One time I felt unfairness at the work place was...

When I worked at the same company as my husband (now ex-husband). We had moved to another town because he had gotten promoted to store manager and they transferred me to the same store. Since we were married and he was the boss then we had decided that if I had any questions or needed help with something that I would go to the Assistant Manager and she would take care of it. That wasn’t a problem at all, it worked out great. Move along a few…

Angela Trent Grandfather clause? Missouri is an employment-at-will state, meaning that an employer can terminate an employee at…

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Never Lie In an Job Interview

As we all know, job interviews are intensely stressful occasions. If you REALLY want the job, the stakes are also incredibly high and you might feel a slight mistake could cost you the chance at landing the job. Given the pressure, some people are tempted to fudge their accomplishments and background a bit. They figure if adding a few years of experience that they'll triumph over other candidates, and what the interviewer doesn't know won't hurt…


If you lie it will surface, be honest

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So why is it that I have graduated from college at the top of my class in May 2018 with a degree in Health Information Technology. I then had to move to CO for a job when no one up here in N. Idaho would give me a chance. I am a medical coder and while in CO displaced from my husband for 9 months. I obtained 3 credentials within 1-1/2 months of each other. These are RHIT, CPC-A and CHCA which is a certified health care auditor. It seems that at…

Hi Kathryn Crawley ! I am so sorry things are tough for you right now. I did a quick search here on Jobcase and didn't find any…

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Employed after 1yr wait...

So glad I didn't give up.
Finally, after moving to a new state 2,000miles from the previous one, I got hired in a good fit position. Although I went through an agency, it happened so fast to my surprise & the team I work for is very cohesive.
The journey was very VERY hard while battling homelessness & sadness along with my husband. It was such a culture shock as a result of moving and a challenge, but made it through it all.
Keep hope alive…



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3$triks H.V.A.C & OUTTA'HERE!!

My Sons & I recently moved from Milwaukee Wisconsin. I'm in my fifth year of journeyman, HVAC certified, forklift certified & @rtist by trade. I tried private Contracting for HVAC on Las Vegas Trail,Fort Worth Texas. Worst place ever to start out, if you don't know anyone! I did the work, show the burden of proof & expect the $300 check for a 4complex apartment to make ready, & 1 clean-out... Then make ready!! Instead I received the $30 check, &amp…

I'm so sorry to hear that your experiences have been so poor in HVAC. I would suggest that you connect with old coworkers who…

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New Beginnings

Just moved to murfreesboro. Single father who has 7 yrs factory experience from operator , forklift driver,line lead and material handler. Any suggestions??

Hi Peter Chatman ! Great news! There are MANY forklift opportunities hiring in your area that I found here. Wishing you the best…

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Ashley Wilson That was really nice of you!

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Feel like giving up!

I have been in the Landscaping business for 17 years now and every since I moved and had to let my clients go, I can't find a job in my profession!! HELP

Yo puedo ayudar kristina

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I made a mistake!

I mistakenly thought I would find better opportunities here in Orlando. Was I wrong! When I do get an interview, it sometimes includes a sharp jab from where I moved from. In one interview, the hiring manager never looked away from his phone and computer. Other jobs are proud to tell me they offer $8 per hour with no benefits. I was told from another company that they hate people from the north. Wow! Do not move to Orlando and expect to find a…

you are so right.jesus is in florida too.mayhe bless you and keep you.

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Laid off after 12 years

A year ago I relocated from Va to Tx my company closed in Va and they paid for relocation. I just got laid off last week. Severance is only a two weeks pay. I worked as a trainer and supervisor call center close to 9 yrs. Looking for the same pay but what I am finding 3 to 4 dollar pay cut. How do negoitiate pay or keep looking?

Bigger corporations usually only care about their bottom dollar. If you show that you're confident and know how to run that…

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Someone please tell me where?

Me and my husband has been working on a farm for 25 years and love it. Now we need to move and find another poultry with housing. I have 2 children and I want stability for them and we have looked and I went on many job websites and I can’t find anything we want to stay on the eastern shore md or Delaware or Virginia preferably Salisbury area if anyone knows of any farms please help me . I so appreciate your help and time. God bless you. Ruthie

Hi Ruth Ennis I am so sorry things have been difficult lately. So if there no farm jobs available you may need to branch out to…

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Why I quit

I relocated

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I would like to get back to work in the Harrisburg, Enola, Mechanicsburg, or Carlisle Pa.

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