I loved all my coworkers and we all got along great. No one talked down to anyone else.

That sounds like a great work environment Jenny Lorenz !

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Hello fellow Jobcasers! A few months ago I was contacted to participate in a feature article about Jobcase for Forbes magazine! It was an honor being able to represent for Jobcase, and talk about my personal challenges, struggles, and how Jobcase helped me make a better life for myself. My wish is that everyone here will have a positive experience while you navigate the job market. This is a powerful community, so be sure to make the most of it... see more

Thank you so much for sharing your story @SashaContreras!!! :)

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Went out of their way to find employment for you!!

Thanks for sharing! Shawn Hamlin

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I love everything about the job

Thanks for sharing! Day Day

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Thanks for sharing! Corey Rice

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Working on the lake and having a beautiful view all day was something I definitely loved about the job

Thanks for sharing! That sounds beautiful! James Welch

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Just knowing that im helping sum one enjoy there life just a little bit longer

That is such a admirable thing! Joseph Mares

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Good character and many closefriend

That's great to hear! Thanks for sharing Johnfloyd Bulandres

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  1. The main thing I like about working at Racetrak is the spirit which is driven by team work.

Thats awesome!! Thanks for sharing Abeba Petros

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The girls I worked with made every day an adventure. I was never bored, we all had a great time working together and being a team and made each other, as well as the customers, laugh with our goofiness.

Thanks for sharing! Britney Watkins

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Meeting new people and working as a team

Thanks for sharing! Jessica Thacker

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