I often respond to HR-related questions on www.Quora.com, so I thought I’d share my answer to the question, “How do you interview for a manager position?”

check it out at https://nnamtique.com/how-do-you-interview-for-a-manager-position/.


I hope that this information is helpful.

Career Search Success to You! Go Get Your New Job!

Site: HR by Nnamtique (Human Resources by Nnamtique – HR... see more


Thanks for the advice/resources Cynthia Okonkwo !

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Below is a calculator to determine what a 'living wage' would be in your location. Do you think this is accurate?
Jobcase believes every employer should help provide either a living wage or a pathway to it. We understand that not every job will be able to pay a living wage. But we believe employers should provide one of the following 3 cases for every job:
a) provide a living wage
b) if providing a sub-living wage, THEN provide an internal... see more

When I was much younger my parents didn't tell me to save some of my money--but I did. Then I got married and had... see more

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Roger Dickman Thank you for your replay. Your comment was right on!!

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I just got my CDL and ready to start, but also incredibly nervous I will screw something up. What are some things I should know or do? I could really use some help! Anyone???

Just remember the only ones who don’t make mistakes are this that do nothing. It happens, the key is don’t make the... see more

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We’ve all been there. Someone asks us a question, but we do not know the answer. If it is a friend or family member, we can likely lead them to someone else nearby who has the answer to their question. If it is a stranger asking for directions, we can usually point them to someone who might have the answer. What if this happens during a job your big interview? Not only can it be an embarrassing situation, but it can also derail your chances... see more

Thank you for sharing Cynthia Okonkwo ! These are great tips!

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(PLEASE, READ THIS WITHOUT FAILURE) This can change your life!

As sure as the sunlight shines, the day comes in everyone's life when you have to decide your future starting today, for your vision for tomorrow. This is what determines your outcomes in life.

It has been said that,...A day shall come when the risk it takes to remain tightly closed inside of a bud, becomes more painful than, the risk it takes to blossom and bloom ~ Edward Alexander

... see more

YOU'RE LIVING IN A HARVEST TIME (Your labor is not in vain.) [IBYC]



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I been working for 4 months and I hate my boss. He is rude,mean and disrespectful. I’m looking for a different job, i’m 18 years old. Looking for a good paying job for a high schooler. #newjob #highschooler

I totally understand where your coming from.I have been there and done that and wore that hat.Kill him with... see more

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Most respect and admiration for all of you! I start working Monday full-time! I'm really excited. Prayer does work! I appreciate all of you!

Yes my dear prayer does work .
It can move mountains
May the grace of the Lord be with you

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Hi guys,

Just wanted to share with you what happened to me. I am new in New York. I have been working in Asia for 10 years of my life. Have had good paying solid jobs but when I came to New York, I started from scratch. I graduated Major in Information Technology, but I havent used my skills because the job opportunities that came back then were call center jobs. So in NY, I got accepted for a job of IT Helpdesk Admin. I am very grateful that... see more

Hey, everyone! I was recently hired at a food franchise last week, and everyday proves to be a new adventure and difficult obstacles. However, I've survived my first week (and some days) and I get paid today. I'm so proud of myself for sticking through with this job. Never give up, no matter how hard the task at hand is.

I started a job as a salad bar person at A restaraunt I feel like I should be getting trained for other areas of the place but the excuse always comes up you aren't working fast enough yet for us to train you in other spots garden bar seems like the only super fast paced position of the restaraunt because guests go up and just devour everything even on busy nights but busy nights it is generally a 2 person job being done by one person. Along with... see more

I think your ambition to learn and progress is awesome but first you have to overcome the managers... see more

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As a person is work in the industry before 25 years and management of multi-unit restaurants I can tell you the... see more

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I want to know, how you can be working for a Temp Agency making 11.25 an hour? Get hired full-time by the company and only make 10 dollars an hour. Something is not right about that. I wonder if my daughter is lying to me? I thought you would make more. Right?

Yes, generally anytime your hired from a temporary agency to work full time you make more money not less. What... see more

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