i got fired!!!!

my employer let me go after I caught pneumonia helping them. they lost their contract with the company I work for. it's amazing how I'm not no good any more after I get sick. I have all paperwork and they won't even talk to me. I damn near died trying to do a job that is for two or three ppl. it was cold asf. But guess what God is Great. BELIEVE THAT... Got a call from GEORGIA TECH I EILL BE ON WITH THEM. THANK U JESUS. AND GOD. TO ANYONE KEEP…

Great news with the new job! Wishing you every success! God Bless

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Is't for real

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New Job

I've just got employeed at a restaurant I start tomorrow, already looking for another job while I hold this one

Why are you looking for a new job?

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Gage Cherry just to keep my options open

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58 years no interviews in 6 months

To all who would like to read what I write, I have this to say. I am in my 50's and I've been looking for a job for a couple of months and I don't understand why nobody has even inquired about me-if someone out there tells me there is no age discrimination, I say that is completely untrue-I'm proof! The numbers say we are at a record low for unemployment-what about the 55 plus employment opportunities? Where are those and who is gutsy enough to…

Im 41 and feel your pain. Employers are cheap and would rather train someone for min wage than hire an experienced person and pay…

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It is my choice

So I had an interview today and this was the first time I ever walked out with out accepting the job. I feel so unsure. The last time I did this kind of work I failed and I know it was from lack of experience and no support. Now I think I could get the information I need to be a success from people who know what they are doing. I have given myself a set time frame as my company will close it's doors. So I need to decided if I should take this job…

What is my work

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This is a part time great work from home job opportunities, Nice Job!

Will you be able to fill out payroll work from home…

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Help Me...I'm Lost

Ok... but what if they fired you in person but on your separation letter it's say you quit but you got fired..But now you work back for the same people who fired you at first time....But once you quit or get fired you can't work for the city of Memphis no more so I'm lost....

Yes you are just a bit confused. If you quit a job you can always return as long as you leave according to the policy. People quit…

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My life is worthless

Right now I have so many applications out and nobody has called me or emailed me for a interview I have 3 kids I have to take care of I have bills to pay and can’t do none of that without no job I am worthless what else do I need to do besides work harder and have more faith in myself hoping and praying that something comes through soon I just can’t deal with my life like this

Just because you’re having a hard time finding work doesn’t mean you’re worthless. A door will open, but never feel down about…

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Is this a trend?

I have to first admit, I haven't been in a real job search mode in over a decade. Job changes were almost always due to a former colleague in an influential position as someone who knew my work.

The last several interviews (2nd and 3rd rounds) required obscene amounts of work to produce some kind of documentation for the next interview- whether a 1-year plan, example of work product (not examples of anything I have done, but they would give a…

Well.. you would be the authority to answer that.

Have you read any other posts on this site before asking that question?


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Feeling frustrated and humiliated right now...

I have been trying for the past 5 years to get 15 minute breaks to be able to check my blood sugar and eat, if needed. Our department at my employer is the ONLY department that is not offered breaks...I keep getting told, because of electronic scheduling, we don't have the staff to cover breaks. I've attempted telling them it's a lot quicker for me to take a quick 15 minute break, vs having to come off the work floor if I pass out.I guess I

I have to say that after working in healthcare for the past 35 years . Never have i seen any schedule or group of coworkers or…

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I am 58 and was laid off work. I am getting interviews, but no offers. I really think it is my age. Any advise?

I am 58 and was laid off. I am getting interviews, but no offers. I really think it is my age. Any advise?

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It's not your age unless 58 is considered old in your industry.

Think about it folks.. when you're 27 construction work is a…

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I have been at my job now for almost 2 years and the only person above me is the owner so needless to say there is not any room for advancement. I just finished working 53 days in a row without a day off. I am in the hotel industry. Today I spoke to my boss regarding that out of over 4000 hotels in this chain we are some of the lowest paid. I mean I had to ride him for 8 months to get my 90 day review, which I should have never let happen. I…

That is unfortunately a sad reality of life and employment among other areas of pur existences.

Now that you are fully aware you…

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