So, I just recieved my MBA this year, which I am personally pretty happy about. But I have been having a very hard time landing worthwhile interviews and absolutely no job offers. I have found that I have now been getting passed on jobs because I am overqualified. Yet, if I apply for a slightly higher position I am under qualified. So my question is, should I just remove it from my Resume?


I would not take it out! You earn it so show it. Be patient. What can be holding you is either a lot of education... see more

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If you think you nailed that interview or the recruiter said, Keep in touch, don't just sit and wait for the phone to ring with a job offer. Instead, be proactive. There are things you should do after a job interview that can increase the odds of getting a second interview or landing a job offer.

Learn the best way to follow up after a job interview. Following-up after a job interview is one of the smartest things you can do to help get you... see more

Thank you for this video. I was always unsure of following up after the interview. I appreciate you’re ideas and... see more

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With the invention of Automated systems has come the delay of finding jobs. It’s far easier for companies to sift through selected resumes and ignore the majority of those submitted to them. Atlanta is a city full of ATS it seems. It’s also a city full of recruiters who are quick to chat you up and then disappear without a trace. Last December I was laid off. In the late March/ April time frame I thought I had a job lined up. The company didn’t... see more

Yea you got to be careful in this world it is all kind of disease flown Aurora in this world say sex is the best... see more

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Interesting Lihui Ji . What's your biggest challenge?

  • Finding related jobs in your area
  • No employer responses... see more
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I was working near Corpus Christi, Texas and voluntarily left the job market a couple of months before Hurricane Harvey hit to focus on tackling family, property management and elder care issues. In the process, I relocated to Florida and have been busy assisting the retired military communities which I am a part of, volunteering my services as a property manager and business consultant and tutoring.
Enough, I am ready to bring my energy and... see more

Hi Steven McNeil

What you're facing is very common in the Jobcase community and I'm sure lots of people will have... see more

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Elyssa Duncan Thank You, input much appreciated.

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Hey All, I was making $16/hr at a law firm when I was 22. Here we are 15 years later and business are still offering $14-$15/hr for the same thing I have been doing. I'm mid-30's now and it seems I'm over qualified for many Administrative positions and underqualified by 2 or 3 pieces of knowledge for $50-60K positions. I do not understand what is going on the atmosphere right now but there's definitely something. Bottom line is no one can live... see more

Unfortunately, welcome to the new age in the work place....

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I had a great interview, did a drug test(which was clean) for them to come back and tell me I was over qualified to do the job they were 'hiring for' yet my cousin and a few friends work for that company and they have(company) those that don't want to work hard(quit in a few days). Or a few that have to actually been given Narcan just to live. I don't get it. What is this over qualified? As this isn't the only company to tell me this.


Yeah, I'm hitting that too and I'm still a spry young buck in his forties. I think they don't want to waste the... see more

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After being laid off as result of investor buyout, merging 2 companies together, 4 yrs of double domain upheaval, new business model, hardware changes, major software swapping, remote contractors being remotely supported and an on call phone shared by 3 people making work/life balance nonexistent, I was finally hit by tenured personnel being replaced by contract workers like in most other departments.
Was so much that it was almost a relief... see more

Hi Jeff Talley ,

I'm so sorry to hear that you got laid off as a result of a company change. I know the job search... see more

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My displacement happened after 21 years with the same company at the age of 47. A new CEO, a changing of the guard, so to speak. I have struggled for the past 6 years. I am either over-qualified or under-qualified (generally based on specific industry experience). I can learn any technology and have successfully managed technical people, complex global projects and successfully transitioned between vastly different industries. However, in a... see more

Geese Louise, what a pain. I know cause I'm in the same boat. All things of experience and yet I sometimes... see more

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It's sad when a degree keeps you from getting jobs. People think you can find something better than what they are offering in your field. Right now it's not as much about the pay as it is an income.

Hi ANGELA HARRIS , what type of degree are employers in your field requiring? What type of job(s) are you looking... see more

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Lenin Pina - They are not looking for a degree or a professional. I have an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Ed... see more

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After working for a company for 11 years, being told you are one of there most valuable employees, always goes above and beyond and to find out that people coming in and being there for 1 to 2 years maybe last makes more then year and even as of today still you are the most lowest paid employee. When brought to previous boss, recent boss, and VP was told my weak points are I don't reach out often, but never once mentioned this to me in any of... see more

Hi Alexis Pettus - I am so sorry to hear that things have been difficult for you lately and that you lost your job... see more

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Matt Bornhorst hello I haven't lost my current job. I am looking for a new job.

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