My younger sister has been working at Lowe's for over a year and loved her job but then they laid her off. Is there anyone else that has been laid off? I am not sure what advice to give her. I am a truck driver and we never seem to run out of work. I know she is feeling down and I wish I could help her more. Any ideas???

Doesnt help her with a job but she should be able to draw unemployment until she finds something else can she drive... see more

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Hi everyone!

We need your help!

Could you take five minutes and fill out this survey related to your work preferences? Your answers will help us understand the community's needs and wants so that we can better assist you!

Members who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for a $500 Amazon gift card!!! Contest ends February 5, 2020.

This is great insight! I can't wait to see the results.

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Working at Dollar General has been good so far, but you do work hard. Some people think being a cashier is easy, but it isn't! I feel like the busiest times are on my morning shifts before people head to work and right after they get out around 5. I run around like CRAZY! Management does a good job giving us extra people around the holidays, but sometimes I wish I had one more person in the mornings. Should I ask for help?

Partner with me in my business in West Africa Ghana were we can make good business andevelopment good money... see more

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I'm in a bit of a the current job I work in now I work third and for the longest been asking for first shift. Being that I have a pre teen and a 2yr old working third is horrible. But nothing was available so I began in search for another job opportunity. After awhile I get a call back for another job working 1230 to 9 no it's not first but it has me home and off of third. So when I go to put my resignation in at my current job... see more

Choose the one that you feel will work best for you and your children but don't forget before you know it they're... see more

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I got a job at ross dress for less, I guess I forgot I applied for temporary for hire since they dont have a full time postion or maybe part time. I would like to have a stable job then a temporary since I had bad experience with a temporary to hire postion because I only worked before within only two days THAT WAS IT. I'm trying not to compare this job to the other one, but I really am wanting a job I can just keep and not worry to be let go... see more

Hey, I am 16 and I have a job interview at Sears later today. Can someone give me tips on important details to say? I know I have to be myself but I want to stand out and actually get this job. What's the best thing to let the company know about me? What are they mainly looking for? All help is appreciated!!

Dear sunkisssedkii,
What to say during a Sears interview. Sell your ability to get along with others and... see more

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I have been a CNA for the past 15 years. I decided last year that I needed a change and went back to school for sterilization. Sterilizing surgical equipment. I take my test next Monday. What I am needing advice on is every job listing I am finding they want at least 1 year of experience. How do you get a hospital to hire you with no experience. Well I have 6 weeks of externship at a Hospital.

Use that and your CNA experience should help you get your foot in the door, so pray and trust God to do what needs... see more

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I been to almost 10 interviews and no one called me back of getting the job. I used to live in Texas, but now live in New Mexico for Collage, so all my work history was in Texas. For interviews I dress up professional and arrival 5 mins early so they know I am present and gives them time to get the paper work ready to take notes during the interview. I also bring a extra copy of my resume so they can review and ask me questions on what I did in... see more

I have been in your situation as well companies dont put help wanted signs outside front buildings or offices... see more

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I just left my job and joined a new company. I had two days left a vacation and I'm wondering if I am entitled to it? Of course my former boss says no but I think I am. I started with him of April of 2012 and I did not miss a day or take any time off so I work the year and every year after till the day I left and when I qualified I took vacation. Now he's saying that he does not owe me for those days as I left working only 6 months in 2017... see more


Chino, California? Do you still have your former employer's last pay statement? Does it list a total of paid... see more

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On Tuesday I went in for what I thought was an interview with Farmers Insurance. After getting to the interview, Farmers Insurance informed me that they were trying to recruit me for a Farmers Insurance small business owners position. After noting down as much information as I could I went home to think it over and to discuss it with my husband. I did some research being that I look through the website that farmers provided, and also attempted to... see more

It sounds like you already have your answer. Your friends who have worked at/dealt with Farmer's Insurance before... see more

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Thank you

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As a middle aged single mother of two girls, I am unable to get a job within my career path. I started off as an administrative assistant and worked my way to an executive assistant but am unable to move into Human Resources. I was told that I needed a Bachelors degree in order to be considered for any Human Resource position, so I went back to college, started taking online night classes and am on my third year towards a degree in Human... see more

Don't make any sense either. Let them know this can be yours too after you accepted the job. Your the creative type... see more

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