Help me!

I'm a single father of one. I just want to get ahead for once. I went to college for welding for a year. But no diploma . I have to retake one class in the fall to bump my GPA for financial aid... Why is life so hard?

Ryan, don’t listen to these negative people. Keep plowing through, follow and gain skills for what you want to do. Keep your eye…

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What is YOUR most memorable moment of 2018?

As 2018 winds down and we approach the holiday season, we wanted to hear from you! It has been an eventful year, and we know everyone has experienced changes in their work life in the past 12 months.

So we want to know - what is your most memorable career moment of the year?


I TOOK MY REEMPLOYMENT TEST 5 TIMES AND FINALLY PASS. OR DID I because of my persistence they said i pass . i did ask how did i…

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Job interview next week!!

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Yes,I'm ready

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hit me up on my gmail or inbox me for better conversation are you not ready to work?

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How to overcome a job loss

I know losing a job is tough I've been there and it's not very fun it gets to you after awhile. During the holidays is when its the worst, because you need that extra income for Christmas shopping. In April of 2016 it hit me hard got to work one day and I was asked to go home, I asked why they told me oh we are no longer in business and everyone was gone except the people who were contacting the clients to tell them we are a no longer working…

Stay positive you got this...good luck

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Can’t go on!

I started a job recently in a field that I have experience but I HATE THE JOB! and I am quitting tomorrow. The job is much more work than it was 20 yrs ago and I don’t want to do it. I didn’t realize it until after I started how things have changed. I rather pursue a work from home job or business.

Did you Quit!!!

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I’m a single mother of two. I have a class B CDL license and I am currently driving a school bus. However, I cannot support my family on this I would definitely love to get a job with the local Pepsi distributor. I have also worked at factories in the past and did very well. The area I live in just does not offer competitive wages and I desperately need a job that pays well. Not trying to be rich just want to be able to support my family. My…

I am praying for you to get a job with UPS or Amazon as a package delivery driver. I am sorry about your lost but God will take…

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Its so hard finding a phlebotomist Job I have experience but it seems its not enough to some of these companies i just don't understand I feel like giving up I feel like I'm in a boxing ring and I'm getting defeated but I don't want to give any advice?

I liked Travis William's advice about going to the smaller companies. With a small company you will have less hoops to jump…

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Pissed Off!!!

I am a hard working individual, I have excellent references. I am a fast learner also, I am 56, relocated to a different area and have not found a steady job. I work as a substitute teacher and am an Uber driver. I got hired as a certified assistant in which I have a degree as well as being certified. And for the first time in my life I got fired... what the heck!! I didn't do anything wrong. I have been in this area due to family and I am…

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Move on, probably was not the right job. Take stock of what you learned and go someplace else. Keep moving, talking, maybe not…

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I was wrongfully fired also

Hello I'm 60 yrs old. I have 16 yrs as a medical assistant. I still had a 17 yr old to finish school. I was so close to retireing. Pay was $17.00 per hour. I never was late or call in unless an emergency or sick. I was picked on by the manager she had called HR on me cause she wanted to know why I wasn't smiling,I was accused of bulking, suspended without pay,stripped from my medical assistant duties an moved in another area with a different…

I am so sorry and It happened with me the same way.Noone wanted to help me either,and I had 40hours a week and made 15.50 an…

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Security Officer

If anyone looking for a job in security allied Universal Security is hiring and looking for security officers to work various shifts. They pay is $14.35 per hour and guarantee benefits. For more information go to the company website:. Allied Universal Security and put in your application.

Do you have to have certain credentials or experience?

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Why do employers alway need to check your credit before hiring??

What is the point checking your credit when you are seeking employment and not filling out a form for a loan or a credit card..

I'm not sure the same thing happens to me all the time.Also I don't understand why they want you to go to school.When they do call…

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