See I love my job that I have now. I am a part time receptionist at this soft ware company. As you know that all jobs have its bad days as well, but that part doesn't compare to how I feel. Yes it is far from where I live. I am a temping through an agency. I don't want to leave my job. The people are great and kind. The job is super easy most days. I don't know many people that look forward to going to work. The problem is that I need a full... see more

Beatrice Pesqueira - this is a good opportunity for you to advocate for yourself with the company you're at. It... see more

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I am not looking for a new job for myself but I work with staffing companies to help them share their open jobs with Jobcase. Most of the staffing companies I'm speaking with are not hiring or are not hiring very many people in January.

But from what I am reading online, it seems January is a great time for job search -- this made me think of the Jobcase community:

If you are actively job searching how are you managing your search? Are... see more

I work at 2 factories and know that most shut down for 2 weeks between Christmas and New Year's. We are still... see more

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Why You Should Start Saving Money

Despite who you may be, everyone needs to save money. Building a financial future, whether it's your retirement, your family's future needs or simply attaining your personal goals and getting the things you want, all starts with saving. Saving is the best and most important way to make sure you're financially safe when it counts.

Saving doesn't just mean getting discounts on your purchases. It also means... see more


It makes me mad when people say that. I too live paycheck to paycheck. Usually people who say that had more $ to... see more

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How to make your business successful? I decided to open a network of workshops. Specialists in home repair, furniture assembly, plumbing and so on will work here. Can you advise me what to do so that my business brings more profit?

I have long drawn attention to the fact that along with the growth of civilization of society, the services of... see more

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How do I start a small Business? Rules and regulations, and costs related.
if anyone can show me, I will appreciate.

Hey just checking in to see if you started your business yet?

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I know what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck. I just saw this article and thought it might prove useful for those doing that today...

I am a professional Chef with both my Certified Executive chef tag and my Certified culinary admin tag. CEC, CCA from the ACF. I have been running kitchens, hospitals, and AL and nursing homes for 20 years. I just turned 56 and have been out of work now for close to 90 days. I have sold, pawned, begged and borrowed to stay afloat so far and I have applied to so many jobs that I am really starting to lose faith. I bet that I have interviewed... see more

I was in the same situation a few years ago. Same age as you then and never had been unemployed before. It was... see more

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At 62 ,I understand the age thing all to well. I’m working a job that I like until management starts making it difficult to do your job effectively. Or their obvious favoritism shuts the rest of out of a position that opens up. I have been on a few interviews, attempting to better my situation but, no luck. The second I make eye contact you can tell they aren’t interested. But you go through the motions anyway. Can’t retire. I’m paying student... see more

I was very fortunate at the company that I was with for 38 years. My heart goes out to you guys that had to work so... see more

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For anyone who's worked for them in the past, could you tell me which of the two is better to work for-Lyft or Uber? I got a suggestion from this site for both as job opportunities so it would help with deciding which to look into or pursue. Temporarily unemployed so this would be to help pay bills in the meantime. Searching for full-time work at the moment but that would be a separate post. Thank you to all who reply in advance for your help!

Do both! Also...there are other (many) gig based opportunities out there that can be useful for income. Never... see more

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Hi everyone. I used to work at 'abc' gas station for about 8 years. I loved my job very much. 2 months ago I had to move out of state so I had to look for another job.. I finally got one , and its at a gas station, so I was really happy. I love, love my new job, BUT, at this new place you are required to ask every one of your customers if they would like to please donate their change to 'United Cerebral Palsy'. Its part of your job and if you... see more

Unemployment can be a scary and daunting time. But one thing to remember is that you are not alone. Below are a few steps you can take to help you get back on your feet. Good luck, we’re rooting for you!

Develop a Realistic Budget
Of course, the goal is to get a new job as soon as possible. But unfortunately, things don’t always happen as quickly as we’d like. You’ll want to establish a budget to assure you are living within your means during... see more


Specializes in home painting

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