THIS is a short summary the typical #Walmart #JobApplication and Interview selection process based on my recent Walmart application experience. FIRST Walmart Interview Question I was asked, “Describe a time when I went above and beyond to provide customer service”. It sounds like a standard interview question that you can get away answering with any general customer service experience but Walmart interviewers are looking for a detailed... see more

I did a phone interview yesterday 7-17-19 with a Walmart person. He asked for my experience and I started to give... see more

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Dan Mulhall had a similar experience today. The job I had interviewed for last Wednesday magically disappeared... see more

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You are in a room with the owner of a company that you want to work for. What would you say to him or her that could better help job seekers like yourself?

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I'm a freshman in university at buffalo. . My mom has recently lost her job even tho she's looking for new one but I can't just pressure her as I need to support my family so I've been looking for job . I also went to the places near me to ask if they're hiring everytime I ask them they tell me to apply online and even tho I apply online nobody calls me. I don't know what should I do. Any advice would be really appreciated
#disappointed #jobappl... see more

Hi Abida Islam , the Family Dollar store on 109-50 Merrick Blvd
Jamaica, NY 11433 is hosting a hiring event next... see more

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So, who here thinks its redundant that a employer expects you to not only supply a resume, but also fill out the very same information in application form? Kind of a waste of resources and time. It should be one or the other. Not both.

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It does feel daunting and that it takes forever, but look at it from their perspective. They want it ALL mapped out... see more

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I am a 17 year old female in highschool, graduate of 2019. I regret to say that I have no experience with a job due to no time with my education. I am willing to put time and much effort into working efficiently while juggling school like a pro
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If you plan to attend college look into a work study program.

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I've read many post from other members about Walmart application concerns and questions so I thought I would quick tips on what helped me get to the Walmart interview phase of the hiring process:
A. Complete the Walmart Application & Assessment - The #Walmart #JobApplication is long (about 1hr) so use a lap or desktop instead of your IPhone or Android and have the last 10 years of your Employment History with 3 Professional References ready... see more

Thank you for the info

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I want to be able to quickly sign in, serf for jobs and apply without having to login via the web page.

Hi Brian: Great to see you on Jobcase! We do have an app - you can find it in the App Store or in Google Play... see more

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