I hate this

I just got an offer for a company and before I accepted, I asked them to clarify my hours and if I would receive any benefits cause I didn't know part-time work doesn't come with benefits. they explained a little more and I told them I needed to think about it and give them an answer tomorrow and they rescinded the offer. Feels horrible crying about a $14/job I couldn't even get.

Anyone unwilling to allow you to take 24 hours to think about a job is probably someone you don't want to work for. No doubt the…

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'Tips from Todd'- How do I prepare for a face to face interview?

Hello Jobcasers! Ok, let's talk about what we all want- the face to face interview!

I will walk you through how I have 'prepped' candidates for 20 years fo a f2f interview. Please forgive any misspelling etc.. I'm a Recruiter, not a writer. Second, join my group! Ask a Senior Recruiter anything! No question is dumb and I answer all questions. I'm not seeking a job- I am seeking to give back and help! Try me.

So, you are going to your f2f (face…

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Basura. Mediatica religiosa

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Hoping I can

I've been thinking about working part-time at Lowe's with my friend. She works outside with the plants and garden stuff and really likes it. My parents shop there a lot so I was thinking about dropping off an application. It seems really cool, but I am nervous to tell my other job. Do you think they would let me work somewhere else too? I def could use more money for college.

I love Lowe’s myself. But recently read that they will be laying off hundreds of workers wherever they have stores. Just something…

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I have worked a variety of different jobs over the years. I have flipped burgers, bagged groceries, cut meat, been a meat market manager, been a car detailer, sold new & used cars, worked in the gas fields, sold supplements, shipped supplements, worked in a CAT dealership parts warehouse, and was a supervisor at a juvenile detention center.
All of this to no avail. I have apps in at many places. No luck. Everyone wants degrees ( which I don't…


Hi Tandy Young If you have found that you are not hearing back from jobs or landing interviews the problem could be that your…

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Should I or shouldn't I?

I am currently working for a temp. Agency that could turn into full time. I was offered a position with Delta Dental, which I've heard good things about. My problem is it's $2/hr. less than I'm currently making and about 15 min. drive time longer one way. My husband is disabled and receives minimal SSDI.

I personally would take the full-time offer if it is what fits your needs. You could also consider asking Delta Dental to start at…

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Do not know what to do.

I have a new job at a retail company they only pay me $9.00 an hour for a job that I use to do at $12.00/h beside that I do not complain about anything else since everyone there seems to like me a lot and they are nice people to work with. But here is the situation there is another job that sent me an email saying that they are interested to hire me for department manager position paying $15.00/h both locations are near each other and this one…

If the pay rate is better, you may want to sacrifice the (possibly) better working environment for a raise in pay. Anyways, it may…

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Back to school time: calling all tutors!

If you have at least a bachelor's degree -- and a love for teaching and helping kids -- then online tutoring may be for you! VIPKID, Chegg Tutors and Tutor.com are among those needing instructors in a variety of fields. Paying on average $14 to $22 per hour, the services allow you to work from home and set your own schedule.

Learn more at VIPKID.com, Chegg.com and Tutor.com. #WorkFromHome


I also know that Care.com hires tutors as well : ) Thank you Lois Martin !

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The opposite problem

As per my previous post most can tell I have been caught in that oh so lovely spot of traveling from one dead end job to another. Like most of us that I’ve read about on this site the only way to score if not the job you want a job in general is to really hit the pavement so to speak and submit, submit, submit. Upon doing just that I successfully got interviews to the the two top paying jobs I had hoped for. The issue here is they were on the…

Ugh that is tough Luis Sotomayor and if they both end up falling through don't be hard on yourself and continue to look in the…

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I need some advice.

Back in March 29th 2019, I quit my job at the Golden Dragon Copper Tubing Mill in Pine Hill, Alabama. I was a Welder/Maintenance Mechanic. I quit because stress from things that happened at home and being screwed with the pay wage at work there after a year. I've been putting in applications at so many places and no responses, I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any advice?

Maybe change your word in. The description of your job career..change it up make it sound different

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Frustrated at the work environment

Hi I need some advice from experienced dental assistants, or even anyone that may give some advice. I will try to make this short even though it seems hard because I have so many things going on at the same time.

I have been a dental assistant for 15 years with a gap of 5 years unemployed because I was ill with an autoimmune disease. I was finally able to get Job as a dental assistant still getting paid the same I made 8 years ago I’m content…

From the standpoint of someone with 20+ years of experience and a 2 year gap because of a chronic condition, I can empathize with…

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Advice on Contract Position?

Hi guys,

I'm new here. I am job searching at the moment, and was contacted via linked in by a recruiter for a tech company in my area. She said it's a 1 year contract position with high chance of conversion. I am 29 and I have never worked a contract position before and am not really familiar with how they work. How far ahead of time do they let you know whether they will be keeping you on? It's good pay, I am just nervous about taking a…

Hello, I’m new here in USA. I’m environmental engineer with 2 masters HSE, I speak French and Spanish, I search a training. I live…

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