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The Real Issue

I'm not sure about anyone else, but my resume is not the issue nor is my writing skills. I always write a cover letter for any position I am applying for, I feel that the real issue here is that most of these businesses really don't know what skills or experience they need to take on the opportunities they need support in, so, they seek resumes from different areas, and making the job description based on the resumes they receive, is this...

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Robin Meyer
1 day ago

I totally disagree . What you said makes no sense for a company post a job online and the change the skill set after they...

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I am completely ecstatic, I finally got a breakthrough job. thanks to jobcase, where I uploaded my resume and the job sought me out and I was deemed qualified.

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Kenneth Kitterman
1 day ago

Fuck that sucks. Excuse my language . thay should not get your hopes up like that.

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Ashley W. > All Jobcasers
3 months ago

Your resume has gaps!

If your resume has gaps this could be for a couple of reasons. Perhaps you were ill and needed to step away from working for a bit, or you simply could have been caring for a loved one or raising your child. Whatever the reason, your resume shows what you've done and having long gaps in your work history can give employers the wrong impression.

Here are some things you can do to minimize those gaps!

Use dates
When listing dates...

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Brenda Palmer
2 days ago

Thank you but I completed it for some reason all of those things that I put on it didn't stay on there so I got to do it again

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Ethan Lee > All Jobcasers
10 days ago

ethan lee

Company placeholder
7210 FM 1960 Rd E, Humble, TX 773463133

hi i was wondering if you are hiring team members i do not have a resume im only sixteen
and i am new to this thing

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Matt B.
2 days ago

Hi Ethan! If you put some information in your Jobcase profile, like any skills or traits you have, volunteer experience,...

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Sandra Hamer > All Jobcasers
26 days ago



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Tricia Hendrix
2 days ago

Hi Sandra! Another awesome list! Thanks for sharing more :)

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No work experience

Hi i am 19 and I have been trying to find work. My resume is pretty good and shows that I have a lot of good recommendations and I did a lot of volunteer work but every time I apply to jobs they say they aren’t interested in me. What should I do?

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Rhonda Porter
2 days ago

Have a professional look over your resume and make sure you using the right power verbs. Good luck! There are companies out...

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Don't know what to do!! My printer is broke.

I need copies of my resume for the job fair but don’t got money for a new one. I don’t even got a job now. Help!!!! Where do you all print them from??

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Patricia Collins
2 days ago

Hi Shaniqua,

You can always save your resume and cover letter to your email by sending them as an attachment to yourself. Go...

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Do you ever leave application blank when you’ve already uploaded your resume?

Do you ever leave application blank when you’ve already uploaded your resume?

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Tricia Hendrix
3 days ago

Hi Rebecca! I'd recommend uploading both - that way, not only can employers see your resume, but they have all the other...

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I have over 10 years of experience

I have over 10 years of experience in customer service including jewelry, pawn, banking, and accounting. I have an issue finding work because I left my previous employer (that I loved) due to helping family members and having to move back home. I have been taking care of them and now I am having issues finding work due to the fact that I have a "gap" in my employment history. I have been working since I was 13 and now all the jobs I am...

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Ryan H. Becker, CPA
3 days ago

Just explain your situation...they should understand.

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Matt B. > All Jobcasers
5 days ago

HOW to write a resume that gets you HIRED!

Creating a resume that catches the hiring manager's eye can be hard. They go through tons of resumes, and you need to stand out from the pack

Here’s a few tricks to make sure you put your best resume forward:

Name & contact info should be big and bold!
This is how they will contact you, and you want to make it as easy as possible for them to call you back! Make sure to not take up too much of the page, but it should be clearly...

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Ashley W.
4 days ago

Great information, thank you for sharing this with the community Matt!! : ) I definitely agree that resumes should be 1 page so...

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Matt B.
4 days ago

You are welcome Ashley :)

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