I went to interview got hired by manager and received offer before I did background and everything else but then got message saying they gave job to someone else. How can they do that?

Same thing happen to me at Walmart

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GET HIRED: Information You Need for Your Job Search

I took the time to gather a series of resources for people on the job search. This will be a long read. If you are serious about finding a new job, this post is for you. For readability, it will be broken up into three parts of the job search - prepping for the job search, the job search, and the interview/hiring process. Feel free to follow the Jobcasers linked within - they are awesome people with great advice who can help you!


Do you have any shirts, because I would wear one.

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Jobseekers I’m just sharing this for anyone looking for a job. UPS is hiring and offering open interviews every Friday. They are adding 250 employees. Benefits with tuition reimbursement.


How about Homestead Florida

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Amazon Work From Home

Amazon Is Having a Hiring Spree—Adding 1,750 Work-From-Home Customer Service Employees Before the Holidays! Applicants MUST live in one of the following states:

> South Carolina
> Idaho
> New Mexico
> Tennessee
> Louisiana
> West Virginia
> Alabama
> South Dakota
> Oklahoma
> Arkansas
> Nebraska
> Mississippi

Please refer to the links below for more job details and application information.
Amazon Is Having a Hiring Spree—Adding 1,750

I need to talk to the owner of this job and I want to work there, I will have to wait until the the manager will let me know...

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I have a few jobs lined up that require heavy lifting ...but i have MRI scheduled soon...Im asking opinions should i take these heavy lifting jobs or should i search for with limitations..remind you I have been working with a bad back for about 10yrs plus....

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I think you should get a light duty job. Why do more harm than good to your back. God gives us discernment! Your health is…

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Angela Richie Thank You Im looking into jobs as we speak

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Ive been submitting applications left and right with no response.. Being on foot limits my search. So frustrating

چوہدری يونس جٹ ورشة الوسام الخليجي حدادة طريق هجره مجمع السروات مدينة منوره سعودي عرب

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DO NOTE: These are primarily remote or work from home opportunities, and keep in mind no need to contact me directly for I am NOT directed linked to these companies. However, I do the research to make ensure they are legitimate companies offering legitimate real work!

Administrative Assistant > 
Modern Tribe | Virtual Assistant | Remote
Remote US, Canada, Central America. $15-$20 an hour. Freelance, part-time....

Happiness Engineer (Europe) &gt…

I'm Olyver from Kenya. I appreciate for this eye opening post..I've been searching for remote jobs and I believe you are the right…

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Walmart Call Center Needs You!

The Walmart Customer Service and Call Center in New York, NY is hosting a Seasonal Gifting Specialists Hiring Event on Wednesday, October 3, between 6p - 9m, at 95 Morton Street, 7th Floor, New York, NY 10014. Go to for more event details and application information.

Thanks but no thanks it's too far away from me good bye forever

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Age Discrimination

I've been working a temp job as a laborer (3 weeks...). The project phase I entered was challenging yet manageable. New phase is much more challenging physically, manageable with alternate days rest. Unfair to project manager, when he can find younger men to do what I'm doing. If boss decided to fire me, it would be a fair decision. He's got a deadline to meet and needs people who can perform at least 5 days a week.
I need a day of recovery…

Hang in there and don't worry over the other people. The only ones you need to impress are the ones that stroke you a paycheck…

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Can't income

I quit my job end of March 2018. My leg was given up on me. Went to see few different doctors for help and they couldn't help me after all the treatment I've been getting. He said either take pills rest of my life or surgery. I chose surgery. All those month I was out of work I can't get help anywhere just to get by to pay my bills and help my son. Any suggestions. Please Help

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Would have gone with medication, survey sucks way bad !

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Almost homeless

I've been unemployed for over a year now, took time off to take care of an Aunt, who has now passed away, do some Volunteering. Now looking for a job after 5 months of looking, nothing, I'm going to have a Birthday on Friday and feel that I don't fit in the world we live in. I've been on interview after interview, and have been to 5 different agencies to help me find a job and nothing. This world is so cruel. I'm so frustrated of trying to…

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Did you leave the job on good terms?
If you did and there is no resentment, would they have something for you?
Would they at least…

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