Take Your Hobby And Make It Your Business

Most of us have a hobby that brings us joy and rejuvenate us after a long week of responsibilities. Some may have even daydream of what it would be like to take that hobby and making it into a full-time business that we can thrive at, and pay the bills. But to create a successful business, requires more than just skills and passion. Building a sustainable business takes careful planning, deep commitment…


Thank you for the tips. Working towards this as we speak. Good sound advice!

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Gratitude: The Trait That Defines Perspective

Hey Jobcasers,

Today I'd like to talk about something that seems a little difficult in our search for the next best employment opportunity: Gratitude.

Gratitude is perhaps one of the most difficult things to muster up during a rigorous and harrowing experience such as unemployment, homelessness, and similar events, but I would argue that it is perhaps the most important thing to muster up--more than hope, more than tenacity, more than even…

Hello dear
How are you today. I like you If you are agree with me. Thanks you too much

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I love taking photographs and would love to know if anyone has an offering jobs

Hi Nadim Rabi , if you go to the Jobcase job search tool and enter the keyword photographer as well as your location you will…

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There are some great tips in this article Lois Martin ! I would add to make sure you pick a specific type of photography you are…

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Sunset photos

I find it best to show up 30 mins before sunset and stay 30 mins afterwards. During this hour, there is usually a 5 min period for beautiful photos.

haha, Nice. Thanks for sharing

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Hello...I am 76 years young and in good shape. I retired from a NY Newspaper after 35 years there as a senior photographer and photo editor. My credentials are 100%. I recently moved to Florida after retirement and want to go back to work in the photography field. I have applied for different jobs in this area and sent resumes and portfolios of my work.
One was for a photo editor and the other 2 were for fashion photography, in which, have…

Hi! Joe you are Phenomenal Photographer and someone in Florida will recognize that.Those Individuals that have been denigning you…

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My photography portfolio

Just posting a link to my photography portfolio. As it would be nice if I could actually use my art skills professionally.

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Looking for a Photography job.

Anyone know of any awesome Photography companies looking for a free Lance Photographer like myself in Phoenix Arizona?

Freelance Photographer

I love taking pictures for other people. I've done it for a while now off and on but now that I want to do this for a living people are not hiring. What should I do now. Just give up on my hearts desire now

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No never. Vista print will print you 100 business cards for about five bucks. Find a wedding planner or get yourself out there…

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Looking for immediate employment

I'm a professional photographer marketing Executive and author who is looking forr steady work in the Monroe CT area. If anyone knows of any openings I would greatly appreciate it.

Hello Jeremy,
So glad you could be a part of our Jobcase community! I did a quick search and found some available photography

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photographer desperately seeking for job

Recently relocated from Europe, I was granted with AO-1 visa for special ability and skills in photography.
I have 18 years of editorial and advertising experience - (fashion/beauty, corporate, wedding, kiddos).
Internationally published (France, Italy, Germany, Russia and Poland). I'm applying since 3 months (40 applies daily) for any photographic job, and I did't get not even a single interwiev !!....If anyone in here needs a good .;))…


Try advertising yourself as a wedding photographer summer time is coming quick and get on to I just seen one that…

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Michael, take a look at both Jobs and companies and and see if you find that job that your looking for. Keep calling…

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