I landed my first job by starting off as a volunteer! I went to a sailing camp for a number of years when I was younger and learned to sail. I eventually started volunteering at the camp and after a couple summers was hired as a paid sailing instructor. If there's a job or industry you're really passionate about, seeking out volunteer opportunities could be a great way to get your foot in the door!

Hi Benjamin Chansky , other members, particularly recent grads in the healthcare industry, have reported similar... see more

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So recently I was let go and on very morally questionable grounds and right before Christmas literally 3 days before I moved into my new place all seemed great until I was asked to come to the office and that's when I got delivered the news. It was heart breaking and terrifying because all I could think was now what. I had just enough money to post for 2 months rent and that was it but I got let go at the worse part of the year. In my field... see more

Christian, That is wonderful. The Lord was arranging everything for you.

He has a plan for me also... see more

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I was coming out of the bank one day I noticed that my car was being towed of course I kicked and stomped nothing I could do about it so when I went down to pay the 300 and some odd dollars if they were charging me since my registration is expired I asked who handled her collection accounts 3 years later my agency had collected almost 10 million dollars and had over a hundred clients in the towing industry it's a true story

Perfect example of turning lemons into many glasses on lemonade. Now that’s entrepreneurship

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I've always tried my best to stay positive and in doing so it gives me pleasure to help others. When I have put a smile on someone else's face or they tell me thanks for listening, I know then I have done my purpose.

Has jobcase been helpful for all of you to find a job? Welcome any tips you’d like to share.

Service: Voicemail to Email

Eliminate the Need to Check Your Inbox
Voicemail to email is (or can be) a business phone system feature that records a voicemail as an audio file (commonly .mpg or .wav format) and sends it to an email address. The recipient is then able to download the file right from their email and play it using a media player on their smartphone or PC.

As a business owner checking your inbox throughout the day might seem like a... see more


Steve, I have to say that I once had a full time computer job and I would have to call customers at their... see more

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Networking has helped me in a few ways.
Emailing a resume.
Letting the place of business know that I am interested in the job.
If they are interested in me, they are able to get in touch, but I find that they hardly ever do get in touch, and I am the one that has to persue them.
When I persue them, it is difficult, because they never supply me with their phone number, so, there is no real communication.

I’ve been networking like mad, but it’s getting me nowhere. I realize things have changed and no matter what the... see more

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The fourth of a five-part series which focuses on applying effective, time-saving techniques to plan your daily activities. This video will teach you simple yet powerful Time Management Techniques to instantly put more time in your day and help you get more organized.

Great resource, thanks Steven Ransom !

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I agree, Elyssa.

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Hello all,

I'm looking for a career mentor as I'm interested in changing my career into something more coding related. I'm starting to take courses online on programming but was looking for someone currently in the business that could give me some ideas on how to get started being an independent consultant and what the field to get into would be. I have many questions and not many people I can talk to. Any ideas or guidance would be appreciated


Why would I be a career mentor when I do not get paid?

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Hey, all! I am working on a project - an app for truckers to connect and share day-to-day work stuff. Worth pursuing? And if yes, what would be some cool features to add?

Lol George Westlie no sure if such tech exists. Btw, guys do you use Instagram? Thoughts? Our app is kind of... see more

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Andrey Biryuchinskiy Oh, you meant technical stuff haha, I know, I was just blowing off steam lol. Thankfully, I... see more

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The old saying, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” has never been more true than when it comes to hiring events and job fairs.

Job fair and hiring event preparation happens long before you walk into the event, so take as much time as possible in the days leading up to prepare.

Here are our six tips on how to showcase your best self at these events, and increase your chances of landing a job.

Bring copies of your... see more

And if idont have ahand carried resume what should i do?.

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Good question benard mwangi . You can upload your email then use the send option to instantly forward your resume... see more

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