Hello community, the more time I spend around the topic of ageism the more, frustrated, disheartened and even angered I get. My passion on Jobcase is sharing any discoveries, tips, and strategies I use personally or come across so we can all take individual action toward personal success, however, I can't help but think we have to do something more.

Here is what I know: I know for sure the Jobcase staff is fully aware of this issue and actively... see more

I'm 44 and have been out of the workforce for a decade due to disability. I'm looking to get back in and my biggest... see more

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Sometimes we are pretty hard on ourselves. We think that just because we reach a certain age that we can no longer do something.

Not true!

This is one of my favorite quotes because it reminds me that it's never too late to dream a new dream and to go after it.

So set those goals for yourself TODAY and let's make them happen!

What are some of YOUR dreams?


Pursue and persist, keep going and aim higher, do not give up

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It seems that confidence is a quality many struggle with when interviewing. How do you build up confidence? How do you maintain the comfort that comes with knowing you know all you need to know to ace the interview?

1.) Are you qualified for the position you're interviewing for? Makes sure your education/licensure/experience matches or surpasses what the employer is seeking. Don't come in to the interview unsure of what the jobs actually... see more


Hi, Mark.
I teach and coach.people at all levels to be successful. Consequently, with a Masters Degree in... see more

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I feel unworthy to be either one of these titles
I’m just doing what I’m called to do. I’m more of a servant (passion for assisting others).
Anyone else?

being an owner or manager is not always the best.
My night mares are very real

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Just keep pushing for word. Kill them with kindness. But most of all seek your dreams. Good things come to positive people, with good patience.


Amazing words of encouragement. I needed that reminder today. Thanks danny coppola !

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Since last March 7th, 2019 I have been searching for a job in my field of Respiratory Care. I have worked in this field since 1996. I was retired by my hospital due to circumstances that would take time to explain. I was a great employee, and those that worked with me give me a hug every time they see me. The hospital will not consider me for anything, and I am in an area that is tied up with a huge company that controls the decent paying jobs. I... see more

Went to college at 38at 62 got a Master Degree now I rarely work 5 days in a month making 1800 and also have my own... see more

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I hope everyone is having a good Monday morning!

I am now!! Hope your day is going well Ms Charmaine

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Hey, everyone. This is just a reminder that you're one step closer to your goal. All you have to do is KEEP PUSHING!!! Before you know it, all of your setbacks will be forgotten, unless to serve as a reminder of what it took to get where you want to be. Stick to it!


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In the morning, I always stop and take a minute to remind myself how great I am. I am my own biggest cheerleader and I find that speaking great words and positivity to oneself helps make the day brighter. I am a winner, and it's time to be great!

No its not! You should not puff yourself up. Be thankful and humble yourself and you'll be gratefully blessed.

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Just thought I'd share -

Work Experience:
Created the sun, the moon, and the stars.

Special Talents:
Knows all things.
Exists everywhere, always, at once.
Capable of rallying legions.
Big time matter manipulator.
Spontaneous healer.

Unique Characteristics:
Worshipped, feared, and misunderstood by many.
Boundless lover of life.
Blazing insights.
Great sense of humor.
Cute, cute, cute.

Gosh, you're right, Don, we do have tons in common. This... see more


I worked hard in the same thankless job for three years; and, for all my efforts, they crucufied me.
Employer: Oh... see more

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I was given an opportunity with this this company and my criminal history was a deal breaker. When I showed the next employer my certifications they hired me on the spot. I have a wise variety of job experience, and humongous work Hussle most don't have.


Whoop! Whoop! Makin it happen!

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