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Grace RN

Thank You Lord for this wonderful opportunity! I got hired...

To Ms. Mitzi Thompson HCA recruiter and Ms. Magdalena Polanska Manager of Oncology/Ortho services, thank you so much for the great opportunity you have given me. The fact that I don't have experienced in the Oncology Department, you believed in me and you hired me. This is my first hospital experienced ever in United States.

To all Nurses out there seeking for hospital job,...

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Claudia Alexander
about 12 hours ago

Look for a work at home job. Usually it requires a computer, internet and a phone. Pay varies but can be upwards of 20.00...

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Rtavia K > All Jobcasers
about 1 month ago

I’m a Hard Worker

I have literally been putting job applications in for at least a year to some medical field jobs, and it seems nobody wants to hire without years and years of experience. It’s really hard and depressing when your a young college student trying to better yourself, but nobody will give me a chance. I have medical background, certification in EKG, years of exceptional customer service satisfaction. I’m also going to school for nursing. I guess I...

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Rachel Donald
about 23 hours ago

Keep praying God has prepared all and more for you I am so proud of you the more education the better

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No work experience

Hi i am 19 and I have been trying to find work. My resume is pretty good and shows that I have a lot of good recommendations and I did a lot of volunteer work but every time I apply to jobs they say they aren’t interested in me. What should I do?

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Rhonda Porter
2 days ago

Have a professional look over your resume and make sure you using the right power verbs. Good luck! There are companies out...

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16 year old looking for a job

Hi, my name is Amanda. I’m looking for a job in me city without experience!

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Janice Reed
3 days ago

Hi Amanda! What city are you looking in? I would first suggest checking with your local grocery stores, movie theaters, fast...

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How do I get a job without limited experience?

How to receive jobs with limited experience?

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Elda Brown
3 days ago

Just talk about your skills and things you've learned form your own interest. You're also marketable based on skills and not...

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Mandy Mahaffey > All Jobcasers
about 1 month ago

Do you need to have experience for this job

I need to know if you need to have experience for any of these jobs if not I would like to work for y'all.

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Paul Baker
3 days ago

Hi Mandy! What job do you want to apply to?

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A fellow Jobcaser > All Jobcasers
Edited 23 days ago

This is confusing...

It's strange. I just graduated college, with a degree in the sciences but all the companies I apply to want someone with at least a master's degree and 5 years of experience. When I was in high school, they wanted someone with a bachelor's degree. Now that I have that degree, they want a masters/phd/5 years experience. I have a friend with all the requirements and multiple years of experience, and the companies she applies to say they want...

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Ryan H. Becker, CPA
3 days ago

What they're all ultimately looking for is someone with a personality that fits the company culture, enough education to know...

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A little about me

I’m Taveon and I’m 15 years old live in Stockton CA and I’m lookong for a job but I have no work experience

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Lawrence White
3 days ago

Hi Taveon! I would first suggest checking with your local grocery stores, movie theaters, fast food restaurants, community...

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Oigan que hay para una mujer que lleva unos cuantos años desempleada pero tiene las ganas de hechar para adelante y solo tiene una preparacion media. Todos los trabajos q veo piden 3 o mas años de no contratan nuevo personal sin experiencia como diantre va a adquirir la experiencia si no le dan la oportunidad

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Tricia Hendrix
4 days ago

Hola Martha! Siga estos simples pasos para encontrar una oportunidad de trabajo aquí en Jobcase.

*** 1. *** Haga clic en...

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Karen Galo > All Jobcasers
28 days ago


I have been on several job interviews with no luck have no luco in finding a job. They say I do t have enough experience I feel like I went to school for nothing.

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Nicolas Garcia
5 days ago

What kind of job u lookin for

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