My jobs tells me I have to transfer to another property . Do to the fact my Boss is my son mother. She has been my Boss for two years now . They knew are situation when Corporate made that decision.Should I have to take a pay cut when I transfer .When I transfer, and should I have a option to pick which job I want at the other property .I been with the company for 15 years .

They are correct that people who are related (especially intimately) cannot be supervised by that person as unfair... see more

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If you think you nailed that interview or the recruiter said, Keep in touch, don't just sit and wait for the phone to ring with a job offer. Instead, be proactive. There are things you should do after a job interview that can increase the odds of getting a second interview or landing a job offer.

Learn the best way to follow up after a job interview. Following-up after a job interview is one of the smartest things you can do to help get you... see more

I write a thank you note the same afternoon that I have been interviewed, and make sure to get it in the mail the... see more

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So I have lived in Florida for about 1 month now and have had interviews and offers, more so rejections at companies I am qualified to work at. I have had some offers but the pay is so low. I have a 3 month old I’d have to put in day care so it’s just not worth it. I am spending nights and hours applying and not getting many acceptance emails or interviews, this by far is the hardest job search I have had. I love Florida and made the change for... see more

Just got laid off a month ago after moving down in May, and yes, barely any traction on new jobs. Its frustrating... see more

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Moving is hard but when you have put in over 200 applications and applied with a lot of temp agencies and still can’t get placed something is wrong. I am not knocking the people that have degrees but my work and references speak for themselves. But I just can not seem to find a job no a career. This is crazy. If I was still in NJ I would have been placed by now if I didn’t have a job. Not out here in Atlanta tho. This is sooooo frustrating.


When was your resume updated and by who? You might want to check into some professional resume help. All... see more

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How here working need to for place to live for me and family

Hi Rod Triplett ,

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase? It’s simple and you can search anytime... see more

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Do you guys help me to find agency or company who can sponsored me to work in any states?

Hi Evelyn Labrague

Here's some information on work visas in the US! I hope this helps

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Elyssa Duncan thank you

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I managed to find a part-time job as a graphic designer today. I still want to get back into journalism, but I was in business as a graphic artist, website designer, and Internet marketer for 25 years. I want to relocate back to the Huntington, WV area and Marshall University. I have even considered going back for a doctorate. It is one of those remote, work at home jobs. I don't know how long this is going to last, but I am excited for now.

So sorry to hear that. Best of luck, Larry.

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Is there anyone working here in a company or shop in the USA who can help me get a job .. I am a skilled cost accountant and stores and I have eight years experience and I have good English ..

Good day to you

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@AbdullahAl-Muany.. Thank you Mr abdullah

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I moved to a new location in hopes of finding a job and a new start. I applied on mostly indeed, and got a few interviews here and there and no call backs because the amount of applicants are overwhelming. So I decided to do my job search on a more hands approach and do the old fashion way of face to face. This may or may not come to a surprise to anyone but, everyone kept directing me online. I did many applications on line and did my calls and... see more

Congratulations are the winner. Your compassionate, strong attitude just create wonders. Thank You for... see more

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I am new to the area and am looking for a job close to San Marcos.

Hi Charles Sullivan ! I recommend two things to help with your job search!

1. Fill out your Jobcase profile

... see more

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I moved to America for almost 2 months and before that I worked as a health analyst in a hospital in my country Indonesia, and I also worked as a customer service in a tour&travel company, I wanted to get a job here but the problem is I can't talk English very well for now..

Hi Soli Asia fisher ... Have you tried taking an online course in English? There are also a lot of apps that can... see more

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