How would i answer the question, tell me a little about yourself?

Well tell them where I'm from , what school I attended,what qualifications I have ,what degrees I have The last place I worked.

I answer that question much like that, the one part I add is I am from Bronson Michigan, I was raised and spent my school days…

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How Self-Reflection Can Help Your Career

You may think of self-reflection as more of a personal pursuit related to overall happiness and wellbeing, but being self-reflective can help you to get (and better keep) your next job.

When you reflect on your career, you can uncover some interesting truths about yourself like...

  • What motivates me?
  • Where do I want my life/career to go?
  • Do I feel satisfied with my life/career so far?
  • What kind of person/employee am I/ do I want to be?


Absolutely it is just like losing weight you always want to know where you are to see how fast you are.

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Whats wrong with me???

I have went on numerous interviews, I'm very qualified for these jobs, and got turned down alot, and this last job I was on for a week all excited feeling blessed not a whole lot an hr but 10 minutes from home loved it was told I was doing excellent, but head guy in California called on that Friday after whole week of work and said not going to work out something on my credit didnt fit their criteria. What a crock.

It's not you as much as society at large. You were not in the right job. Keep looking and you will end up where you belong. Never…

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Frustrated Job Searches

I have been trying to get a job since the middle of last year and and I am already frustrated to no end. I have a undergrad degree which I can absolutely do nothing with and I have applied to just about every job opening available in the tri state area. Did anyone else go through what I am experiencing and could you please give me some advice on how to get gainful employment?

Hi George Harris - if you have an undergrad degree, the best place for you to start looking is back at school. Go to your old…

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Matt Bornhorst Hi Matt. I have a bachelor degree in Allied Health Science Biology. I also have an associate degree in Allied…

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Marketability and Skills Needed to Get More Job Acceptances

Good Afternoon, Jobcase Community!

I have two questions- What hard and soft skills are needed to make a job candidate more appealing to employers and what ideas can Jobcase members provide to make one more marketable in today's job market? I ask this because I have been noticing trends of hiring managers doing internal hiring within companies and other business entities and listing various skills, software programs and certifications in their…

Hi Heather L. Burnside - definitely try out Laila Nashat 's link. I would add a caveat that it largely depends on the job your are…

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When they ask you your strengths and weaknesses what do you say,

When they ask you your strengths and weaknesses what do you say?


I have always found the strengths portion of the question the easiest. You simply provide the traits you exude as it relates to…

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I am in the career transition stage.

I have been working in Home Healthcare Sectors for 7 years, and I passed CFE Certificate Exam and wanted get a job as AML/KYC Analyst Position. I hope any current job seekers or anyone who already work in this field share more information for the employer. Thanks.

In box me Gwen Pierson if you are open to a conversation that may help with financial relief/freedom and have more time with your…

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Really really tired

I was medically retired from the Army in 2010. I was also fortunate enough to make it to 20 yrs. I have four college degrees. And numerous classes in computers and coding. I tweak my resume for each job I apply for and still nothing. It's getting very discouraging. Any ideas? Help.

Have you tried your local VA office? They might be able to help you in finding a job where veterans are given preference. I know…

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Hired but no high school diploma

I was offered a job with Kaiser but here's my problem. I do not have my diploma yet but I am currently working on it. What do you think I should do and has anyone ever went through this on a job.


Hi Felicia,

You applied for a job whose minimum qualifications you did not meet and now you are experiencing some anxiety because…

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Thank you

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Why do jobs make such a big deal about having a GED? I have a strong work ethic and alot of work experience. I hate to lie on an application but it seems to be the only way to get a job is to say you have your GED. I have worked with many co-workers who have a degree but have zero common sense or work ethic. Unless its a specalized field I dont understand why its such a big deal.

I'm going through the same thing, I've got good job experience in all kinds of feld work.i was expelled from school,at my youth…

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25 years experience mopar level 3 looking for work in southeast.

7 years with Chrysler, (level 3), 8 years with GM, 5 years high volume pre owned dealership, and 5 years with tire kingdom starting in 1994. Looking to move from Florida to North Georgia, Tennessee, or North Carolina. What's good out there?

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