Yes, yes, yes, I do believe age has everything to do with it. I held an Assistant Director position for 14yrs., I could not take the demands and stress, so I quit. Best as worst thing I ever did. I wish I used connections while working to line something up. It took me 2yrs. to finally get a job I like. Try contacting someone you know that may be able to direct you. I think today they want everthing thru emails and text. Like you said you…

Yes Linda it sucks i took a physical a year ago and the doctor came in the room and said he just wanted to soo what i looked like…

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Quick, Efficient, Effortless, Quality— The Jobcase Resume

It can be easy to feel like you have to sacrifice style and quality when building a resume under time constraints. Our newest changes to the Jobcase Resume make it so you can build your resume in the time it takes to fill in your Jobcase profile.

Simply add in your job history, volunteer information, education and skills. Once you’re done filling in your profile, find and download your new resume in the “Resume” tab of your profile page.



Busch beers need an immediate candidate to place a small stickers on Car/Bike/Trucks and the paid is $550 per week…

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Job : I forgot to tell all you people that I got a job. Been 2 weeks now. Working the second shift in El Cajon. If anyone wants to talk directly please feel free to text.

Congratulations im happy for you enjoy your new job

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Yay i got hired job just now yay!!!!!

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I'm finally hired, my first job is going to be a processor at Krispy Kreme starting at $11.50/hr. I'm so happy that I finally get to work after so many years of complications with my paperwork.

Congratulations always keep your head up and stay positive everything else will be fine. But good luck on your new job

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I got a job...I got a job!!

Today was a blessed day. After over 200 applications and resume submissions I was hired!!! God is good. I was so discouraged and low and behold the perfect job for me came across my path!! Don't give up.. don't give in.. be your best... God's got your back!!!!

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Melanie don't you dare give up on me it's been almost a year for me,and I did lose everything..But I have to believe it's going to…

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I got HIRED!!!!!

Praises be to the most high for getting me through these trying times. There were times my faith was tested but I refuse to break I just continue praising. After that last job rescinding its offer last week I was devastated and really thought I couldn't win. Oh but God he is far more mighty I went on a interview today and was hired on the spot. Prayed about it while on my way there if it's where I should be let me get hired on the spot (cause I…

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Congratulations! The measure of your faith bring much delight to our hearts. Some Expert Advice: Do today what others…

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Is this site helpful in matching you with a job?

Is this site helpful?

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Hi Amanda!

We are so glad to have you here on Jobcase!

To learn more about what we do check out THIS short clip as well as…

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Finally Hired Success Story

I would like to make a toast to the job case team thank you for being so supportive of me in every step I make. Today I was finally hired at the job I’ve always wanted cheers to the job case team One Two You Rock that’s what we say at our karate studio when someone does a great job.



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Got hired at IGT formerly known as G-Tech

Got a job offer from IGT Technology the company that deals with lottery sales even though its a temp assignment I am grateful! for other job seekers Career Builders and Indeed really does put in YOU in touch with Employers really quick Try those job websites

So happy for you Louri Graham ! We also think Jobcase is pretty amazing too : )

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I got an OFFER!!

I received a call this morning from the GM with an offer! I am going in tomorrow to discuss the details. YAY ME!! If all goes well with the offer, I will start work on Monday! YAY ME!! God said trust me and although I let the search get me down at times, I stayed faithful in my belief that God would not let me go and he didn't. #LEAP OF FAITH

See what I mean! Look at you:) I feel your excitement. Congrats!!!

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