Age discrimination?

I am 60 yo. I apply and apply, but get nowhere. Someone suggested I drop the dates of employment from my resume. Has anyone heard of this? Does it work? I'm at the end of my rope.

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Any interest in trucking?

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Wife needs help

My wife wants a job at a Walgreens around the corner from our house and I keep telling her she should go in and apply, but she gets wicked nervous. She has stayed home with our kids for 7 years but now wants to get back out there. What can I do to help her??

Maybe you should take her out to meet new people, get her confidence up, make her feel like she can go out there and apply for a…

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Gd aft I have a Dillemma I was offered to start a job tomorrow through a Temp agency ...but I was also offered to Interview with 2 full time Jobs the same Day what should I do?

Talk with the Temp Agency and tell them an unexpected personal issue came up and ask if you could start the next day? do the math…

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Very disappointed!

A friend of mine has been trying to get me on his company for three years. I interviewed for a position three years ago and didn't get hired. Last year, he told me about another position and I applied and didn't get hired. The first of June, he called me about another position and this time he would be my boss. I had three interviews and still didn't get hired. He knows I'm qualified and I've been in this business for over 28years. I'm a person…

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Is your friend black

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I was laid off last October after working at a local hospital for 25 years. I worked as a home-based medical transcriptionist/editor I knew this job wouldn't last forever in today's ever changing technology but one is never prepared when it happens. I was offered a severance package and took it. While I was off, I ended up doing online school for Medical Billing and Coding. I finished the program right when my severance ended. A few weeks…

Well instead of calling or waiting for a call go in person after you already submitted your resamase or application then go back…

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Are you struggling to find work?

I see a lot of people here are struggling to find work. Try applying with I work with this company and enjoy what I do. They are in the health information management field so if you enjoy working at a computer this could be the job for you. Also they have open positions all over the US so you may just find an open position close to home.

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I do have a question... does have a at home job that cost nothing?
I am running into looks good, and then…

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no training

I started a job and after a week and a half they let me go because my training was not progressing. The thing is that they never trained me for the job they hired me for.

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Hi Christopher, go figure!

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Got a interview

Blessing in the making

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I have no car I depend on others or I walk. I have no income except the little my daughter gives me. I have called and I do not qualify for any help. I tried unemployment again but I have not worked in 7 years nov. 15th. I lost my apartment I have bills and I have pain in my back. And unemployment wants me to find a job. I am at my daughters I stay here because she will get up early and go into work and he works so I am here when my grandkids get…

Dont give up God will get you through in jesus name.

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I have had it i quit

20 years I put in this warehouse learned every position and every year I have a review they say I need to do more. I work 16 hours a day six days a week, never been late or called off. So I asked them what else could I do to get a more positive review and they said nothing just keep doing what you doing. Then yesterday I get my review in writing and it said thanks for the hard work you have been rewarded with a 0.13 raise. I was like wth so they…

As a Christian, I always pray for direction and accept the job I believe is right for me. God will work in every area of your life…

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