Yes the job came with it's nice perks and liked the people I worked with

Sometimes we are pretty hard on ourselves. We think that just because we reach a certain age that we can no longer do something.

Not true!

This is one of my favorite quotes because it reminds me that it's never too late to dream a new dream and to go after it.

So set those goals for yourself TODAY and let's make them happen!

What are some of YOUR dreams?


Pursue and persist, keep going and aim higher, do not give up

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Toward the end they started using scripts for everything if u went off script for any reason they would talk to u about it but that's it

When call volume was up and we are shorted handed

Was able to calm customer by listening to them then telling them what I could do to help them if the process was taking to long I would get customer phone number and call them back gave them my name and operator number then went to work on problem at hand

There was something new everyday and had good relationship with supervisors also thru seniority was able to pick which shift I wanted which was great

Meeting new people

Hertz can be great but they are quick to fire you! For the smallest things. If you get a chance to work for Hertz get ready to throw away all free time. They like to put you on salary pay you for 40 and work you 60 plus hours.

I liked working for Hertz , because the hrs are flexible , pt or ft wrk 7 days a week 365 days . The coworkers their are very nice , of all ages and race men and wemon . We watched out for each other .

This job required a valid NJ license , over age 25 . we transported cars from airports to hertz rental locations throughout N.Y. and NJ , PA . At the time it was a fast paced job , meaning we got paid by the trip not the hour . A shape is runned at the beginning of the shift , which can consist up to 100 or so people or as many as 50 . This is to place the workers in groups of 12 or less and. a lead person ( the main driver ) , dropping off or... see more

never called. This month I retired from my full time job and called Hertz and told them I retired and was able to drive anytime during the week. I was told to come in and make a trip to move cars. before I left for the job the manager called me and told me that I was dropped from the payroll and in order to get back on with Hertz I would have to reapply for an opening.

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