Not qualified

I'm so annoyed. I interviewed for a position that I knew I was a fit for, I have done that kind of work for 6 years. Yes it was a little different, but it was a Family support specialist. Helping with child abuse assessment. I work now as a sexual assault advocate and my previous job was a family support specialist working with families with children who have mental health diagnosis or disability. I felt like I rocked the interview. The next day…

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Find. Good. Job

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Never Lie In an Job Interview

As we all know, job interviews are intensely stressful occasions. If you REALLY want the job, the stakes are also incredibly high and you might feel a slight mistake could cost you the chance at landing the job. Given the pressure, some people are tempted to fudge their accomplishments and background a bit. They figure if adding a few years of experience that they'll triumph over other candidates, and what the interviewer doesn't know won't hurt…


Employers lie to workers all the time especially during the interview process. They lie about the company, job duties potential…

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Am I too old or over qualified

I have a MBA degree and over 25 yrs management experience. I have interviews and I do well on them, but I never get the call back to be offered a job. I am employed but career is stagnant and looking for a change. What is wrong with me?

Yes, I think they are looking at experience and age and saying too expensive or too old. Your work experience should only show the…

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After 100's of no thank you emails I got sick of it, so in the last few weeks I've been asking why I was overlooked--today I got some feedback! I have 8 1/2 years of college and 9 years in my industry and I'm still at a loss of what to put on my resume. This is a catch-22, If I put all of it, it's too long and pretentious. If I don't put enough, then I get overlooked. Where is the happy medium....well today I was told it's not enough employee-ce

Hi Grace, I hope you are tailoring each resume and cover letter to each job you apply for. Reviewing keywords in the job…

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annabelle M. Absolutely but I was focusing on duties and nothing else and the feedback I got was to be ‘employee-centric’ and team…

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Very Perplexed

I have 14 years of successful executive experience, bachelots degree, post-graduate teaching certification, Master Life Coach continuing education, have hired hundreds of people over the last decade and have been sought out by 6 fortune 500 companies for beta test product launches... JUST FOR STARTERS. I have read all the advice, tailored my resume', applied for 79 jobs so far and gotten nothing but scams and pyramid schemes talking to me... I've…

You had me at, I look better in a bathing suit than 99% of men half my age. I think that is a very interesting way to view your…

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Elusive Part-Time Work

I am a teacher looking to supplement my income and know that when prospective employers see that I have a master's they file the resume'. What do I do??

Hi Chris King - I did some online research and found these companies that offer nationwide work from home Customer Service job…

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Never give up

After looking for as good job since the middle of December, I was ready to just give up. Interviewed for numerous positions and I get Well your over qualified or Sorry but we found candidates that matched better. But I kept on and finally landed a good job. The pay is ok but since I get a military pension I can work with it. So just don't give up out there. There is a job somewhere out there with your name on it.

Hi Joel McDonald so happy for you that your patience and hard work paid off! For anyone else who is told they are overqualified…

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Highly qualified

Every job I guess they tell me I'm too I'm overqualified for or I go to jobs where I am qualified for but they say that I don't fit the part that they're wanting maybe it's because I don't know it's it's strange to me I work pumping concrete and concrete finishing overseeing 50 guys also at a tree cutting business which I'm very very good at but I had to get a real job because circumstances be added may I would like to either be a super or cut…

ever thought of working in the wood division of a pulp and paper mill

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Never Thought I Would Be Told That I Am Over Qualified!!!!!

I fill out application after application! Go to interview after interview! I'm willing to put up with a lot in order to obtain employment but; I never thought that I would be told that I am OVERQUALIFIED! I feel like I'm being punished for going to school and being successful in all I set out to do! I won't allow that to stop me. My day is coming!

When hiring managers label job candidates overqualified, here's what they are thinking.

  1. We can't pay you enough. Employers will…
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Losing hope

Today's job market is tuff depends on what skills u have and experience u have. If u r overqualified for the job. All u can do is make your resume sound good without stretching the true. Please hang in there something will come around b patient

Do not give up be determined .
Be of good courage.

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A employer told me she would not hire me because I have too muchexperience and she felt I would not stay long term

I applied for a job but the employer told me she felt I had too much experience after reviewing my resume. As a result she noted in the company data base that I should not be hired by their company, So even though I applied at a different location with the same company the other manager said she would not hire based on what based on what the other manager had placed in my file. She said they were looking for long term employee and she felt I…

I dont think so that sounds like an excuse not to hire you

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