Workpkace Favoritism

I would like to see how many people have experienced workplace favoritism.? Example: I worked a job for years and was asked to learn a new duty and still work the other duties I had. I was trained for a month for a few hours each day, during this time my duties/workload TRIPLED for about 2 months with the new duties and mind you this is a fast paced, stressful job with a boss that like to hover over you and nicpick over any tiny detail. The lady…

I have had my current job for 16 years. My boss and I just never clicked. I don't personally like the way she treats people but I…

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Tammy Micek

Hello Tammy Micek,

Life isn't always fair, but victory goes to those who perservere. I am sorry for your unfair…

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When Choosing An Employer, Culture Matters

When determining whether an employer is the right fit for you, it is important to find out about its culture. Companies are as different as the people who work there and run the business. For better and worse, culture and leadership are inextricably linked. Founders and influential leaders often set the initial culture of their organizations. Over time an organization’s leaders can also shape culture…


If a company culture judge you by not adapting to it's culture and not by your skills or unique traits or creative solutions you…

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I used my skills at #Gandgshortstop to make things better when I

Communication skills , and organizing things I helped open it from scratch and entered all items in the register computer system with prices

I think that #Reser'sFineFood should continue to

Make bomb potato salad the potato salad was off the hook and the macaroni salad really all their food was very good

The #1 reason I loved working for #Qualfon/CSG was...

Honestly, they were very accommodating to my Christian beliefs and it wasn't just like work but they truly helped you learn your job and they often granted last minute requested overtime.

A #stressful #MinistryofHealthandHi-TechMedicallaboratory day

My most stressful day is alway on the 25 when my mouth thly report is due. Monthly reports contains all u did within a particular month example how many persons interacted with, how persons got tested for Hiv and Syphilis what are their age group, how many condom demonstrations done, how many condom distributed ect.

I think that #MinistryofHealthandHi-TechMedicallaboratory should continue to

Paitient/client interactions are my number one moments. Providing satisfying services to them (e.g.) getting back their laboratory results on time helping my depress PLHIV or homosexual paitents to access their health-care without discrimination or any form of abuse ( verbal ect)

I think that #HoagHospital should continue to

They are number one in overall satisfaction in Orange County as well as some of the most friendly staff.

I felt appreciated at #CevaBiomune when

Rarely happened

I felt appreciated at #WestgateHillsReh&HealthcareCenter when

When i was employee of the month back to back.

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