People just don't want to work

I am a manager at a store right now we hire well over the minimum wage and the workers just don't want to do the job. The just want to be there to start drama. And collect a paycheck. Things and not what they used to be in the work field. In my opinion some people just want to start at the top not knowing what it means to earn the spot. Never getting their hands dirty. Or knowing the stressfulness of working doubles because someone calls off. Nor…

What city n state are you in

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Two truckers share their stories

Meet Nailah and Martin!

Two different people who truly love what they do, which is driving a truck.

Sometimes in life, you need to think outside of the box.

When a friend suggested that Nailah attend truck driving school she stood in front of her in high heels and a dress and thought NO way was this for her. Today she happily says, “I am in a place where I don’t have to want for anything. I am happy. I don’t have bill collectors calling me…

Yes..this is true...but you can not share your good things to haters! It can be a family member...

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Criminal Past? Gotta own it.

Well, it sounds like the first guy was talking complete bullshit and the 2nd guy -- almost humanely -- let him know they weren’t going to be hiring any convicted felons anytime soon. That is their right. And depending on the business? BANK, RETAIL, TRANSPORTATION, HEALTH CARE? All open them up to MASSIVE LIABILITY and if they’re not OK w/ the fact that he has to OWN his…


Right on.

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So my bf works 10hrs Mon-Thur overtime if he works on fri. He has been there for over a year no benefits except insurance, he knows how to do everything at his job. It's a very physical job. The start off pay is very low about 40 people have been hired and quit within a day because the pay is so low for as much physical labor there is. Now the human resource manager is always shorting his checks a couple hrs. She also got mad because they brought…

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If you earn it .it better be there or someone is to be held accountable.!

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They gave me a chance

A while back I was unemployed and broke and struggling after my former employer went under but I ended up becoming a manager at Dollar General. I feel like they really took a chance on me. It was up to me to learn a whole new system but I got a good rep with my store and even though managing a store can sometimes be tough I got the hang of it. After a while I’m now on track to move up to the district level. I always will remember Dollar General…

James, thank you for sharing. What a great success story. Wishing you everything best in your professional endeavors.

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Im giving up

So I taught I had finally had the job that would work for me & my daughter turns out I was wrong so here I am single mother the source of income that we have no job, getting up everyday putting in applications everyday going on interviews but job never goes anyway are the hours are not working for me. I don't understand why I continue to have to fight I constantly having to fight it's never easy for me. I just need for things go right for once…

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Have you tried temp agencies? Robert half is pretty decent to find customer service, office work. Randstand finds you work & get…

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should I stay or should I go..

should I leave a job which is a good contract for more money better benies etc, but not sure about new jobs culture but this may turn into a permanent job so unsure getting ton of offers? what are your thoughts


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So here's my frustration. I have been unemployed for two months now after being with a company I loved but because of budget cuts, my position was the first to go. Now I'm in search of employment but the problem is according to all the interviewers I'm either over qualified or not qualified enough. I've literally applied to over 200 jobs and I've had over 100 interviews. What is wrong with me? I'm really starting to feel like I'm not good enough…

I am so sorry Nichole Jensen that is very frustrating. So I have been there girl. Don't let the rejections stop you! The fact that…

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Your credit history

It is very unfortunate that some jobs require you to have good credit when the job has NOTHING to do with currency, working in a financial institution, Wall Street, etc. I saw a opening and it was a Data Entry position and it was requiring you to Maintain a clean credit history (no past due/collections on credit report). I am working in a data entry position right now and has been since July 2018 and I have the best boss EVER, but the pay isn't…

G W Actually a number of Data Entry jobs involve the handling of customers' financial and other personal information so it IS…

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Lois Martin Thank you for your comments, but I have been working with people personal information for many years, and some of…

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Wow! Talk about a graduation gift!!!

Billionaire Robert F. Smith was commencement speaker at Morehouse College's graduation exercises this weekend. He surprised the graduates by announcing he would pay their student loan debt! An amazing gift to the young men that will total $40 million!


God bless him!

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Does this sound familiar?

The economy is booming right? Well, yes and no I think. Yes the metrics are all good. Yes its as good as it gets... at the moment. But the structure and distribution is out of balance. We know that most households don't have enough savings to cover an unexpected $500 expense. This article I read today underscores how tight most households run.

So what to do? Now is the time to adjust expenses and start getting ahead of this. As…

Hi Fred Goff honestly YES this does resonate with our family. We have some emergency funds set aside of course, but it's scary to…

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