I love to help people and I like to work but my problem is That I don’t interview well. I get so frazzled and I forget questions I’m supposed to ask. I have a very hard time putting my thoughts into words. What am I supposed to do. Should I have flash cards or something?

Absolutely write down your questions you want to ask and bring them to the interview. You're interviewing the... see more

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Struggling with applications?... see more

Thru the grace of God he will feel an touch every spot where we lack an uplifting us an make us stinger an much... see more

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In your opinion what is good Customer Service? And tell me a time where you experienced a irate customer ....

Part-time away from home.

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Found this article on interview tips combat ageism. What is your favorite tip? Do you have any other tips you would recommend to navigate ageism in the workplace?


I don't want to work for a boss whose a millennial. I had them as tenants and omg ..Never again ..I'd rather run an... see more

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How would you answer, What Make You a Better Candidate for This Position?

11 years experience with machinery fast detailed learner safety oriented commitment and dedication work ethic

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Interview Preparing is a Must to land the Job!
Are you prepared for the Interview?

Preparing for interviews can be incredibly daunting, but getting the job you want can be a genuinely life-changing experience. Most of the time, you have less than an hour to convince people who don't know you that you are the best fit for the job.

According to LinkedIn, the majority of job seekers say the interview phase is moderately to extremely challenging... see more

Lots of good advice but the big one that lots of people don’t realize is that you CAN practice for interviews... see more

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Hi everyone, after a long job hunt I finally received a call for a pre-interview by H.R. I haven’t had an interview outside of the company I used to work for in 15 years! Any helpful hints on what I should be expecting?
Thank you for any help in advance!

get familiar with the company, where they started, how they progress and evolutionize through out the years, find... see more

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Jean Joseph Thank you Jean!

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When it comes to interviews for employment, no matter the industry, there are 4 tips (in my opinion) that always help out. Relax. When you're being yourself and trying too hard, most people come off too stiff, or too quiet. Its vitial to optimistic and easy going in am interview (remember be proffesional.) However if you can make them laugh, they're sure to remember you. Clean up. It usually goes without saying that taking pride in ones... see more

I agree with the smiling tip. It also shows that you’re are more approachable.

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I think I may know why I haven’t found steady employment or get an interview. It may be because my resume indicates that I job hop. But this was a result of me being let go from temp jobs and for a year I haven’t been able to get out. What can I do? I can’t seem to convince anyone.

Hi Tia,
I can help you with your Résumé. Your more than welcome to email it to me and I'll do a Free Critique to... see more

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Not sure what i was doing wrong ... got interviewed at 8 on-site interviews so far from last 11 months and not able to get a single job...trying harder and smarter... I asked each one of them for a fair review to find the missing piece of the puzzle and none of them really helped, i get the usual response I think we found the better candidate who match with our current requirement...I am sick of it and Really Really hate my current job.. not... see more

keep tying !

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Employer ghosting is frustrating to say the least and not a good business practice.

I believe recruiters sometimes are inundated with applications and interviews and inevitably ghosting can happen.

I like to use post-interview follow-ups as opportunities to both thank the interviewer for their time and reiterate interest in the role, but also use the opportunity to nudge the interviewer to take action and keep yourself top of mind with them.

... see more

Great tips Laura Turner ! This is such a common problem encountered by job seekers and you have laid out a lot of... see more

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