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Weak hand shake by manager

I went to a interview and the manager who set up the interview was not even there. So the other manager comes out and gave me a handshake that barely touched my hand. I did the interview and after I went to shake his hand again and it was like a weaker super fast tap it was weird. That is clearly not proffessional

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Marlene Ellis
about 2 months ago

You’re RIGHT! A good firm handshake is vital for commitment in anything and just good rapport!

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about 2 months ago

You are saying all the right things..

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Michelle Clark > All Jobcasers
3 months ago

Break the ice with a...

Smile and a handshake! Body language speaks volumes. Be attentive and maintain eye contact out of respect to your peers.

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Nancy Macchia
3 months ago

That's right! It's the fastest way to catch a interviewer attention.

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My advice to people interested in working at #FourSeasonsGeneralMerchandise as a #Receptionist ...

The best advice I could give you is to always dress professionally when you go to Four Seasons General Merchandise looking for employment. Always ask if you can be interviewed. Have two copies of your resume plus your if, SS card and a copy of your latest degree. Be ready to take a math and writing test. Arrive 15 minutes early to your interview.

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Ed Newport
4 months ago

NIce advice Rosalina, thank you and congratulations on the new job!

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Wow i had a interview today half had on street clothes half of us had on suits like we were told.But i had it with the manager dressed right talk right. When i tell you it was so many people waiting. And he said i was the only 1 that knew about the company. No one else he said at 3pm to 4pm he was going to call for a second talk like me . I answered quickly and precisely. I been looking for two months feeling bombed.

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key'annah wilson
7 months ago

I need a interview

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Terry Morris > All Jobcasers
Edited over 1 year ago

Do you ever wonder..........

When you post things on this network or any network, do you realize you are making a very public statement? Many of you use your full name and post the company. I know for a fact that if HR picks you out for an interview, someone is going Google your name before you make it into the front door. If you are lucky and have a common name like John Smith, then it may harder find <strong>you</strong> but if you have a more unique name, you are...

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Beverly Ward
7 months ago

I think managers are too sensitive, maybe he felt that way, it does happen, age discrimination, race discrimination, etc. If...

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Daniel Lister > All Jobcasers
7 months ago

Wondering if it's just IL...

Or are there idiots at Job Fairs in other cities/states?

When you read the ad in the newspaper, and it says, "Business attire mandatory" or "Please bring plenty of résumés"...what do YOU think it means?

• At SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many job fairs, I see job seekers wearing shorts, Hawaiian shirts, sandals (during the summer; during colder weather, it's jogging suits and Nikes).

• One particular job fair was memorable for the woman dressed...

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Laila Nashat
7 months ago

Interesting observation, Daniel. I think whether a job seeker can follow basic instructions can indicate their level of...

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Daniel Lister
Edited 7 months ago

Here's where the mystery deepens regarding the job fair:
I'm in the aforementioned business attire, printed résumés in...

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Jason Tuttle > All Jobcasers
Edited 8 months ago


I have a question about professionalism. As a job seeker, I know that I will ultimately have to jump through many professional hurdles (whether I agree with the hurdle or not). I know that it's just something I have to do. I know that I have to bring my A-game to every interview to even have the slightest chance at getting to the next step. I also know that I have to cater my rhetoric during the interview to the job (i.e. there are things I...

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Louise Griffin
8 months ago

Wow. Just because it's a professional setting does not always mean people will act or say things that are appropriate

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Tattoos and Interviews

In 2017 there are a much larger population of jobseekers with tattoos. I recently interviewed at two types of jobs. One for health related and one for a cleaning job. I got various advice. Some people said cover them for the healthcare and no big deal on cleaning. What do you think about tattoos for interviews? I got the cleaning job that I wanted with them covered for the interview by the way.

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Joe Boogie
11 months ago

Unfortunately, people (hiring managers and interviewers as well) all too often judge a person on external factors such as...

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Patricia Collins > Dress for Success
Edited 11 months ago

Dressing for Success...What It Really Means!

Dressing for Success! All I can say on that matter is do some research and find out what is the atmosphere in which you are applying for employment. Most corporations of today have stepped down slightly from the formal office wear, expecially for women. But some people tend to go to far...and wear things you would wear to a party or a night out. Business casual doesn't mean big platiformed heels, and low cleavage blouses or baggy pants and...

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keith skeel
11 months ago

I agree, it's not a date, it's a job.

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professional dress and motivation

As a business professor, I tell my students that the more professional they dress, the more motivated they will be and also will give off a more professional impression. Appearance says a lot about a person and his ir her attention to detail necessary in most positions. Dr Reagan

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Lisa Nicoletta
11 months ago

I agree. I wear a business suit and closed toe shoes and always bring a few copies of my resume.

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