Hope for the Hopeless

A 3 time Loser after finally getting out of prison. I had no skills or trade to apply to the work force. I applied for a TWIC card and was eventually granted one after waiting 11 months. I was determined to succeed and not return to pettling drugs. An old customer concedentially was a offshore Sandblasting/Painter Superintendent. He gave me a chance and I displayed my determination in my work ethics.First job I worked their were four 20 plus…

That's such an incredible story, Kevin! You've certainly inspired the people around you to aim high and follow their dreams…

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How satisfied are you with your job?

Some people wake up and dread their way to work..thinking about how much they are unsatisfied with their job and all the reasons why they do what they do. While others wake up everyday wishing they have a job to go thru. Kept trying but keep failing. Why is it the ones that want work can’t work? And the ones that work hated work??

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I feel the same way

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