I really enjoyed knowing that my position was guaranteed and the work wasn't going anywhere. Also going to work knowing what has to be done and the sole responsibility of my position was nice.

I'm always amazed by the enduring power and inspiration that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s words had on those around him. His legacy of strength is the epitome of civic responsibility and engagement. As we approach MLK Day, I wanted to take some time to reflect...

Here is one of my favorite quotes. I believe that this applies to many parts of our lives. We may have some bumps in the road that feel like failures, but we must never give up... see more


Sorry I cant be happy or celebratory about this day. Its made it so my mail is late, which means I have to go... see more

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Is to go for it. It's a really great place to work

Thanks so much for the tip Angela Steinbrook !!

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You stayed busy and pay was great you were treated great

Go to Brazil not Terre haute Terre haute treats you like shit

Working for Eric smith great Dane Terre haute dudes an idiot

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