Hello Jobcase family, I'm reaching out because of course I need different perspectives on this....
What are some key contributors to help a individual who is in the midst of changing careers? For instance, an individual has 10+ years in a manufacturing setting, but wants to transition to a hospital setting after their completion of an advanced degree. What advise could you offer that individual? Keep in mind the person tries for internships as... see more

Hi Angelina Elliott - as you know, knowing someone on the inside can help a lot. Is there a hospital you are... see more

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Nicholas Leonard thank you so much for your feedback! I'll relay this information.

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We heard that many of you were looking for a more personalized Jobcase to discover the most relevant and interesting content from our community.

Good news! We are launching several new exciting changes to make this happen.

Our first major change is a new homepage called For You that will allow you to customize what you see based on the topics that you care about the most. Speaking of topics, posts will be categorized into new topics to make... see more


can't wait for the For You launch!

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Needing help to either continue with college courses or start looking... thank you for ideas

Actually, your degree is good with these majors. But you should start looking for a job.

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Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone on here has an opportunity for me. I recently graduated with a degree in business marketing and have not had any luck. I would appreciate if anyone on here knows or has an opportunity for an entry level marketing position (or it can be an administrative role) within the NJ and NY area. I appreciate all the help!!

Hi Naj!

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase? It’s simple and you can search anytime for jobs... see more

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I’m not trying to rain on anyone’s parade but I’m getting ready to graduate with my A.S. In accounting with one problem I injured my spinal cord in 2011 and am left walking with a walker plus over 50 so if you want to talk being disgusted I’m ready because I am beyond that so all you normal people just keep at it the ice will break sooner or later just make it your mission and you will get results good luck but you won’t need it it will happen... see more

I had a full scholarship to missouri university got depressed flunked out was later diagnosed with schizophrenia... see more

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I’m 17 I graduated a year early I need a job that is construction related

Hey Jonathan Hennen , send your resume and application status to Messer Construction in Columbus, OH.

You should... see more

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Looking for an Accounting position. I graduated with a Bsc Accounting in May 2019. An entry level accounting role for a Bachelors graduate is good. Penetrating the job market has been tough. I live in Waltham, MA

Hi Nasser Balinda , here are some open accounting roles near you!

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Any advice for a recent cdl grad?

Get a job local and enjoy your life stay away from trucks 44 yrs exp talkin

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Here’s how to go from hitting the books to changing the world. Begin your career at UnitedHealth Group and you’ll get an opportunity to do something extraordinary with your first job out of college.

Make a real difference by being part of a company that helps 85 million people live healthier lives. Change the landscape of health care forever. Leave the world a better place than we found it.

Learn more about the UHG Sales Development Program... see more

Great opportunity for those looking to get into the healthcare industry! Thanks for sharing!

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It's been sometime since I graduated college and I'm still unemployed. I don't really know where to go from here at this point. I'm only 20 years old and I already feel like a failure. I suffered from severe depression after entering college and in just wanting to end the experience, I graduated with a BA in English. Useless, I know. With very little real job experience, coupled with a shitty GPA and a pointless major, I'm just stuck. I even had... see more

You're very young and should get your education now while you're free of most responsibilities. A nurse is a... see more

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It’s been three month almost four months since I graduated and still have yet found one job in my field of study (or other fields I’m currently seeking)! I probably applied close to 250+ jobs since May and every email I get back is rejection with no explanation or I don’t hear back at all after application process (waited the normal 2-4 weeks, but still nothing) is it my experience? My resume? I perfected my resumes multiple times and my prior... see more

Responsibility cant be shift to others

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