I’m a 57 year old man with 33 years of supervisory and managerial skills. I’ve ran companies alone, and owned and operated two businesses. My deal was that I liked working with people, and have applied to many companies. Only to be told that they have decided to proceed with other candidates, only to find out that they were much younger than I. I wasn’t asking for 70-100k a year as they were probably were thinking, just a job so that I could get... see more

$500? That can’t be right unless it’s gift cards.

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So I got home and my garage door would not open. I parked in the driveway and my motion sensor light didn't come on letting me know my power must be down.

I walked to the front door and keyed myself in. A few steps into my home, I dropped my keys. With the lights still out, I fumbled around kicking the ground and feeling around the floor for my keys. No luck.

It was then I realized the street light was shining bright in the window. So I... see more

This is a great and well said comment.

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Last week I had the best interview of my life. After the interview was over they brought me in to HR for an orientation packet, they photo copied my id and I was asked where I was salary wise. Before I finished the packet, the HR person had to go and said to bring it home with me. The person I interviewed with, said everything would be alright and to give her a call on Wednesday. Again, the HR person said don't worry nothing is wrong, I am... see more

sorry to hear that, i guess it's a regular thing because i also have been on the end of that stick, i was told... see more

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Does anyone know what salary I am worth for positions I qualify for with a BBA degree & BS degree in Business Management?
I have about a year of experience in admin and 8 years of experience in customer service.

I also wanted to ask what positions pay well for people with degree besides business admin?

HR as long as you have a Bachelors degree and is not a repetitive boring position, can be very rewarding...

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Hello I am looked to work and I am in the Central Florida/ Orlando area. I retired from Verizon last December after
20 yrs and now I want to return to work. I am 50 yrs old and I just feel like my talents is being wasted. Are there strong job leads or hiring company with good salaries out here.

No they only want to pay $10 if Disney pays 13 but it'll be forever before they come across your application good... see more

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Cecilia Alvarado I am already getting discouraged. After working for a company for so long I was unaware that when... see more

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I can't see salaries

Hi Rein Puntso , what company/job are you referring too. Please send us more details and we'll forward you the... see more

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Hi all,
Work for manufacturing industry. Times are tough and company was barely a float for 7 years. Now a new company has bought us out and I am transitioning at my same pay. Should I ask for more money? They have reviews every jan/Feb. Is it better to wait and show my self worth til than?

Record and document EVERYTHING.

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I had two great interviews. Invited back to meet the team and informed I would be offered a position. Recruiter contacted me and we appeared to come to an agreement as to compensation. Two days later, I'm told they want to look at other candidates. Some say, they likely couldn't afford your salary but I would expect a counter offer if that was the case. Thoughts?


The pain! Since we either win or learn, let's learn a few things... when negotiating compensation, always mention... see more

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Rafael Angel LopezFerrer Sr. Smart advice, i mentioned my excitement to join their team. I think it was a mere... see more

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I make good money and don’t hate my job. But I have been offered a fascinating position with a start up. It’s a huge pay cut, like 50% of my current salary cut. They say I should be making what I make now within 18 months plus the stock options are great. Do I stay where I am or take a huge leap of faith? It will be hard to take the pay cut, but we can survive.

Cindy. Sounds like you are passionate about taking the new position. I have made similar leap of faith decision and... see more

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Anyone here ever applied for or worked a federal job? I just received a tentative job offer for a position which I’m excited about. How long does the process take after the job offer is accepted? Can you negotiate the pay rate?

No government jobs are assigned by paygrades gs4 gs5 ect

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Shawnte Word Thank you. HR lady said I could negotiate by way of step increases. So instead of GS-12 step 1 I could... see more

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I am 60 years old. I am a baby boomer with too much education, I made too much money and I had to settle for 30K less than I was making before. I now make only 1/3 of what I made before the recession hit. It amazes me that in 2019 experience and and education does not translate to $$$. There is age discrimination and for the first time in my career, I have experienced it. FYI



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