Final Follow Up

Hey hey fellow job casers. Just wanted to check in real quick and let you all know, I finished school but haven't been able to take my certification test yet. New Horizons is a joke. They are a $ scam. All the students who attended on the CareerSource grant were left with vouchers we can't use because we took night classes and they don't want to offer night tests. They claim our campus is closed. I'm not risking my job to take off to go take…

If it sounds too good to be true. It probably is not.

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Enhance Yourself With Charm

Charm is simply defined as the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration. Given it's alluring quality, charm is something that could benefit all of us.

What is the most important quality to possess when trying to win someone over, whether in business or in your personal life? It's charm, the ability to create extraordinary rapport with anyone, and make him or her feel truly exceptional in your…

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You appear to be exteremely charming.
Very impressive.

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I am working now

I was hired recently at a recovery center. It’s only 1 mile away from where I live.

Congratulations many many from me. i wish you succeed in your life.

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The Power of Transferable Skills

When I was preparing for a #CareerChange, I was nervous because I felt as though I didn't have enough relevant experience for my desired role. Luckily, I realized the tremendous amount of transferable skills I had learned from my internships and many years in the hospitality industry. Transferable skills are innate skills that are non-job specific and can be used across any occupation. Many are commonly known as soft skills, and they include…

Hi Elyssa Duncan these are fantastic tips! I think the one I loved best was that you need to craft your story. What good is simply…

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I know we can all relate....

You did not get HIRED even though you were fully qualified for the JOB. They did not even get back to you.
Here are 5 reasons why.

  1. They want to hire a friend or a relative but they need to go through the motions of interviewing people.
  2. They simply wanted to pump you for information, free consultation.
  3. You were too good and the insecure hiring manager saw you as a threat to own position.
  4. They wanted someone younger, someone they think they can…

I can agree with this. I believe we have pretty much all been there.

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Got an offer

Got an offer after 6 months of sending application. The offer is on my field with an opportunity for growth. I thank God for this.
Few things to share;
1. If you applied to a company online and you didn't hear back from them, do an extra job to lookup for someone who is working in the company to talk to about the job you have applied to.
2. If you can go in to the company to submit hard copy of your resume and cover letter, pls do.

These are few…

Olutayo (Tayo) Michael
Congrats on your job offer, Pray MUCH FOR ME that something soon will come through for me.

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T Wyatt Thanks and Amen for you.

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Find Your Future Original Content Series Post #2: Questions to Ask During an Interview!

Hey there,

This is the second post in Find Your Future’s original content series!

For those out there who have landed their first job interviews, this content is an interview question guide for you. Towards the end of interviews, employers will usually ask you if you have any questions about the company or the role you’re applying for.

We’ve got 5 important questions in this guide for you to add to your question list…


Thank you sharing this insight.

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Back to work

54 weeks off... how many hundred applications? Job looks like it was worth waiting for and my age was actually a plus. There are a few places experience counts

Always see the bright side. Great Job.

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Sick of looking Part 2

I went on a interview on Monday and was asked to come back on Wednesday. I was told I would have too speak too the restaurant manager. So wish me luck. I really need this job.

Good luck. Remember to count your blessings.

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Glory to God

I am so grateful to see the #successstories. I start my new job on 8.2.19. I was given the first shift I requested out of three. I am so grateful for me and everyone else that has been hired. For those of you still looking, keep the faith, search diligently. I am a believer, I prayed and read certain scriptures every day, (still reading them). Won't He Do It! I relocated to another State, changed careers, and was blessed with a job offer…

Patience is the key... Congratulations on the job.

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I Just received a job offer letter in my field of work!!!
So...after 92 days, 7 hours, 46 minutes and a few or so seconds... I GOT A NEW JOB!!!
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE SUPPORT AND COMMENTS ON JOBCASE AND WOULD LIKE to especially thank the JOBCASE TEAM for there unprecedented support!!!
Thanks to all of you!!!


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