Manpower can help place you into a job position at companies that may not always be as easy to acquire on your own, therefore giving you the opportunity to work and show your hard work to that company for the full time position with them.

A large organization with various branches will require more staff compared to a small organization... see more

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Ever struggle to get yourself up and moving on Monday?

Sometimes you just have to tell yourself something positive...

-I am inspiring
-I am unique
-I am important
-I am strong
-I am a shark! : )

Let's give ourselves a boost!

Finish this thought and tell me which word best describes YOU in the comments.

I am...



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I wouldn’t tell them to not go there but I would say “it’s good place you get a job fast but just make sure you ask questions and pay attention what they saying they don’t really explain anything really. The reason why I stopped working for them is because the drama that people talk bad about each other and there is some rude people that will bring you Down but long as you stick with the people that are helping you you will be okay but the drama... see more

I have yet to meet someone who likes drama at work, but it's so nice of you to take the time to offer this advice... see more

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Manpower is a great organization although there job for the staff is to hire on and work with companies as a third-party can test it to hire on employees in America seeking jobs. And Longview Texas 75604 their company in this area could be better at hiring on people in need, or desperate need. One way they can improve is keep reaching out to companies all over the area for employment and for them to work with manpower to hire on Grey candidates... see more

Thanks for sharing Adrian Thomas

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Emma Holbrook Have A Great Evening

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Go apply, any and all experience is needed in the field these days. Be upfront about any criminal background and honest. Don’t lack on your work and be courageous at your job god will help you overcome the rest.

Thanks for sharing your advice Rebecca Ketchum-Knoop !

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They hired me at an assignment I just love to go into work at every day.

Yesterday someone I know was telling me to call ManPower because he knew someone who was working there and she was hiring. When I called she told me get there ASAP so she can run my background and have me do the onboarding process to start a job next Monday. Hopefully this comes through, but while I was in the office I heard her say she just picked up 20 something contracts and had to fill a lot of positions. If you're looking for a good paying... see more

Have any vacancy in japan

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Manpower now seeking 2nd and 3rd shift Genreral Utility associates for a premier food company in South Charlotte.  The client is looking for determined yet committed individuals that are as passoniate about their careers as the client is about there product!

Interested? Keep in mind that this job is in a manufacturing/production setting and will run as such.

 What’s in it for you?

2nd and 3rd Shifts.
12 hour Day and Nights
All 3 shifts on the... see more

thank you for sharing this job opportunity.

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Manpower is now seeking Heavy Lifters in a warehouse setting and also offering work that pays above average while using your expertise in a warehouse setting you'd love! Come work with a company that offers great benefits, pay, flexiable scheduling and fun people to be around! This could be the beginning of a great experience and we're here waiting for you! Let’s talk details but keep in mind that we're looking for committed and driven... see more

Manpower is slavery! This place will work the life out of you and replace you the second you have physical... see more

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First of all the line leads and coordinators are way too slow to get lines running so you’re standing there doing nothing to have people yell at you and send you over to a different line, using the bathroom?? No it’s nothing but puddles of water from people taking a sink bath, also they do nothing about how the aveda people treat you, some of talk down to you like you’re in 3rd grade. they can end your assignment the same day you got off work... see more

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE!!!! If you or anyone that you may know in the Louisville, KY, Jerffersonville, IN and surrounding areas are looking for an opportunity to make some extra cash please click on this advert for details or contact me today to find more about this awesome opportunity with Manpower!!

Thanks so much for sharing this opportunity! Anyone in the Louisville, KY area should check out this opportunity... see more

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