I am 62 going on 40. Believe it. I have so much enthusiasm that I have to remind myself to draw down a bit. While in an interview I traveled 350 miles for, the discussion of drug test came up, I agreed with it. The interviewer, while looking over at me in a non lit room as I was filing out a mound of paperwork on the corner of her desk with ALL my information included, proceeded to tell of an applicant that didn't pass his drug screen, and was... see more

I'm a veteran that lives in El Paso,Texas. Two words I think always disqualifies me is Protected veteran! I have... see more

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Samuel Apodaca for me it's I have a disability or my age or I have a felony. I'm 61. I'm not giving up tho. You... see more

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I recently asked six different recruiters and hiring managers to tell me what the biggest mistake applicants make during the interview process is. If they repeated a mistake given by the preceding recruiter/hiring manager, I asked them to give me a different mistake.

Here are the six mistakes that could end an interview, or lead an applicant to not get a second interview/job offer...

1) Being Unaware That it's an Interview, Not an Interrogation... see more


Every things to do before it need understand or explainetion like action exam b/c exam is Long time so it need... see more

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Hey Boston, are you ready?

The Age Strong job fair is being held this Saturday, Oct 19th from 9:00am - 1:00pm at the Dewitt Center in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

Find out all the info here.

NOW is the time to make those final preparations so you are confident and ready to go! Check out these tips to help you prepare for the fair as the weekend approaches!

Know the companies you are interested in and research their mission/culture... see more


Hi, May I know if the people who want to participate must over 50 years old?

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Peng Ge the job fair this Saturday is hosted by the City of Boston's Age Strong Commission, which is focused on... see more

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It can often feel like you are being passed over for younger candidates when on the job search - especially when you hear that they are no longer interested after submitting information that could show your age.

Here’s what Robert said about it:

I’m a 57 year old man with 33 years of supervisory and managerial skills...and have applied to many companies. Only to be told that they have decided to proceed with other candidates...much younger... see more

Maybe your out of shape remember appearance is also a major factor no one wants a slow who can't see thier toes or... see more

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None of us are immune to the effects of a changing job market - no matter what kind of experience we have. Just ask Billy, who spent 72 days unemployed before getting an offer:

I am 60 years old. I am a baby boomer with too much education, I made too much money and I had to settle for 30K less than I was making before. I now make only 1/3 of what I made before the recession hit. It amazes me that in 2019 experience and education does not... see more

Yes, I would take a pay cut. I would be just happy to have a job and pay my bills and not worry about losing... see more

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Need a part time job from home. I do not travel. I am 70. I am only searching to see if any simple computer jobs from home fit my limited abilities.

I did some online research and found these companies that offer nationwide work from home Customer Service job... see more

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Need a part time job from home. I do not travel. I am 70. I am only searching to see if any simple computer jobs from home fit my limited abilities.

Hi steven meyer - I did some online research and found these companies that offer nationwide work from home... see more

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I am 60, fit and motivated. I have developed a well-tuned ear for the ways both written and spoken English can influence people respond to new ideas; I understand and can effectively manipulate rhetorical strategies and enjoy writing. For the past 35 years, I have also excelled at encouraging high school students to take pride and ownership in and of their thinking and verbal expression, ultimately pushing them to reach for mastery rather than... see more

If you have spent time in a career and now you’re ready to move on, but you aren’t quite sure what to do next... see more

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If you are attending the Age Strong Workshop and Job Fair or others in the near future make sure to check out THESE awesome tips in this short video .

It was made just for you by Jobcase! : )

Have questions? Please ask, we are here to help!

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a part-time employment program for low-income persons age 55 or over. Program participants work at community and government agencies and are paid the federal or state minimum wage, whichever is higher. They may also receive training and can use their participation as a bridge to other employment positions which are not supported with federal funds.

pipe dream - unenforcable, even after I was tol face to face I was too old they did nothing.

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Hi...Im in a deal quandry.
I'm 61 yrs young and moved to NC 3 yrs ago to work with the military families. 4 months after arriving, I had an emergency leg amputation. Obviously it took a lot to heal, recover, learn to use my prosthetic leg and get on with life.
Well, I've been trying to get hirex since 2018. I know it's the age thing as all the applications ask for yr of HS graduation..omg. They don't even know about my leg. 57 apps later I was... see more

Try Uber, Lyft, Shipt, you can make $2,000 with Uber and Shipt if you treat it like a full time hourly job... see more

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