I have been unemployed for the past three months and I became increasingly discouraged after losing my home and car from not being able to pay for them any longer. However, I have not given up and I’m still continuing to look for a job. I have am very young but I do not lack experience. I have worked as a legal secretary, a customer care representative, and an assistant. I also have attended College and am very close to obtaining an associate... see more

l understand your plight yes some employees thing their god and you must bow down to them no way keep the chin up... see more

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Hello fellow Jobcasers,

As you search for work and apply for positions, please understand that we are heading directly into the holiday season. During the time from Thanksgiving through New Years, you are most likely not going to hear much from your submitted applications (Unless you are applying for holiday/seasonal positions).

Most businesses pretty much shut down for all intents and purposes during this time as key staff are using the last... see more

Excellent advice-we don't want people being discouraged, but trying to find a job at this time is very hard. Thank... see more

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I've been applying to jobs for about 4 months now and while I have gone on several interviews I can never seem to get over that hump and get hired. It's getting to the point where I see interviews as just another waste of time. My question is thus: at what point should I realize that nobody in town or even the state is going to want to hire me and just give up? I'm getting completely exhausted filling out applications that I know are gonna go... see more

Try work from home. Conduent, Kelly connect,ttec.com

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I have a child not old enough to be home alone yet. My husband and I own a 12 acre farm and I need 500.00 a month to help out a bit.

Hi Beth Wilmoth Cruse , Concentrix is hiring Customer Service Representatives in Tennessee. Go to https://careers.c... see more

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Damn, I applied at PetSmart. I had to know where I lived in the past 10 years. I forgot the move in and move out dates of a place from over 5 years ago so I cancelled my application.

It probably wouldn't have hurt for you just to do the best you could at remembering or guessing the dates. I don't... see more

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Jesse Grune Good luck on your job search Jesse.

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Feeling really down lately, my wife attempted to start a job at a nearby factory and turned out they didn't need her there, I inquired about the job myself night/day shift but they don't need anyone, been applying to different places and our time is really running out now, we've been getting help but it doesn't seem like there is much work at all around where we are and we don't necessarily have the means to travel to work. Seems like every time... see more

Hi Kyle Scoville ,

I'm so sorry to hear that things are tough right now for you and your wife. What kind of jobs... see more

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Elyssa Duncan But thank you very much for that suggestion :)

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A little over a month ago we were introduced to Steve and Alex. At the time they were living behind a convenience store. Steve was managing, but his dog Alex was not doing too well. I had posted their plight on Jobcase and with all the suggestions, advise and well wishes including valuable help on finding veterinary care for Alex, here is everything that has happened in the last month.

A wonderful veterinarian, who offered to provide all of her... see more

I wish I could of help it breaks my heart knowing I can't fix anything including myself

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Looking for a job to help stabilize financial issues in my house. I currently work for 18 looking for work that will pay 20 an hour or a salary base of 40,000 to 45,000 i am drowning in bills i want to be able to pay school as i work please im hardworking fast learning and just need an opportunity

So today I had to go this job and take a test for it and I got there like usual 15 minutes early. They take me to a computer and sign on the test. Well during the test there was some question that where voice read to you and the headphone they gave me didn’t work and I believe I completely got all the Questions wrong but I told them what happen and said let’s see how you do and I will give you a call back but here the kicker they said even though... see more

To be honest it seemed like the set you up to fail the test and after you took the test then they had the nerves... see more

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I am looking for a job to help pay rent in Silver Creek NY 14136

Hi Brooke Wassell , UPS and Target stores are interviewing this weekend. Don't miss out on these immediate hiring... see more

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I’ve applied to so many jobs I think I’m at number 60 now. I go to interviews but they never call me back or I get an email saying that they prefer others. It would seem I am not needed at any place I apply to, but if I don’t get a job soon I will be kicked out of my parents house with nothing.

I’m sorry to hear that

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