Bullying in Healthcare

I was terminated after 17 1/2 years of working for a hospital that I considered my Alma mater. Unknowingly to me I was working with women who were jealous of my skills to do my job. Because I wouldn't cave to their bullying. They got together to create lies about me that they went to the manager and HR.
I was never given the chance to grieve the lies that were told on me before being terminated.
I was devastated and broken by a system that I…

Not me

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Current resume trends

I have been doing career coaching for many years. Just finished creating a 4 part series for people at my company that are being impacted by an acquisition and will be in the job market soon. There are a lot of resume trends people are not aware of:
1. DO Not put more than 10-15 years of work experience if you have it.
2. DO NOT put the year you graduated from any school...college or high school.
3. Do not put your birth year in your email…

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I've been doing it wrong as far as grad yr and birthdate

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Would never work there ever

I thought my interview went well, the. HR lady made a excuse and left the room, the hiring manager then proceeded to ask me inappropriate questions such as when I was gonna to retire! I am 52 and have 15 years yet. Followed by more age based questions. HR lady came back and he shut right up, like it was planned. After the interview there was a “test” where you put a spring in a hole and put a couple pieces in he demonstrated it. There was no…

They obviously are not looking for trained employees - just a front to pretend they are following basic hiring laws od The US gov…

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I know, buy the title, you already know what I am going to vent about. I have been looking for a job for the past 1 year with no offer in sight. I have had interviews upon interviews. One of the interviews lasted 6 months with my going to the final stage. only for me to be turned down. The most recent I went on i got through all 4 stages ( when it was only suppose to be 3). I specifically request the hr person call me regardless of the outcome…

I know how frustrating the process can be. In my experience do the following things 1- NEVER stop looking until you are hired on…

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Valerie Francis You are definitely not!! So many people in the community have been where you are now too. Just keep looking and…

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Strange about face

I had a weird one today. I was told i was the only one being considered for a position. The interview seemed to go very well. The HR manager said he'd be putting together an offer package and sending it over by weeks end. Instead what I get today is an email saying we've decided to open it up to other applicants. You're qualified, but I dont have any positive feedback for reasons they chose this. The problem comes in where my ex significant…


let's see: The problem comes in where my ex-significant other is the president of the company I was just terminated from. I was

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Steven Ransom Can you have any opportunity for me.

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Desperate and Defeated

I just turned 47 and have over 13yrs of progressive HR experience. In the last year I have applied to over 400+ jobs and have had at least 40 job interviews. This last month I have had 7 alone and can't land a job. I'm very depressed and feel defeated. What more can I do? I'm on all the job sites and professional network sites.

Use you HR experience in a non-commercial area. Public schools need HR ; non profit charities need HR, armed forces bases need…

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From the HR Side...

The other day, an HR acquaintance shared some interesting information from her side that I thought would be insightful to jobseekers:
1. HR professionals search online for candidates. So make sure your resume is online.
2. HR professionals look for you on LinkedIn. They look to see if you have any contacts in common. If so, they may even contact your contacts if they know them to find out about you.
3. They Google you and look at what you post…

Looking for flight attendant jobs in Rochester NY

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Stressed out!

I been applying and applying to many job boards now, linkedin, indeed, glassdoor, my school career page. All I get in return is this employer looked at your application or sorry we decided to pursuade other people. I majored in Management-Human Resources and I been applying to jobs refelating to that. Some recruiters have called and and said they will help but I am still unable to get a job. Im just lost at this point. How many places do you have…

I understand Sandy Zhang - the job search can be really aggravating and demotivating. Feeling lost is normal - the job search is…

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Human Services & Non-Profit Job Fair

Meet with these top Boston-area non-profits and human service agencies hiring for a variety of roles.

Roles include: Residential Rehab Educator, Career Coach, Residential Counselors, Case Manager, Recovery Specialist, Program Mentor, Early Education Teachers, and more!

Participating employers include:
• Aspire Health Alliance
• Beth Israel Lahey Behavioral Health Services
• Economic Mobility Pathways
• MAB Community Services
• YMCA of…


This sounds like a great event MassHire Downtown Boston ! It's over a month away but now is the time to begin prepping and getting…

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4th interview and no reply back, what gives???

I had my 4th interview a week ago. The other 3 interviews I was contacted within a day or two to schedule the next interview. After every interview, I sent out thank you emails. Now the 4th interview was with a panel and not a one on one interview, but I was told that I would be gotten back to within a couple of days. I emailed the HR manager after a couple of days and no reply. Then I emailed the sales manager on Friday and no reply. I emailed…

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I would a couple more days do u have a number to call I would try that if available.

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Five Due-Diligence Steps to Effectively Assessing Job Candidates

I am sharing my latest blog post from my site, HR by Nnamtique (nnamtique.com). I would love for everyone to check it out. It is written more to hiring managers, but I think that it can give job seekers some useful information on how effective hiring managers should operate. The link to the article is https://nnamtique.com/five-due-diligence-steps-to-effectively-assessing-job-candidates.

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This is fantastic content - Cynthia Okonkwo ! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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