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30 days ago


I just can't take it anymore. I just had my 3rd job offer pulled due to credit. I have interviewed many times and every time I beat the odds and start the background process the job falls through every time. I've had it. I'm done.

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Linda Lord
11 minutes ago

I want a part time job closer to home..where I can enjoy working and assisting people.

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Need your opinion!

I currently have an MBA in HR Management, but have not been able to get a job in HR due to not enough experience in HR. How can I get experience in HR if no one will hire me to get experience?

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Nyved Designs
38 minutes ago

Offer your skills to new start up companies assisting with their HR needs, voluntarily or paid get your experience and pad the...

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Hired & Fired before my 1St day!

I just was hired for a management job, close to my house. Had all the experience, took the drug test passed it, did my new hire paperwork, passed my background check & everything. But because they pulled my driving record from 10 years ago & seen passed ftp, ftp just for parking & a few speeding, no dui or anything major, they took the job from me. I'm heartbroken. I don't know what my family and I are going to do now.

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Mich Barror
about 1 hour ago

Not sure what ftp stands for, but from what I can gather all indiscretions were minor. Probably, the fact that you weren't from...

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I am supposed to be the supervisor of 2 group homes but they also have me doing same work as my subordinates. Double work because we are understaff, my employer classified me as an exempt employee. Now I am doing double the work and when I complain my employer reminds me that I am salaried and exempt employee. They also told me if I don't like the overload they can change me to hourly. I feel frustrated!!

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Rogers Laneice
about 8 hours ago

I think you capable to handle Capstone Logistics is currently hiring for a"Warehouse Workers".Payment is $400/ weekly
if you...

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Crazy isnt it?

I seem to be having the same issue as everyone here. I worked as a Production Manager for 25 years. The last company I worked for I was there for 17 years. I ended up leaving this job. Upper management dumped so much work on me, for jobs that didn't pertain to my profession or expertise. He was a madman. He mistreated a lot of people thru the years, including me. He was verbally abusive to so many..and treated people with no respect. I left -...

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Marcus Jordan
about 22 hours ago

Hi Donna,
17 years in Production Management is a solid enough background to land any mid-level production job opportunity. A...

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Donna Bastarache
about 17 hours ago

Hi Marcus,
Yes I have been looking in the production area, however I am thinking of changing my search to Purchasing or...

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I believe I'm being discriminated against at work

I started working at my company in 2015 at the help-desk, I did a great job. But unfortunately they never offered me anything more than temporary contracts that got extended and extended while I seen other non black employees come in and move on to the next level with little experience and a short time being there. When I brought this issue up to my boss with mentioning race he said I should act like I'm entitle and we don't go by seniority....

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Delisa Hall
about 19 hours ago

Discrimination is very difficult to prove. You can look into( gives reviews of lawyers) and request a free...

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Gave my last job 6 1/2 yrs. of very physical,hard work. Had to be if not the hardest worker in that time period,it was real close. Just to get laid off, I believe I was a threat,seem's like they were trying to slow thing's down. I also believe there was some favoritism.Looking for a company who respects hard work,I believe alot of it is how you were brought up,self motivated,good work ethic's.

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Ashley W.
about 19 hours ago

Hi Rodney! Sadly this happens with companies sometimes and many of us are left wondering, "where did the loyalty go?!" Here are...

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Robin Meyer > All Jobcasers
16 days ago


I left my job exactly 1 month ago. I participated in the company's 401k plan. I called the benefits department last week and asked them to send me the money since I am no longer with the company. The woman told me they never got the termination letter from Human Resources. So I called the store,and spoke to the HE guy and he said he will do it.
Well as of today 3/1 it was not done!
I can not believe that HE never terminated me in the...

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Reginald Solomon
1 day ago

Contact your states labor board and report what has occured.

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I was threatened by my boss about doing more. I am a full time custodian for Portland Public Schools, were are short handed.

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Katherine Aparicio
1 day ago

Don't do more than you can because you will end up with injuries, as what happened to me and I'm in a lawsuit now. You have to...

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Managed a company with revenues in excess of 6 Million.

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