DO NOT DO IT!! We were treated like we were indentured slaves, and talked down to like we were the dumbest creatures on Earth. Thinking about a promotion or advancement was quickly discouraged. There were FOUR people that I trusted - one Location Manager, one Lot Manager, one Lead Driver, and one lady that worked in the office. We had to ASK to take our breaks and our Meal Break. There was ONE bathroom for 20 women and men to use. We were clo... see more

Thank you for sharing Duane Beach-Barrow I wish it could have been a more positive experience for you!

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I start working at this fast food place which is owned by Franchises, I've been there for 7 months now. My job supposed to be on training for G.M. cut the story short, I'm stuck closing every night, my schedule will be so ridiculously that no days or mid , while my supervisor and the other assistant manager can get the comfortable schedule, they always get off 2p.m. or 5p.m. and besides that, I will be working in every holiday... see more

retail sucks

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Hi everyone,
I want talk about a situation that happened to me at work. I work as a banquet server at hotel.
I was sexual harrassed by two male cooks. They said a sexual comment towards me which obviously made me feel uncomfortable. They cook is old man been there for 22 years.
I went to GM who took situation serious along with the manager. He did not get fired or written up. I believe those situations are zero tolerence, but did not happen
... see more

I'm sorry you're going through this. Although your manager seemed to take the incident seriously when you met with... see more

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During last 2 interviews I was hit on and was hired but declined job because was told was getting position due to my looks and posture. Can or do I report this? If so how n where?

Collect evidence and contact the human resource department of that agency.

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I was terminated April 2016. This company has more than two hundred cameras. I was terminated due to an employee stating that I was pushing carts around and telling other employee's I was going to kick their ass. I had no knowledge of the altercation until another employee ask me about it. No supervisor or manager ever approached regarding this. The employee that made me aware of this kept coming back to me with this. Prior to this I had... see more

I have worked a total of sixty-six days since this termination. As of today I no longer have any financial... see more

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Lisa Castro Thanks so much! I'm in Illinois.

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I was working for the same company for six years, worked my way from the bottem to haveing my own store. In a matter of 3 weeks i was accused for either saying or touching someone in an improperly way which i never did. I was fired & was only told sorry they said it so we have to let you go. Im 50yrs. old & a little 16 to 18 yr old girl can kill a man & his job in just saying it happened. I think its a load of crap that all they have to do is say... see more

Hi Cecil Nichols - I'm sorry to hear about your firing! That really sucks. It can be hard to get back into the... see more

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It comes down to a single person in my life that wishes to steal everything from me. I get elected to the presidency and what does my brother inlaw do, He outfits my home with hidden cameras and posts them. Violates every right I have. I call upon the collective to step in. For he refuses to talk with me, So I will take it to the Macro, Of the Collective. Because if I cant have Privacy, No one can it would seem.

Take the cameras out! Then move!

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My experience was not good I felt unwanted as well as welcomed I worked past this so that I may care for my family. This company is violating your race to your sexual preference. It was not good experience after the loss of my husband as well as having a anxiety break down they waited til the day after I was released.from Doctor care d terminated me without proper reason stated I should file for my disability because I was put on meds to reat so... see more

Stay strong.. your not alone.. I was framed and fired from multiple jobs with documentation, accepted on... see more

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I am so stressed angry. My supervisor yells at me and try to find something to harrass me about. I am a hard worker, but she acts like she hate me for a reason i am unaware of. I am a medical coder and have coded for 9 years. I started working this job early last year. She tells Hr i am not coding up to her expectations. Why am i being treated so unfair? I go home thinking about walking out or cussing this lady out, in which she is trying to... see more

Marcella Eady I think you're making the right decision to leave your current job and I hope you find something in a... see more

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I was terminated due to the fact that 1 week Before I was terminated I went to the boss about harassment on an employee. That began to harassment. That same lied and said that I was sleep on the job when that was untrue. I know that it was harassment my boss and the employee are friends. My boss took her word there are no cameras at all had a witness and still was fired. I will have my day.

Oh no Stacy Johnson I am so sorry! It sounds like that is not the type of business you want to be a part of. Karma... see more

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