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I was terminated due to the fact that 1 week Before I was terminated I went to the boss about harassment on an employee. That began to harassment. That same lied and said that I was sleep on the job when that was untrue. I know that it was harassment my boss and the employee are friends. My boss took her word there are no cameras at all had a witness and still was fired. I will have my day.

Oh no Stacy Johnson I am so sorry! It sounds like that is not the type of business you want to be a part of. Karma is an…

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why did I quit

My employer Kent Higginbotham assaulted me

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I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with your past employer.

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The worst way to get fired

I was having a hard time where I was working. I thought I was doing good. All the days and weeks I was working. Till one day I found out that I was only working one day a week. I didn't understand. I asked my Manager and he told me that everyone's hours were being cut. The Ass. manager told me something completely different every day at work they told me to tap into my inner brother. I did not like the idea of them comparing me to my brother. I…

If I were you I would change Ass. Manager, to Asst. Manager. I think this is what you mean.

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I ended up leaving my last job due to bullying and sexual harassment. I've been struggling ever since. Not only am I struggling with depression but now I'm struggling trying to find a new job. I'm in college for my Associates Degree in Science of Accounting. I have no clue how to even put it to use after i get my diploma come May. I was a Assembly Machine Operator making parts for GM then assembly for Goodwill contracts for 4.5 years…

Hey Jorjena Moran ,
Sounds like you need to get grounded and there's a lot of local resources available to help you as long as…

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It is Friday afternoon, work almost behind you. That planned drive with your friend to visit a ghost town a couple of hours up north, was all the two of you could talk about for weeks, is ahead of you. It's happening.

Not so fast, the alternator went out in your car on your drive home from work. You found a mechanic who agreed to fix it over the weekend for you, to the tune of $700. But there's more, the battery is over three years old... You…

This is a great point, Patrick. One big part of maturing is learning how and when to apologize for your mistakes. An apology…

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Sexual harrasment

I was let go because my manager was commenting on my breast and making lewd jokes and comments so i told him to stop harrasing me and called him a pervert and he suspended me when i went for meeting with union rep and his boss tjey didnt want to discuss him harrasing me but said i was late to many times and they were letting me go. Mind u my availability is 630pm on. But they put me on schedule for 6. I was there before 630. But they didnt want…

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That's blatant sexual harassment..
Keep on it.

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Jasmine galindo

I was working for Family Dollar and the manager there Germain Wilson was a f****** a****** he was very f****** he knew I was married and everything he still further and talked to get sexual relations with me I decided not to and all of a sudden I had 5 days off of work which is he use retaliation on me so I called corporate and I called the GM Miss Rosie and told her the situation and she never even f****** help me Family Dollar is a f****** game…

Hi Jasmine! I'm so sorry about that situation, that's horrible. I hope everything has been okay for you since!

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Bullying in the Workplace

I would like to know why we are not more strict regarding nullying in tbe workplace?

I dont stand for it.. I go directly to HR, bullying is a form of harassment.

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Indirect harassment.

One of my co-workers is trying to put the moves on another of my co-workers and is constantly trying to keep her away from any other Male employees. Including myself. Is this an issue I should bring up to My HR? He's also trying to move up and I do know that there should not be relationships between higher ups and the lower level workers.

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I would speak with your coworker about your concerns first to make sure his actions are making her uncomfortable in the workplace…

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Question: was I wrongfully terminated?

I was fired March of this year (2018). It all started last year of November 2017, this is during the time we were working outside of our regular hours of 8-5. They had us working from 7am to sometimes close to 9pm. Note, we did not receive overtime, only comp time for working outside normal hours. Anyway, around this time, one of the co-workers (I'll call her T) goes to our manager and asks if we're allowed to notarize a form for her daughter who…

Hi Keesha! I'm so sorry this happened - that sounds like a horrible experience. I am not a lawyer, but I hope this list helps you…

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