I interviewed for a job 3 weeks ago...they hired me a week ago but they still can't give me a start date. Meanwhile Im stuck in limbo with no income. Would it be ethical fpr me to tell them Im not waiting any longer and they can go string someone else along?


I have e-mailed HR and texted them. They keep changing my start date. It was September 10th. Then it was the 24th... see more

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Personal Traits Sought By Employers

Employers are requiring more of their employees today in a technologically fast paced world. Employees must be able to not only adapt and thrive to an ever-changing world, but also must possess many skills and traits that will showcase and make them stand out from the crowd when job searching.

A resume must not only show potential employers a wide array of skills, work experience, accomplishments, but also... see more


That did make alot of cent

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I applied for a job and Im not sure I want it. I'm waiting for a better offer that allows me to still take care of my parents. The job i applied for just called and Im still not sure. Should I take it for now? When and if I get the other job I applied for how do I then gracefully quit this job?

Hi Sharon...you are really interested in getting better with your life!! You are caring person and balanced... see more

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So I just took a leap of faith and moved from a small town to large city. The move was well needed. Anyways I applied to many places before I came up in hopes to have a job ready for me when I came. I had 3 interviews lined up for my first week, and all on the same day. I went to the 1st one and the interview seemed to went well. However as I watch the staff I would be working with no one had a smile and all look real unhappy. I then go to my... see more

Hi Bryan Jeffers in life sometimes you need to make the decision that is better for YOU and not for your wallet. If... see more

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I received and accepted a position with a really good company, job A. I am supposed to start in a few days.
After accepting this position, I was contacted by a company I had previously applied to, job B. I did a phone interview, they immediately had me come in for an in-person interview, went great. I received a follow-up call making sure I was still interested and letting me know they were. I should find out by Wednesday if they will make me an... see more

Keri Johnson, that is a great question! I would go to work with Job A and if Job B were to extend an offer to you... see more

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Hey guys,

So, I was just offered a position with an organization who offered a pretty decent salary. I did not start yet as the first orientation is next week. I should be excited and anticipating starting right?

Well, this is the paradox.
As I was unemployed for about 3 months applying to almost any everything, every day, for like 90 days Lol, those seeds must have started to sprout. I just was contacted for another position for a company... see more

Good advice Michael. My sentiment exactly.

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I have worked for this fastener company for last 2 years. I did work hard and worked 3 peoples jobs. I took care of my own accounts, 2 OEM accounts, I worked as an office manager and also my VP’s secretary. With no rewards coming, I was being used just to do these manual jobs and I was so done with it. People started to look down on me and finally I got a new job offer in banking as a Market Segment Specialist, put 2 weeks. Current employer wants... see more

It sounds like your mind is made up, and you have picked the best path forward Woori Ko - good luck in your new job... see more

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Simply looking for opinions; last year I was let go from a position of 12 years where I worked my fingers to the bones, put in a lot of hours, was promoted twice and formed countless relationships, for all of it to end because of office politics and what I assume to be financial reasons. I promised myself I would never again subject myself to that kind of abuse nor kill myself for any job.

With that said, I have one opportunity starting... see more

I would probably at this point and after what you went through the lower paying one that seems less stressful and a... see more

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I had a job interview with an aerospace coatings company.The interview didn't go well at all they called me three four months ago and I was in North Carolina and you know I couldn't make the interview at the time but ended up coming to Houston to do some work and they called me again while I was here for an interview. I thought things were going to go pretty well you know I have my hopes up they talk to me the second guy talk to me and pretty... see more

Hi Paint can78 - that is very discouraging and sad. However, I must say that you did well by sticking by your guns... see more

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So I've got a decent job. No benefits or anything and he hired me in the spot. Well, when he asked how much I want I froze and blurted out $10/hr. (Ridiculous on my part) well I found out the position was paying 14/hr. And now I'm kicking myself. .. another employee told me to just tell them I had another job offer but I really want to stay , and can they give me 14 , I dont know what to do or how to go about doing it, I've only been there a... see more

All you need to do is say it just like thisnow that you have seen my hard work and dedication and I've proven... see more

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I have two companies that maybe considering on hiring me, both are great opportunities one is a daycare,boarding, dog training facility the other is a luxury pet resort. What I do if I'm offered a job with one after a one on one interview without giving the other more consideration.

Hear both ideas from both companies for employment opportunities and then decide whether or not to take the job you... see more

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