I just don't know how to approach relationships with coworkers. People seem friendly at work, and we joke around and stuff, but I don't know anything about them outside work. I know this company has a pretty cut-throat promotion policy... are they just being nice to me so they can beat me to a promotion or are we actually friends or what? I don't like mind games. Should I even try to be friends with people at work?

Not friends just friendly associates. Never give to much personal info out either. Just be nice to them and don't... see more

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When you’re out there in today’s market trying to find employment you’re oblivious to others looking right along side of you. It can be intense, frustrating and depressing. Especially when you have a family to care for and bills to pay.

I find stepping back, re-evaluating your skill set and making changes to your key words helps. I recently found an old resume from 14 years ago that showcased skills I hadn’t used in some time and I do plan on... see more

God bless you all for trying your best and keep continuing going forward and if you are a little different or a... see more

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What are good ways to advance in the retail

Great Question Matthew Miron ! Start off by creating awareness. Let your Manager and/or Superiors know you're... see more

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Mr. Pina's Mind your P's & Q's advice is right on. In a management role you must lead by example, no... see more

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I work at a hotel for 4 months no previous experience. But I did learn the job very quickly. I was told from the manager that I would get a supervisor housekeeper position because of the good work I was doin. Anyway while I was off two other housekeeper supervisor went to manager and ask about other employee gettin the position so she gave it to them. They wasnt there not even a good two months. Plus other two supervisor always tried to find... see more

That's a shame, I'm so sorry Caprina Alexander ! Were you able to have a conversation with your manager and tell... see more

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I’m employed but have old employers bad mouthing me either trying to get me terminated and or applying for a have a higher paying job. I’ve been constantly being investigated by private investigators. People up the street from my residence watching following me posted at my routes.

I'm sorry to hear that is happening to you, Solomon Bradford !

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I'm a very hard worker, I have always given my all at every company that I have been employed with. I take every job that I have been given and opportunity to be employed with my all, unfortunately, none of those companies kept their word. They would acknowledge the fact at every company I've been employed through that I was the hardest worker they had, but they would never keep their word to me as I did to them. I was promised raises that I... see more

Hi Matthew Bishop , I can tell you are passionate about your work and are dedicated to going above and beyond what... see more

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So recently I was told that I'm being looked at as a new manager. Now this all sounds great considering I'm a driver right now making minimum wage which is like $8.50 an hour. Plus tips which on a normal day is around $45-50. Now as a manager I'd be making $12 an hour working a potential 40 hours a week. Right now I have just under 35 and last week I worked 52 hours. My income monthly is around $1600 but I dont want to stay a driver for long... see more

Just do it in you find you some else you like

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I'm 56 with a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership. I was recently passed over for a supervisor position at my current place of employment of over 2 yrs. I had 4 interviews. 1 with HR; 2 with my manager and 1 with the RVP. The RVP decided I didn't have enough experience and wanted some who was relocatable. In other words, someone younger and single. Smells like ageism and dare I say racism. There is no diversity in our local office in the... see more

I understand why you're pissed Bruce Blackburn - I would be too. A lot of the best companies recruit from both... see more

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I have been in retail for over 15 years and my current company for nearly two years. I work in our ladies departments (10) as a sales associate. Recently the Team Lead was promoted to Ladies Departments Manager. I expressed my interest in being appointed the new Team Lead and both the store manager and ladies departments managers talked to me like I was going to be promoted. I was told I’d have 40 hours each week, a scheduled day off and to... see more

Rhonda, I was checking for myself when I read your well conceived post. Of course, look for a new position where... see more

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I have been an assistant manager at cititrends for 2 years they wouldn't promote me or give a raise ,l decided to resign now they pay went by 1 dollar

Hi viergela johnson , I'm sorry that happened to you! Did you decide to stay with the company, or find an... see more

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Elyssa Duncan l left ,went to find work thru a temp agency for rite now

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Looking for company to grow with

Hi patrick charleston , send your application profile to James McHugh Construction Co. They have multiple General... see more

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