Physics major roll call!

Hey everyone I just got my BS in Physics back in December and I'm having a little bit of a hard time finding a route, or job right now. Any leads or ideas for entry level positions that I would be a good fit for?

Really,Congrats Nathan on your degree...well I checked over at Indeed site and they have a listing of job possibilities for new…

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Estas aplicasiones en linea Los estan jodiendo a Todo Mundo trabaje hay pero esto de aplicasiones en linea no sirve

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Legal Assistant/Paralegal

How do I get into a legal assistant/paralegal position without any legal experience? I just graduated college with a political science degree.

Hi Isaiah Smith - check out this link for some information on how to become a paralegal. It requires you to get certified and take…

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Truck driver

Looking for local CDL job in South Jersey I’m a recent Grad Have Class A CDL

Willie Chatum Here's a couple of suggestions for CDL jobs near your area.

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Don't Speak Spanishl and Can't Get A Job

During the recession I decided to return back to school to get my bachelor's degree.
Prior to earning my degree I started looking online to find a job and I started to notice that a lot of job postings state that one of the requirements is the necessity to speak Spanish. I have been looking for a two and a half years and I still haven't found a position. There are way too many job ads that say Spanish is a requirement and it is only getting…

Your right, I having the same problem in New York too, it just being discrimination against non spanish speaking. I understand the…

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Help please

Hey everyone, can someone help me out with my job search. Ive recently graduated school in phlebotomy certificate,certified,and license. But for some reason im having bad luck with securing an interview as well as getting thr job or a call back. Ive did everything i can think of to my resume to make me stand out more. Ive only had two interviews with different plasma centers and still nothing. I was told that plasma centers will hire freshly…

Have you tried hospitals? Go through their human resources department. Also labs such as Lab Corp, Quest Diagnostics etc.

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Medical assistant

I am a new grad Certified Medical Assistant having difficulty finding a job in my area of California. Are there any Medical Assistants in the Corona, CA area who know if there are any employees who are hiring, I have been searching for 3 months, need help.

Here are some medical assistant positions hiring in your area Peggy Sherman . Keep going, you can do this!!!

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I have been looking for job since I graduated but I couldn't get one to the extend that I went for a professional course (home health aid caregiver) still on job hunting please if there's any vacancy help me out with information.

I have been looking for job since I graduated from the university but i couldn't get one I later went for a professional course (home health Aid )caregiver please if anyone see any openings it might be a caregiver job or a teaching job, Sales Representative should help me with informations .

I've been looking doe job for 4 weeks

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Seeking a COTA position

I am a recent graduate and newly national and state certified (Tx) Occupational Therapy Assistant, I've been looking for a job for a little under a month with no results. Any advice is appreciated, I'd love to put my hard earned education to good use!

Congrats on your recent graduation Nancy Piper ! Encompass Health in Dallas, TX has a job opportunity right now that sounds like a…

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Job Search

Hi Good Morning, I am recently graduate from University with Bachelor degree in IT, and I have been looking for job for 4 months and still not get a chance to finding a job. any suggestion....

Hi kevalkumar kaneria ! Where are you located?

Be sure to take a second and add this info. Just follow these steps:

1- Once…

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Ashley Wilson Westminster, MD

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I'm in the process of relocating to the Charleston, SC area from the Mid-west. A year ago I was certified in HVAC/R and just graduated with an Associates in Business. During the last couple of months I have been working as an apprentice with a HVAC company. Most companies are looking for technicians with 2-3 years experience in the field. Any suggestions as to how to break into the workforce there? Anyone here working in the field in that…

So is the issue that they don't feel you have enough experience Everette Richardson ? Make sure to list all of the skills you…

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