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I was told by new employer that I would be great for this job. It was more money better hours. I'm a single mom. I took the job. On my second day in not even in a row mind you. My new boss brings me into the office after belittling me all day in front of my team mates... he then tells me I have to make some major improvements to my speed and errors by TOMORROW or they will need to let me go. Its only my 2nd day on the job.

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Wow! I'm really shocked by this behavior. Every new employee should be allowed some time to spin up in a new position, no matter…

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Laila Nashat he fired me... I'm looking for a new job...

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When Choosing An Employer, Culture Matters

When determining whether an employer is the right fit for you, it is important to find out about its culture. Companies are as different as the people who work there and run the business. For better and worse, culture and leadership are inextricably linked. Founders and influential leaders often set the initial culture of their organizations. Over time an organization’s leaders can also shape culture…


So sorry this happened to you. It's racism, but hard to prove. I experienced sexism in a job I had with an old boys network where…

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