Hi! My name is corin! I am 36 years old and currently single , and still live at home with my mom and my bro jay. He’s a mechanical engineer And makes good money and mom is retired at 72. From 2003-February 2019 I worked at a local hospital in their kitchen . Started out part time and after 5 years I went full time . I loved my job and was there 16 years. I was making 995 every two weeks. Anyhow around 27th of February 2019 I had an unfortunate... see more

Hello sir,good morning.im working in Kuwait oil and gas.my position is mechanical lead.i need job.pls help me

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Shahabuddin Arman Shahabuddin Arman At this time Jobcase only features job openings in the USA.

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Personal Traits Sought By Employers

Employers are requiring more of their employees today in a technologically fast paced world. Employees must be able to not only adapt and thrive to an ever-changing world, but also must possess many skills and traits that will showcase and make them stand out from the crowd when job searching.

A resume must not only show potential employers a wide array of skills, work experience, accomplishments, but also... see more


Everything absolutely wonderful

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I just recently split from my wife and I'm really down on my luck. Bills are piling up and I'm having a hard time finding a job that pays enough to keep the lights on. I don't have a college degree and all the jobs I qualify for pay barely minimum wage. I'm getting depressed and don't know what to do. I'm one more late payment away from being tossed on the street.

I came across an ad for an opening at Ryder Trucking that seems to offer decent... see more

Yes mate commit yourself and you can do the bloody job and have fun:

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My jobs tells me I have to transfer to another property . Do to the fact my Boss is my son mother. She has been my Boss for two years now . They knew are situation when Corporate made that decision.Should I have to take a pay cut when I transfer .When I transfer, and should I have a option to pick which job I want at the other property .I been with the company for 15 years .

Maybe they think you can help them be a better company you never know what will happen or it could be a a test to... see more

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Well I went to horizon Staffing and got a job at strength of Nature. It's Monday thru Thursday night shift and 9.50 a hour so I'll keep you guys posted about how it goes for me.

Congratulations and I wish you all the best!

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Hi everyone,
Just signed on to this site and have been getting helpful tips from Elyssa. I though I would share my situation with you to see what you think as well.

I'm 58 and have been in Medical Sales about 23 years. This year I finally had a melt down from stress caused by my job and my MD strongly suggested I leave this profession for Health reasons.

I have a degree is in Public Health and prior to Sales was a Hospital Educator in which... see more

I get it. I just turned 59 last Friday and the last 3 years have been unbelievable. I have been in sales for... see more

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So I have lived in Florida for about 1 month now and have had interviews and offers, more so rejections at companies I am qualified to work at. I have had some offers but the pay is so low. I have a 3 month old I’d have to put in day care so it’s just not worth it. I am spending nights and hours applying and not getting many acceptance emails or interviews, this by far is the hardest job search I have had. I love Florida and made the change for... see more

So I had an interview with CUTCO Knives. Basically you're on the computer and you do virtual demonstrations to sell... see more

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Is it just me or a lot these that pay entry level jobs that little over minimum wage and required a college degree or work experience for a job that would require one to be paid many times over what they’re offering basic entry level around where I live in Portland Oregon When Job hunting; I was looking a a job couldn’t really don’t remember what job it was a fairly job simple desk job entry level that paid minimum wage and it said required... see more


Here is a friendly tip regarding required experience on an entry-level job...

It is wish fulfillment on the part... see more

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I was only offered $11.00/hr

On January 1, 2019, the minimum wage in California increased to $12 per hour for employers with 26 or more... see more

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So recently I was told that I'm being looked at as a new manager. Now this all sounds great considering I'm a driver right now making minimum wage which is like $8.50 an hour. Plus tips which on a normal day is around $45-50. Now as a manager I'd be making $12 an hour working a potential 40 hours a week. Right now I have just under 35 and last week I worked 52 hours. My income monthly is around $1600 but I dont want to stay a driver for long... see more

Just do it in you find you some else you like

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