2nd choice...worth it?

I had interviewed for a position where it started with the HR manager over the phone, then the technical manager I would report to, then director on the phone, followed by an in person interview with the technical director and senior technician.

Everything seemed to go very very well, I didn’t hear from them for a while then they told me they decided to go with another candidate. I was a little crushed but chalked it up. A month and a half…

Please can a Nigeria lady get a job here, please am interested

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Do interviews freak you out?

It can feel a little difficult to prepare for an interview when you are not sure what to expect.

In this 1 minute video produced by one of our talented interns Rachel Swansburg real Jobcase employees share their interview tips with you!

Make sure to watch the video so you feel more confident and prepared before your next interview.

So tell us, did we miss anything?

What are some interview tips that have worked well for you in the past?


Own it positiveness is a great tool for your gainful employment opportunities will soon come good luck to all of you.

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The Definition of Anticipation

As stated in a previous post during my job search ironically I had landed interviews with the top two highest paying jobs on the same day which in turn left me with quite a decision to make knowing one certainly wasn’t going to wait for the other. I ended up going with the higher paying of the two and I’ll tell you now I’ve jumped through so many hoops during this application process I may as well had turned into a basketball. Despite all that…

You got in because of the recommendation. It's not what you know it's who you know.

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Teresa Schmidt hey thanks for making it sound like I didn’t do a dam thing. No was told straight up it certainly help but…

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Should I ask for a raise?

I hope this doesn't seem insensitive because I know most of you are searching for work. Believe me, I was in your shoes not so long ago and I remember the agony and heartache but I need opinions. I can't post to Facebook because I broke my own rules about not friending people at work. So...

I will start by saying that I really love the company I work for and my job, though it was not without some problems early on. I was hired for a position…

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Hello everyone,
Today I would like to address the subject of a raise and how should one approach their boss in getting one.

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james williams just walk just playing

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The Art Of Salary Negotiations

Perhaps one of the most feared part of the job seeking process is what happens after the job offer is made. It is also a necessary step when gunning for a promotion at our current job. It is negotiating the salary.

Salary negotiation can be scary. But what’s even scarier is not doing it. A study revealed that of those people who negotiated, they were able to increase their salary by over 7%. That may not sound…


Hi Patrick Coppedge ! Wow look at all those likes : ) this is a VERY well put together post (as always)! These are great steps to…

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Ashley Wilson

Hello Ashley Wilson,

Negotiating is definitely something that I was not very good at early in my career. I pretty…

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When a job offer isn’t what I want...

What do you say when someone offers you a job but you need to decline, because it’s not exactly what you want or not what you thought it would be?

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Carol Lynn
I think your answer would depend on why the job doesn't work for you.

If nothing about the job fits what you want then…

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Recruiter negotiating salary after 2 interviews

A couple days ago I finished 2 rounds of interviews at a company. After interviewing two times, but before the 3rd round, the recruiter calls and says your asking is a bit too high. I said well we can negotiate on it when the time comes. Is this normal?

Note: The recruiter asked me what my salary asking was before interview and I gave him a range

I don't think that's unreasonable if you did your research to see what the current market is paying Jasmit Tarang ! Also there is…

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Common Pitfalls in the Search for our Next Employment Opportunity

Hey Jobcasers,

Let's talk about the common pitfalls we face in our search for our next employment opportunity.

First, let's talk about the hiring process and how it works.

  1. We submit job applications/resumes/cover letters (usually online).

  2. We interview and hope for an offer or an invitation to the next interview; this repeats until we get an offer or aren't moved along to the next step of the hiring process.

  3. We negotiate and either accept or…

What a great post Gage Cherry ! Your insights are always so interesting to read! Thank you for sharing these tips : )

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Ashley Wilson

I’m glad I can be of assistance.

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The job I interviewed for in November finally happened. There was a lot of negotiation between then and now, but it finally happened. My advice to those looking to move on:
1) Be real about your capabilities. Throw them all out there, especially at that interview. It gives the potential employer the potential value you can bring to the company. At the same time, don't over exaggerate. If you don't know how to do something, say so. While you may…

This is Awesome, thank so much for sharing these tips and encouragement Christina Toth . Congrats on your new job!

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I was just offered a job that I know is worth $20 hr. , its paying a cheeseeee $11 hr
I'm not stupid and I know I'm worth more than that and the job should pay better that what their offering, I said HELL NO to them and he had the nerve to ask me if i knew anyone that would work,, , i hung up the phone.

Yeah, that doesn't sound like the right job for you. Good thing you were wise enough to recognize that right away.


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"They Won't Pay Me My Worth"

I see this phrase a LOT on Jobcase, typically mixed with other reasons an applicant feels they didn't get the job. (Age, appearance, race, etc...)

There very well may be something to this, though the responsibility might not fall onto the shoulders of the potential employer, as much as it falls on the applicant's.

You may have twenty years of experience in your industry. In this example, let's say your experience happens to be in office…


Your Post is right on target, great insight, and extremely factual I just love it! Should make us all Think...Stop…

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