issue . That was so stressful! There are 2. facility's , one I work in is smaller. Supposedly the personal in…

Wow Lisetta Schaffer - I am so sorry to hear about that. After 20 years of experience in the field, outside seminars, and trying…

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Matt Bornhorst . So appreciate ur support. There have been a lot of changes in the search for jobs in 20yrs.. And & I am totally…

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What is the best way for a very able senior citizen to find a good job in Toledo, Ohio?

We are a senior couple who lost our pension through bankruptcy of my husband's employer. Need extra income to supplement our Social Security checks. Husband functionally deaf. No money for hearing aids. I have experience in outside sales, customer service and medical terminology.

Cheryl. that's terrible. If you want to pursue sales, you have the option to work solely on commission. It's a win win…

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Not right

Well I'm working was only off Monday and Tuesday but now they have me off Thursday and Friday I always work Saturday and Sunday I really don't mind but this is wrong and not fair to me actually I have been at the hotel for ten years I work very hard I work in the laundry room just because they hired a new maintenance now I'm in my early 70s do you think it's fair for them to take my hours away from me I have bills to pay and rent I'm only one…

Hi Linda Beebe , find out if your tenure (years of service) affords you any special privileges as per company policy (check your…

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Quit or not

Seriously want to quit my long time job tomorrow with no plan in place. Feel like always walking on egg shells with my boss and get almost physically sick before going in there. Yes I have made mistakes there bit trying to talk to him always results in him either yelling at me or telling me he doesn't trust me. Ok. So why try and talk to him? I have started job search and applications so I am not just wallowing in my emotions. I am willing to…

Hi beth i can tell you from the way the boss treats you id stay and let him fire you.if the.mistakes you have made havent came…

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Senior Community Service Employment Program

Here's a job development program for people 55+ sponsored by The National Able Network.
The SCSEP program services people in Illinois, and also Nebraska, Delaware, Indiana and Iowa.
For more information visit

Guys pls help me um disparate um looking a job as a driver I have code 10 with PDP um staying in pine town

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I have been looking for work for months also. No luck. The only people that seem to find work are people under 30 and they only stay a few months and move on. I can work circles around them even tho i am 61yrs old. No one wants hard working experienced workers

Don't be upset Juanits Richardson ! What type of work are you currently looking for?

If you’re interested in working from home…

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Failure is not an option

Hello! So glad to meet all of you! I am 51 returning to the work force after a car accident and then cancer. So, yes, there is a gap in my work history.. I really wanted to say my last job was a patient. However, spending the amount of time that I have with other patients and doctors I have a transformational view on interpersonal communication and empathy. I have mad skills in technical writing, being the liaison between technology and…

Welcome home ...... Time to rock and roll ...Make a killin !!!

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Looking for work

I'm 60 can't find a job i was let go 2 weeks ago after 1/5 years of retail i have experienced in management but can't find anything

Hi Patricia Dobbs - I know that there are a ton of retail managers out there looking for work. It sucks, but you may not be able…

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