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Got hired

Finally found a permanent job instead of going through temp agencies. .but it's not the job I want's a debt collectors job and they said that we can't miss anytime for the first 6 months and I really want a forklift ing warhouse job

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jorge tenorio
1 day ago

follow your desiree job.Life is only once

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I am supposed to be the supervisor of 2 group homes but they also have me doing same work as my subordinates. Double work because we are understaff, my employer classified me as an exempt employee. Now I am doing double the work and when I complain my employer reminds me that I am salaried and exempt employee. They also told me if I don't like the overload they can change me to hourly. I feel frustrated!!

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Trinidad Gutierrez
1 day ago

Ivette , sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Think positive and things will get better , good luck

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Stephanie Garcia > All Jobcasers
Edited 4 days ago

Are they doing the right thing or I’m wrong

I came back from my maternity leave and i am a single mother. (father is not in our lives) I was able to find babysitter for the whole week but on Wednesday I have to pick up my baby 2:50 pm. My regular hours are 6-2:30. When I started at work I knew that that everyone have been working overtime for 2 months now times would be 6-4 or sometimes 6-6 and working on the weekends. I asked my boss that if okay that on Wednesdays just work my regular...

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Maurice Smith
2 days ago


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A fellow Jobcaser > All Jobcasers
6 days ago

Fed up

I applied for several positions based on the hours/days they were hiring for. However, when it comes time for the interview they are saying different hours/days. For example, I applied for two positions asking for part-time flexible hours. As long as you put your 20 hours in they did not care what days. One place posted they had many shifts available that varied in hours and days. In the interviews this was not the case. They picked your hours...

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Anne Campbell
Edited 5 days ago

A word of advice: "Flexible hours' rarely means you get to choose your hours. Instead, it typically means that they will...

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Anne Campbell
4 days ago

if they actually say 'choose your own schedule', then in theory, you should be able to do so. BUT, you have to keep in mind...

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Eddie Black > Food Services
about 1 year ago

Bad Coworkers

So I have a good job that has potential. It is a cooking job, however I noticed during my first week there that almost all of the employees are milking the clock. The harder I work they tell me to slow down. There are chefs making items the way they want not following the menu. I don't understand why it is as bad as it is....I mean I seen a guy take two massive Ribeyes with scallops ▪➗ and shrimp knowing it is off limits for employee...

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Michelle Stemper
3 days ago

Not sure if you are still doing this position, but clearly your management material. Keep your integrity and document when you...

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Michelle Stemper
3 days ago

Hi Roy, my family does own a Logistics company in the Minneapolis area. But I am in LA. However, I could assist you with people...

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Any construction crews needing. A good labor and a experienced shingler..

New to this site looking for a good job. One I can enjoy to get up and go to early in the morning. Or come home to lait that night

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Marcus Jordan
3 days ago

Hi Jeffery,
Please follow these few simple steps to find a job opportunity here on Jobcase.

1. Click on Jobs &...

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I work for Amazon through the holidays and I actually I started August 3rd of last year and your quota was I worked in decanting line and you had to do 70 boxes an hour we take the boxes off the truck that come online you scan the boxes you put them on what they call the juice cart after that you put the Box on the conveyor and you would repeat that I did 69.9 and they wrote me up okay you know the great benefits I mean I had $5,000 worth of...

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Marcus Jordan
3 days ago

Thanks for the feedback Sandie.

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So tired of getting let down...

For the past year, I've had awesome interviews that led to me getting hired. Unfortunately it also led me to have to quit just as quick. In job descriptions they describe days and times needed to fill the position (nothing out of the norm) then in the interview I ask again if those are truly the exact days and times and they claim it is. Then my first day on the job I'm told a COMPLETELY different schedule that is so far off that I can't work...

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maryanne aubrecht
3 days ago

Absolutely I'll keep looking, I have to work. My frustration is how can a job hire you for one thing, then when hired you're...

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Smithfield food packing

Hey, can anybody tell me how you get hired at this place done put a lot application here I need a better paying job with some hours?

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Terry Sharp
4 days ago

The good paying jobs are hard to get into unless you have someone on the inside that's willing to walk you right in....

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No One > All Jobcasers
Edited 6 days ago


It’s a shit hole with the dumbest management you could possibly imagine they’re so unorganized and they work you off the clock word to the wise avoid this place!!! You’ve been warned. (Developmental Services of Dickson county)

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Mathew Cannady
5 days ago

You can learn a lot from a bad experience, especially if you plan to advance your career in an upward direction. So what did...

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