Well, how to start.... I got these job cause a friend referred me. So I applied and got the job. My first day was on a Friday and yeah I liked it. It was kind of chili; specially cause it was my first time working in a freezer. Well I went back the next week I was told I would go in at 12:00 pm but there was no out time till everything was finished. I said ok I need the job. Well there was this pregnant lady who I didn't knew I was going to take... see more

Work from your experiences number to try to find a job where decent people are good environment don't just take... see more

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This morning was a rough one… I missed my train, left my bagel in the toaster AND spilled coffee all over my brand new pants. YIKES! All I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and try again tomorrow.

But, I made a promise to myself that 2020 would be a year of personal growth and positivity which means every Monday counts! So, I whipped out my Tide To-Go pen, poured a new cup of coffee and headed into work with a smile.

... see more


Way to go! Now that's a dedicated individual!

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So last night when I asked the supervisor if she had my orders ready that people had been waiting for for more than 30 minutes. we were backed up by ten orders at one point btw she decided to wait until everyone cleared out and said you can go three hours into my shift. Like seriously? Does anyone have any suggestions on why she would do this? All for asking a simple question.

It sounds like she was under stress and apparently she lashed out at you in that moment. I am so sorry this... see more

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I took a job which was supposed to be part time but my full time job with great benefits hired me before l applied for the part time. The hours of the part time interfares with my full time and l am starting to like the part time but my bills can't all be paid with the part time job. I really feel torn at this point, but l was waiting on my background checks to come back from my full time job and it took a really long time, l suspected because of... see more

Pay your bills
I was in management for many years but I found out no one paid my bills
Take the money and the full... see more

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I have been consulting at a company for over 1 yr. and my contract has been extended to the end of 2017. Normal procedure is after 1 yr you can inquire about an increase. So I did with my recruitment Company, I have been getting the run around for 2 weeks now, the company I have been with likes me and my work however they recently laid off 207 FT employees which means there doesn't look to be a FT position for me at the company. Do I stick it... see more

What is conusltanting?

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I start working at this fast food place which is owned by Franchises, I've been there for 7 months now. My job supposed to be on training for G.M. cut the story short, I'm stuck closing every night, my schedule will be so ridiculously that no days or mid , while my supervisor and the other assistant manager can get the comfortable schedule, they always get off 2p.m. or 5p.m. and besides that, I will be working in every holiday... see more

retail sucks

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So I got the job and its been everyday schedule since day 1 no weekends off no weekdays off and everyday I am asked to do more and more and more. Its a baseball stadium so my feet are swollen and back in pain, every night I take epsom baths and tomorrow I work a 12 hour shift I was told about an hour ago via text. I need to talk to someone about this schedule my role and what is physically required it feels like too much for me. I may have made a... see more

Hi Rabbiyah Muhammad - I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time in your job. I would definitely bring... see more

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Matt Bornhorst thank you

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I have an interview at Taco Bell on Friday!!!! :-) I’ve needed money for quite a bit of time after McDonald’s cut my hours due to Winter, and here I have a shot

Congrats Anthony Hanvey ! Please let us know how the interview goes. Fingers crossed for you!

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Anthony Hanvey Good luck!!!! Here are some interview tips to help prepare yourself. : ) You're going to do great!

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Blueridge stripping no hours in the winter

Update: this post is almost 2 yrs old. Soon after i found a better job at a better hospital. They actually appreciate how hard I work and how much I'll come in to help coworkers etc. People are commenting on this and I had forgotten all about this post lol.

I had a job I loved. Quit my full time job for this job in hopes I'd get a position quickly part time or full time which I was told would happen. Well about 6 weeks into the job the... see more

Yes, people been there for while got the first choice. you get there

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Sarah House funny but not what I was told when I took it.

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