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Age Discrimination

I am not being considered for jobs I believe because to my age. I have a Bachelor of Science Degree from a well known University. I have skills, work experience in various areas of customer service. I agree with many of the comments on this Jobcase site. As soon as the contact person verify your DOB and when you graduated from high school they hang up or trying to connect you to some one to further your education. I am a highly motivated,...

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Sally Hull
14 minutes ago

Keep working at it you will come out on top

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ELVIRA PEREZ > All Jobcasers
17 days ago


Through out this month I have had a handful of interviews. One of then I did great which I was told by the panel that interviewed me but unfortunately they filled the position. (Which they told me by phone and I really appreciated it) so I went on another interview last week(for a different job) got called for a second interview which was on Monday. That same day the other company that I had previously interviewed with told me that they just...

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Sally Hull
15 minutes ago

Sit down and do pros and cons of each to help you see clearly before you chose. Good luck

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Crazy isnt it?

I seem to be having the same issue as everyone here. I worked as a Production Manager for 25 years. The last company I worked for I was there for 17 years. I ended up leaving this job. Upper management dumped so much work on me, for jobs that didn't pertain to my profession or expertise. He was a madman. He mistreated a lot of people thru the years, including me. He was verbally abusive to so many..and treated people with no respect. I left -...

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Minerva Garza
22 minutes ago

Have you tried joining a temp agency?

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Need your opinion!

I currently have an MBA in HR Management, but have not been able to get a job in HR due to not enough experience in HR. How can I get experience in HR if no one will hire me to get experience?

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Robert Wiersema
about 1 hour ago

Can you handle light accounting/payroll work? A lot of people I've known started out in payroll and moved into a full fledged...

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Plz help!

Currently employed, but actively seeking new employment,problem is all the interviews I've had want to pay me 1 to $3 less than what i already make...does anymone in the san antonio jobs know of any customer service jobs? Currently working as a customer service manager

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Stephen Moss
Edited 39 minutes ago

Stay where you are and keep looking. You do not need to take a pay cut. I do not know of any cs jobs that match your pay...

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Dana Henson > All Jobcasers
3 days ago

How do Older nurses compete for premium jobs in today’s marketplace?

Applied for two positions in which I had more than the required experience, but passed over to younger graduates.

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Teddy Mosier
about 1 hour ago

Same thing happens to me. They like younger people because they have no financial obligations and will work cheaper than we...

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Kelli Fedor > All Jobcasers
2 days ago

Tired of the search....

I am exhausted from the tireless and fruitless search for a good job that pays the bills and maybe a bit more, and allows time to enjoy family. Family means everything. Family comes first! Some people can't understand that!

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Robert Wiersema
about 1 hour ago

I've not checked it out but I remember Amazon and some other online companies are always looking for homebased sales...

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I can’t seem to get a job. I’ve been applying and looking since May. Usually I’ll get an interview, but the second they see me it’s game over. You see I’m legally blind, so I use a cane to get around. I’m extremely proficient in clerical and social services, but no one will give me a chance. I really need a job, because living on $800/month is next to impossible. I really want to throw in the towel and just work at a sheltered workshop...

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Rose's Joe
about 2 hours ago

Hello, how are you doing? Can you for from home as an accounting payroll for $1,700 monthly? you will be train for the job.

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Naomi Early > All Jobcasers
28 days ago

Hi, quick question?

I have clerical and modeling experience but had to take time off. Do to grandmother, father being sick and a copperhead snake bite. So I have a gap in my work history. How big of a problem will that be to get hired?

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Frank Diaz
about 2 hours ago

it shouldn't be too much of a problem depending on the job you're looking for.

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Little luck

I have send out over 75 resumes. 2 calls backs but for companies/positions that are not what I’m looking for. Some listing are misleading and wastes everyone’s time. I am getting desperate. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m currently working but have “maxed out” my earning potential which is not great to begin with. Help

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patrick blackwell
about 2 hours ago

Don't give up. Something will come up for a is for what it is

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Rose's Joe
about 2 hours ago

Are you still in need of a job? message me if yes.

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