I’m a big believer in power of positive thinking (even though I may falter in practicing it from time to time). Here’s a fun short article with a good hack to stay positive. Summary: practice the opposite of complaining.


It can be easy to log in your memory moments where you feel stressed or upset, but having things simply be nice for... see more

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Like many, I have been in the unfortunate situation of abruptly finding myself without a job. I don't mind telling you, in the moment, it's a completely demoralizing experience. When this did happen to me, there were a few steps I took so I could move forward productively:

1) I was gracious -- I thanked my employer for the opportunity and offered to expedited any needed transition. Why was I so nice? I don't believe in burning bridges... see more

You did the right thing by resigning competently and in accordance with the rules of ethics.

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Good Evening Community!

As this night comes to a close so do many thoughts as to why something did not go right or our way. I often try to reflect on what I will do better to make a difference or positive change in my life? Often in the past I would get caught up in the blame game. Finally, I realized it was a time to make changes in my thought process and negative behavior which was not easy to do. One of the things I focused on was the... see more

Experience is the best teacher. We have learnt now

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Looking for jobs can be tough, but just know that you are NOT alone! You’ve stayed strong through this process and I hope you can stay strong just a little longer. When you’re upset take a few deep breaths. When things seem hopeless do something that brings you up. Read a book that you never had the chance to finish, teach yourself something new, or enjoy a meal with a friend (even if it’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich). Please take a few... see more

I like to make lists and goals for myself. When I see all the things I have finished and crossed out, I ALWAYS feel... see more

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I love making lists too Lilly! : ) Thanks for sharing.

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Are you a glass ½ empty kind of person? If so you might want to try pushing yourself to be a little more positive. Yes things are hard, but you gotta keep on going. I just read this article that was pretty interesting. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/david-r-hamilton-phd/positive-people-live-long_b_774648.html So I guess you have to ask yourself, are you a positive or negative person?

Half full! Nice article thanks for sharing Dylan.

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I second that! SWEET now I can live longer.

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KUDOS TO ALL THE STAFF . WHAT PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND ABOUT JOB FAIRS . since one of my daughters is director of human resources. that at many job fairs ANXIOUS EMPLOYERS READY TO HIRE . and yet more COMPANIES SHOW UP than employees wanting jobs. so people don't be afraid to upgrade your resume for free or get a review on your resume . there is even consignment stores that sell you cheap attire to wear to an interview.WHERE THERE IS A WILL THERE... see more

I'm looking for a company where I can grow in progress. I like you very 2 expand my horizons and expand my... see more

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I’m not going to be another sob story even though things are tough right now. But aren’t they tough for ALL of us??? I lost my job 4 months ago when they downsized. After I got like 10 rejections the last few weeks it’s been harder and harder to shake off. That was until I came home and my wife did this amazing thing for me.

She took motivational quotes she found on google images, pinterest and anywhere else she could find some and printed them... see more


Share your favorite quote!!! Let's get motivated friends. I am so printing these!

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Lake Forest College was an excellent work environment, having end users frustrated with technology is a common occurrence. To be able to approach the problem with empathy and in some cases a little humor is a key element in any type of customer service.
There were some difficult situations where professionalism and understanding failed to get the best end result, but to remember any particular situation where that was the case would be difficult... see more

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