Getting fustrated.

Hi, I never had a job at my teenage years. I couldn't because I had a single mother and I'm now 20 turning 21 finally soon and now finally have my own transportation to take me to places. I been trying to get a job but most jobs won't accept me from not having any experience please help! Any tips? Any advice?
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US Post Office jobs require no experience. Give that a try, it will not hurt a bit.

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Never Lie In an Job Interview

As we all know, job interviews are intensely stressful occasions. If you REALLY want the job, the stakes are also incredibly high and you might feel a slight mistake could cost you the chance at landing the job. Given the pressure, some people are tempted to fudge their accomplishments and background a bit. They figure if adding a few years of experience that they'll triumph over other candidates, and what the interviewer doesn't know won't hurt…


I just had a interview yesterday and they ask me about my last job. I had to tell her they let me go.

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Monday, a friend of mine told me that he was laid off from a major financial company because the company decided to outsource the jobs to India.
I told him about jobcase and I sent him a few joblinks.

Yesterday, I reached out to a former client who works for a financial company and she told me to email her his resume , which happened in the next 10 minutes.
As I am searching jobs for myself, I am also helping my friend with his job search.
I am…

Yes, there are several major firms offshoring jobs to other countries. I don't like it but it's happening. This is just a…

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Please help my identify if this is a scam... #scam #jobscam

Recently my brother got a job with a company called Civmec and what he does is he will go to locations like Walmart and accept incoming money grams and then go to a different Walmart and send them to a specified location. He gets to keep 10% of the money gram as payment. This to me has a million red flags all over it. I treid to tell him its a scam first of all because he takes 10% and it's cash with no pay stubs or paper trail so there is no way…

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Our being set up.

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I'm really having a hard time in my life I don't know what to do anymore

I'm struggling with everything I can't find a job I'm about to lose my house

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I am sorry to hear that. Not easy out there.

I know it is hard but if you are at the edge to lose your house, I would advise to…

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I'm having a dilemma.

For years I've worked temp service. In doing so, I've gained lots of experience, but no long term or permanent position. I had to do temps because I had a daughter who was born with heart disease, and many employers weren't receptive to my having take off to care for her. So, I made up in my mind that it would convenient to work temp than permanent. That way I wouldn't have to worry about being fired. Well, I lost my lost to her struggle with…

I'll help

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Email notifications

How do I stop the daily emails informing me about jobs and alerts?They are becoming too repetitive and unhelpful for me. I tried looking though here to see if there are settings for i, but I've been unable to find anything.

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I feel ur loss

I am truly sorry for your loss. I'm sure he's in a better place. B strong and push on. Xoxo

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Andres Avellaneda Such kinds words! I recommend directly reaching to the member.

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What do you need help with?

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For where and when?

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Was let go last week

I am looking for part time work to tie me over until I am waiting to hear back on a potential full time position. I have not been searching for work for over three years . I know time and technology has changed in job searching since I last did my job search. Can any of you tell me any tools to use in today's job search

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Maria Ialacci To use Jobcase's search feature, go to the top of the page and click on Jobs and Companies. There you can search for…

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She gets SCREAMED at!

My baby sister works for Macy's and likes the company a lot but she has had some issues with one of her managers. She constantly screams at her. It's pretty embarrassing. I gave her some advice, but it doesn't seem to be working. I told her to sit down with the woman and have a heart to heart. She is nervous she will get fired. Anyone know how I can help my sister??

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she has had some issues with one of her managers. She constantly screams at her. It's pretty embarrassing. Hmm, for every action…

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