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Should I seek legal counsel

I was terminated wrongfully due to me being honest about being pregnant. I was never given a written or verb complaint not one..I went to a Dr. App that they knew I had and I even rescheduled the other appt to fit there schedule. I really feel like seeking legal advice cause of how she terminated me.. what do u think??

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Kealy Hebert
about 3 hours ago

Yes you should. That is wrong.

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Positive thoughts create positive results.

Life is about perspective. I once worked a very low paying job. The conditions i worked under were very bad for my health and i was worked harder than i shouldve been. This was my first job, and i was so happy to have money coming in, that i never complained, never called out, and was most grateful. My life at the time took a giant leap as i had money, i was able to save for a car, buy food, etc. While other people complained - i worked hard,...

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Randy Holt
about 9 hours ago

Good words

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Being sick is human

I understand that it's hard to cover someone when they are out but people do get sick. Even managers and bosses. They take days when they need to and should understand we are humans. And if someone has a note from a doctor saying that they can not work it means they are either contagious to others and in a day care situation that should be understood . From a parental perspective I would be angry if I knew the teacher that is with my...

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Matt B.
about 15 hours ago

I agree Maria! Everyone gets sick at some point or another, and luckily a ton of companies are starting to understand that its...

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louis Evans > All Jobcasers
25 days ago

louis evans

Hello everyone I know it been hard on everyone but stay positive yet I have been laid-off too and when a recruiter tell you the job is going to last 1 or 2 yrs they are lying.

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Janice Reed
about 16 hours ago

Louis, I'm so sorry. What happened that taught you this?

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cameron suggs > All Jobcasers
Edited 6 days ago


DHL Nike hiring. Weekends only. C shift 6am-6pm and D shift 6pm-6am both shifts off Monday-Thursday not unless it's mandatory or u want overtime. It is a Full time job

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mbongeni mthokozisi
about 18 hours ago

Location or call me plz 0827019532

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Ojara Nelson Mandela
about 18 hours ago

Code number

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Keyona West > All Jobcasers
18 days ago


Really in need of a job I'm 19 and I just want something that isn't gonna take up my whole day I never have family time anymore because I'm always working until 11pm anyone hiring for day shift ??? And in the Lenior city area or Farragut area

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Lawrence White
about 20 hours ago

Hi Keyona! Try finding a job here on Jobcase:

1. Click on Jobs & Companies at the top of the page, or head over...

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Danielle Defosses > All Jobcasers
about 2 months ago


I am in serious need of a night job. Available 4pm-11pm mom through Friday and Saturday anytime. I am going through a divorce and have 2 children to take care of. I don't care what the position

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Janice Reed
about 20 hours ago

Hi Danielle! I'm so sorry about your divorce - I hope something works out for you soon! You can find local jobs here on Jobcase...

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This week will be way, way different!

I'm only doing three days at eight hours each. That way, I can focus on my Lyft business. The latter is self-paced, which means I don't have lazy bums calling in sick to have to deal with. What a welcome relief......

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Matt B.
about 22 hours ago

How do you like driving for Lyft? I haven't driven with them but I have ordered Lyfts and I always love talking to each driver...

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What would you do if two mgnt positions opened and you applied for them just to have your boss call you to his office and tell you that you have the right attitude ,drive , ambition but that you still have rough edges to smooth out , then he tells you to give him six months and that he will personally train you . So you agree, them two days later two mgrs call you into an office and tell you that they don't like your job performance and...

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Im not going to give up

I cry every night wish i had a job i tried everything nothing happend

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Patrick Jonas
10 days ago

Place tel me more about you maybe I can #schedule

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