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Nervous !

I have made a bad choice I think the reason I'm having some trouble getting better job is because my experience is in multiple different things. It's not a flaw just never found anything that excited me thought they would think positive about me being able to do Soo many different things? What the frick!!

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jennifer tyson
about 7 hours ago

i know but you are still young you will find the right fit good luck

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So fed up

For 6 months i been trying to find a job as a secretary cause i have arthritis eating my legs so bad i have nothing but bones deteriating my knees to almost cripple anyways every time i try to find me a job everyone refuses to give me an interview or call me because i don't have a GED I'm very computer smart and very good with the public i just tired of being denied a job cause i don't have a GED so disgusted over it bout to just give up trying

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Mala Kaul
14 minutes ago

Do not give up. May be just give it a break / let go for a while, and then re-start afresh. I know & understand how...

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Job Interview Went Great

I had a job interview on May 11th and it went great. That Monday morning I got an email stating that I had been selected to move forward in the hiring process. I really hope and pray that I get the job. #newcity #newopportunity

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Mala Kaul
19 minutes ago

Of course you will. Best of luck

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I just dont get it

I went to my job interview couple weeks ago and they said they re hired someone else . I felt like what did I do wrong. Im amazing worker . I feel like an outcast because I'm Austim.

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percell .Lewis
22 minutes ago

Sorry job market not like it use to be

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Moving to PA

Hello all I'm relocating to PA I have 2 interviews tomorrow one with one goal united for customer service and the second one is through tristarr for a call center position I'm excited and nervous at the same time any advice would be great.

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Victor Macias
about 6 hours ago

Have your up most confidence and shine like a diamond.

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Hope and pray

I have an interview tomorrow. I'm super excited!! I just hope the interview goes well I feel like that's where I falter is the interview process. Most of my past jobs I've never had to interview for I pretty much was hired on the spot.
Send some prayers this way. The job seems pretty awesome.

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Karen Farrington
about 1 hour ago

You will do good.

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The door shut....why?

I wonder sometimes why the door of opportunity shuts in my face even when I have the qualifications for the opportunity or employment. You prepare for the interview process ,you put on new or old suit or dress .... you rehearse your questions to ask the interviewer about the company.... your little bit nervous ok way lot nervous... you go into the interview everything goes superb.... then the interviewer tells you we'll give you a

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Karla Sieg
about 1 hour ago

I've been wondering for years of why this happens. Most of the time though I choose the door I think is the right opportunity...

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Tonya Gunter > All Jobcasers
27 days ago


I got a job interview tomorrow at 1:30pm at Amazon for the night shift position starting out at $12.50 hour. Thank God

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Mary Shepard
about 1 hour ago

I would like to apply for the position

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Fed up

I've been looking for employment for 3 months now. I have children I need to support. Why is it every application I try to fill out on line goes straight to surveys and schooling. Why can't I turn in an application face to face. I'm losing faith.

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nicholle lee
about 1 hour ago

You are asking me on how to get a job?

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I have thirteen years of teaching experience. I have a Master’s degree in Education and one in English. I needed to tend to the health issues of my son, and I left my career. The administration had gotten real bad, and I knew I was not going to return after the summer. That was two years ago. Now, I have taken on positions of a long term sub. The long term sub position was allegedly a stepping stone to a full time position, yet it never...

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Aston Davidson
about 2 hours ago

Get an education lawyer, there are certain statues in which you may seek redress. Find out the cost and check if you’re...

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