Was I wrongfully terminted?

I was in the hospital for 2 days. I had my wife call my employer to let them know what was going on. When i returned to work I had my doctors note. I was called into the office HR and my supervisor was their and they fired me. They said because I was a lead and only called in one day and I should of called in both days. I explained I was very sick in pain in the ER waiting to see what the doctor found wrong and what was going to happen. When in…

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If the government shutdown affects your job…

If you or someone you know has been impacted by the government shutdown you are not alone. An estimated 800,000 federal workers are also affected by the shutdown, but we are here to help! Not sure what the government shutdown is? You can read more about it here and here.

If you are not impacted directly by the government shutdown, please feel free to leave some words of advice or encouragement for those who are.

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To me I believe Government shutdawn is not showndwan as retrench ,so is for a while .except if they refused to pay workers. But if…

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No amount of pay is worth loosing your health

Last Aug I was working in healthcare finance as a Manager. I oversaw 27-30 employees 24/7 and was over 5 different areas. Along with all the normal responsibilities of managing staff I did insurance credentialing, wrote policies for all 5 areas, and was expected to be on call all the time, including when on vacation. The senior leader that I reported to was our CFO and was extremely difficult to work for. I was never once told good job or…

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You are absolutely right. You can always replace money or a job somehow. Your health, however, is priceless.

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What to do

Hi all, I am going to be up all night with my terminally ill kitty (this will be my last night with him). I have a job interview in the morning and I know I’m going to look tired and I’m hoping my brain won’t fail me!! I’m wondering if I should give my interviewer a quick explanation or not say anything at all and just hope she doesn’t notice?

I'm sorry about your cat. How did the interview go?

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Should all jobs have a termination policy

Ok so my family member was offered a job ,and went to work for a couple days and got sick one day and couldn't call before her shift started because the ambulance came and got her. The job called and said she was terminated and to return all job items received. When she went to turn the items in she saw others who were also terminated for the same reason but was able to go to another site,so being that she wants to work she asked could she go to…

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Yes I think all companies should have a policy on grounds for termination l believe without one they can make up anything just to…

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So I informed my job that my Grandfather had passed and I needed some days to attend the funeral. Instead they said that I would have to use my vacation time because it ws not an IMMEDIATE family member! I have not been with the commpany long enough to get PTO! Can they do that? My GRANDFATHER is DEAD! If this is how they conduct buisness, I find that I want no part in it! The only way I can get off is if I take a leave of absence and then I have…

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That's normal business practice use any vacation or time off without pay ,keep your job and honor your gf memory!!!

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One month ago, exactly, my lovely wife of 26 years passed in the night. But that's not all I lost. I also was a caregiver for her for almost 3 years Doing In Home Supportive Services. So when she died on June 23rd, I not only lost my wife but I also lost my job. It turns out IHSS does not pay into unemployment so I'm not entitled to collect unemployment. So I'm not only sad, but also broke and penniless. I'm having difficulties finding a job and…

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I am sorry for your loss, however, if you have been a caregiver for 20 yrs you should not have any problem finding…

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Lots of labor experience! Now an unemployed "young senior citizen ", looking for work.

I am a 60 year old woman who has done all the back-breaking work. Warehouse, stable cleaning, nursing homes, retail, fast food, Hairdresser, public schools, childcare, therapeutic foster family support, lot driver, and delivery driver.
I am currently on-call at a child care. (Not getting any calls). I have applied for many positions, but not getting any interviews. Am I too old? I'm not dead, and I have to eat. My husband's health is failing…

Wrongful termination

I was working for El Paso Housing Authority, got sick and asked for leave of absence, after that got fired due to me in hospital.

Oh no Sylvia Sealey I am so sorry to hear this. I hope you are feeling better now healthwise.

If you were fired from a job and…

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I recently got back into the work force after being out of work for 6 years due to heart transplant. During that time i managed to finish my degree in Technical Management so i thought i would have better chance after coming back that i would find employment because i have my degree but it has been a dog fight. I even took on 2 tempt jobs working in a warehouse to try and get my foot in the door, but i haven't had much luck with the tempt jobs…

Darnell Clark It sounds to me like you had every reason to take the gap you did. Firstly, your health required your attention, and…

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I need help, please.

Like many others, I can't find a job. The bills are piling up, my husband has dementia and Parkinson's and I'm his sole caretaker. I can't collect unemployment because they consider me a transient worker ( I hopped from one assignment to another). So what's the next step? Do I qualify for State benefits? Where do I find info on that? Who do I ask? I've been sending resumes, filling out job applications,etc. I'm at a loss and I feel like crying…

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If your husband is not able to work, you should apply for social security disability via social security office or SSI via state…

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