I feel lost!

I came from Vietnam here for my MBA and ended up get married to my loving husband. I finished my MBA with 3.81 GPA. I just worked for a temporary supply chain project for Walmart and got good evaluation from the team. I also had 3 year experience in retail merchandising, and 5 almost 5 year in sales. However, I’ve been to many interviews for a permanent position, I couldn’t land any for 2 months now. All the interviews I’ve been to, they told me…

Kelly, your approach is off...try going into these meetings with the attitude that you are the best choice and are getting this…

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Going To A Job Fair? Watch This!

Check out this great video on how to prepare and excel at a job fair.

Make the best impression, and get the job!

Do you think these Ps and Qs are helpful? Let us know in the comments!

This vedio is great and has more advice actually I can agree with you

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After I took a stand!

Hi all ! I would just like to say after taking a stand and got out of a job that my boss made everyday a living hell for me . Each day I got up to go to work was such a let down for me. But after I finally had really ask myself do I really have to take this kind of treatment everyday? I realized that no I don’t. It was my own fault that I had let myself be treated like that and I was only person that could change it. Yes I know people are out…

Dude smart as you are and creative as you are you should have had your on company

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You may want to visit me on Linkedin Jeff Briar. There is a clip describing exactly what I am saying.

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Am I too old or over qualified

I have a MBA degree and over 25 yrs management experience. I have interviews and I do well on them, but I never get the call back to be offered a job. I am employed but career is stagnant and looking for a change. What is wrong with me?

Well! I am really tired of being told that I am over qualified for a position or not a good fit wtf, I have been in retail…

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Heartless Boss

For the last past week are so. I've been feeling bad. My body has been aching terribly. Mainly my back. But, I've still have going to work. This pass Friday it got to a point where I just couldn't take it anymore. I was off so I decided to go ahead and go to the doctor. Well when I got there Friday morning; the doctor's office was closed and the sign in the door said that they will be open Saturday morning for a half of day. Saturday morning I…

Hi Shantel Hogan - you should look into the Family and Medical Leave Act. I would check out this article - in particular, this…

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Hard work..

I was told by new employer that I would be great for this job. It was more money better hours. I'm a single mom. I took the job. On my second day in not even in a row mind you. My new boss brings me into the office after belittling me all day in front of my team mates... he then tells me I have to make some major improvements to my speed and errors by TOMORROW or they will need to let me go. Its only my 2nd day on the job.

#greenmaids #newemplo

Wow! I'm really shocked by this behavior. Every new employee should be allowed some time to spin up in a new position, no matter…

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Laila Nashat he fired me... I'm looking for a new job...

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Lost my Job

I lost my job last Firday. I had to leave work at one o'clock on Wednesday to pick up my son because he was throwing up in class it was a very bad accident on the highway Thursday so I was seven minutes late and so was other workers. They told me that they fired me because I didn't call my job after I picked up my son. I gave them 18 years and come to find out the job doesn't even offer pensions if I would of knew that I would of been got a new…

Hi Michael Jaggers Sr. ! I am so sorry to hear this happened! They should have definitely been more supportive especially since…

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Ashley Wilson thank you for the good words

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supervisor is a brown noser

I am a machine operator....i follow all the saftey rules...with that being said .....my machine head sticks sometimes...i called maintainence to fix it right...well they had to come so often that they showed me how to fix it...ok so i have been doing that for over a year ...my supervisor actually came and got me to fix it on a number of occasions...he seen me show others how to fix it....Until 1 night the head guy of saftey come in early on my…

Oh no Wendy Rollyson I am sorry. I feel like they could have issued a warning, however, I understand that safety concerns are very…

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Have degrees want what worth

I've got Masters in business management and been doing gas restaurant and grocery store assistant Manager jobs and paid 13-15 an hour. Is it bad to ask for more many when have operations manager experience and alot more experience that just an assistant. I was to advance and make money so don't have worry pay check to pay check. So is it right for me go after what I'm worth.

It never hurts to ask for a raise Brian Johnson if you go about it in the right way! Follow these steps to help make it happen!

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a better fit for the location

I was recruited from an online site for a position at fifth third (53.com). Emily was an awesome recruiter she emailed me with details about the position and consenting a phone interview we scheduled and she called me. She was impressed at my job skills and thought my credentials was a best fit for the position. After the phone interview she emailed me congratulating me on an in person interview and wished me Good luck. I went in 15 minutes…


I agree with Lois. (for the 2nd time in less than ten minutes)

Writing corporate to voice your displeasure over the manager going…

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I'm in Dyer need. My company was bought out and I was one of the ones at top. I worked very hard to become warehouse manager. And now I don't know how I'm even gonna pay rent. I am loyal, hard working and above your average everyday worker. I can learn anything!

Good Morning

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