I am tired of them sending me jobs leads and then I apply just to get the answer position already filled or they moved on to other applicants. I'm stressed and frustrated about all this false hope of thinking I might have a chance to move on. I have even applied on my own to different jobs and I'm just overlooked no matter what. I'm really hating that I took on the medical field. I am broke my lights are about to get turned off and my car... see more

P.S. You may be also suffering from depression. You may temporarily want to take an anti-depressant. This will not... see more

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Quit Your Job Properly

There are proper ways to do everything and that includes quitting your job. The manner in which you leave your job has professional implications. In addition, you must consider personal matters, especially regarding finances and your health care.

It pays to think about your exit strategy as part of your overall career plan, now and at future steps along the way.

Determine when to inform your boss. When you decide it is... see more


I totally agree

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I need advice. I've been a company driver for three years now, but I'm thinking about financing my own truck. I have friends who are FB owner ops and they have mixed advice. It's a 2017 Freightliner, 72,000$ 200k miles, OEM warranty. This would be a big risk for me and my family. What are somethings that I should know about switching from driver to owner op? How bad are the yearly expenses? TY - Rich


Staying in compliance with DOT, the cost of insurance, repairs and diesel cost. Be prepared to keep logs on any... see more

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I lost my job July 2015 and being over 50 have not been able to find a job since. I’m pretty sure that I was blacklisted by my last employer. My question is this: why when a person is obviously at their lowest with very little money does the bank decide to raise the interest rate on my credit card and lower the credit limit? Even though I’ve never missed a payment or made a payment late Why does my car insurance feel the need to base my car... see more

Hi Carrie Cadenas , I am so sorry you're feeling down. Please know that you are not alone. Have you tried... see more

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Elyssa Duncan
Thank you for the words of encouragement. It really means a lot! I have talked to both my bank and... see more

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There's an old story about a guy who sold his business in the midwest and reaped a few million dollars for it that he wanted to invest. He goes to New York and gets courted by various bankers for his business (i.e. to invest his money for him). One banker walks him to the pier and shows him these huge boats and talks about which ones are owned by various executives at his big ol' Wall Street firm - thus striving to prove how great they are with... see more

Sadly, this reminds me of what happened at Phar-Mor, a leading competitor for WalMart, which was a discounting... see more

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Most small businesses are started at age 45. Why? Because at that age, you have been there and done that. It is time to start working for yourself and have some sense of purpose.
That is not always possible and let's face it, you need the money. When your age comes up, and you have all of this education and experience behind you, every job you apply for gets turned down.
When you do get an interview, or are working on a cover letter, try to... see more

This approach might work in sales or academia or trades, but not in tech.

When I've been in interviews of jobs I... see more

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Pay is a crazy thing. Earn more, pay more alimony. If I get a $1,666,666.67 net income from work and farming, alimony is $666,666.67. 40% in Colorado. Wow.

What can u do to get your paycheck when they say u volunteer and no I didnt 3 weeks no pay

so guys and girls if you do work in Texas do not become sick

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Would love to work from home I 'm presently on disability a extra income would be great!


You're in Luck Sheila Mccullough , Concentrix just opened new Work@Home Customer Service Rep jobs for Georgia job... see more

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I have a child not old enough to be home alone yet. My husband and I own a 12 acre farm and I need 500.00 a month to help out a bit.

Hi Beth Wilmoth Cruse , Concentrix is hiring Customer Service Representatives in Tennessee. Go to https://careers.c... see more

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Money was the only motivation. Trust in problems you have to fix it. If you don't your the problem.

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