When will jobcase send me an application for my zipcode instead of 200 miles away?

Hi Renee Hackett

You may be receiving alerts for jobs in the wrong location because your Jobcase account has... see more

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What company and what job?

Hi Sarah Casper ,

Have you tried using the job search tool here on Jobcase? It’s simple and you can search anytime... see more

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I'm new to this

Welcome Dana Cavitt !! We are so glad to have you here on Jobcase!

To learn more about what we do here check out... see more

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I have a question and I don't actually expect to get any responses. What I am wondering is, how is it that even though I haven't posted anything on here in months, every day, new people are following me? Are people looking at past posts? I don't understand. I realize that I have been invited to be a part of several different groups but still, I haven't posted anything new or interesting. Why would people continue to follow someone who isn't... see more

Excellent, excellent question Robin Wait . I Luv this line of reasoning!

It's not so much what you have to say... see more

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Lenin Pina Thank you very much! I just hadn't posted in a long time. I am sorry if I sounded creaped out or... see more

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How do this work

How wold you like it to work Brandee Hayes ? Your feedback is important and greatly appreciated. thank you

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I was scammed on here by an individual pretending to work for Cardinal Health Care. I'm desperately needing a job and this came up I have never been so upset in my life!

Hi Terri Linton

My name is Elyssa, I’m a Community Specialist here at Jobcase. I want to start off by saying how... see more

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I have had a weird experience of Personnel manager taking the interview via Instant messenger on Hangout app - the email
Address used by her was gmail instead of the company name . The conversation lasted 20 mins after which she confirmed me saying I have been hired and I have a call tomorrow morning with my training manager who will guide me on the software and I shall be required to purchase the software for which they will mail me a cheque... see more

The company names used are Capgemini and Vectren energy

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Jill Strong it's a scam!

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Hi Melanie U - where are you seeing a chewy ad? On Jobcase?! We do not have ads on Jobcase.

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Matt Bornhorst ...wow gaslighted 2xs in one week. Couldnt even post this reply bcuz of an Amazon ad!!!! Matt get... see more

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Its frustrating when you are stuck in a area that does not have any jobs that fit your skills and talents, and employment background.
#Kitsap #KitsapCounty #employment #Work #Autism #actuallyautistic #asd #aspie

I understand that Mike Grauer Jr . Sometimes we just can't find any jobs not because we aren't worth hiring, but... see more

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getting emails that do align with skills or resume flooding my email with jobs that dont apply

Valerie Hall Butler

If you are receiving emails or notifications for jobs that don't fit your skillset, you can... see more

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