I am getting frustrated. I feel my age is holding me back from getting just a part time position and I am not looking for $20 an hour. Just looking to help pass the time. I have been retired and it would be nice to find something and meet some people who enjoys working.

I am 80 and I get some college teaching jobs even tenure track jobs but only 1 out of 100. BUT I do not put any... see more

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Sometimes when things are tough it can do a number on your self-esteem, but don't let that negativity creep in!

Just know that you are already better than you think you are.

Here's to YOU!

Keep up the good work and have an amazing week! : )

You are doing a great job.


Awesome post Ashley :)

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My name is Larry and I am 57 years old and the job I am working at is something I know very well , but it seems like because of my age and back around they are trying to push me out by cutting my hours. The hour I have right now won't even pay my rent.. Don't know what to do. For person like me skill and what I know it's confusing.

Lots of times they start to lay off their higher pd.employees so they can lower and younger people .have you taken... see more

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Found job on website, contacted them.
Employer called me, make appointment to work one day to try employment.
Called after that worksite, employers said they wanted to try someone else but they would decide.
They would call on Tuesday at 4:00pm, I waited but no call.
Wednesday at 5:30pm the employers emails me.
Would like you to start on Thursday and Friday.
But when I didn't hear from them on Tuesday as they said, by Wednesday I scheduled... see more

Wow, thats terrible! Waiting is like the most nerve wrecking things because we all have that feeling that the... see more

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No the show is the same. I think I am old for them

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Hello everyone, I had a massive stroke 2 + years ago and I am just now getting myself together to 'go back to work' I would very much like to work from home because my brain is still good even though my body is still giving me issues. Any suggestions on how to make a full time income (which I need very much) while working for a legitimate company, from home, part time? I have no money which is why I would like to work so no scammers and nothing... see more

A great company by the name of Alorica offers work at home opportunities in many locations. I highly recommend... see more

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Geralynn Alarcon Do You know what type of work they are offering?

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My years in the service almost broke me. The only way I have come to hold a job at all is by working at nights just so I can avoid almost all people. I don't like going out and doing stuff and it is hard to get my head on straight to even manage a trip to a store or even to my VA appointments. The only time I feel okay in the slightest is locked away in my home. What kind of jobs would be good for me to do? Can anyone help? I really need this.

For years I sold items on ebay and amazon. For an introvert like me it was perfect, I very very RARELY spoke to... see more

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See I love my job that I have now. I am a part time receptionist at this soft ware company. As you know that all jobs have its bad days as well, but that part doesn't compare to how I feel. Yes it is far from where I live. I am a temping through an agency. I don't want to leave my job. The people are great and kind. The job is super easy most days. I don't know many people that look forward to going to work. The problem is that I need a full... see more

Beatrice Pesqueira - this is a good opportunity for you to advocate for yourself with the company you're at. It... see more

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Needed to supplement my Teacher Assistant job for the school system and found an Amazon gig (seasonal/part-time!) $18/hr shift differential (working nights over the weekend)

Very excited! Thankful for this community

That's awesome Tee! Congrats on the new gig!

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I am a young Senior looking for work to occupy time. Have some skills but need to be updated to today's time. What should I do? Willing to either Volunteer or work 20 hrs a week.

I am almost 71 looking for a job. It is tough going because people see my age and think I can't do it. But I thrive... see more

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Seeking part time employment.

Looking to make career advancement or change. Certified Caregiver with CPR, Completed California Long Term Extended... see more

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