New Teacher advice?

A loved one is about to start a career as a teacher. Special education for 6th graders. What is a good gift to get her?
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the kids will be a pain but one teacher can change the world in the kids eyes!

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The ATS could be stopping you!!

Feeling frustrated because you applied to a TON of jobs and you still aren’t hearing back???

The problem could be that your resume is missing some important information!

If a company uses what’s called a applicant tracking system or ATS, your resume will go through a screening process. If it’s missing certain elements it will be pushed aside and not viewed by that particular company.

So, let’s look at some tips on how to use keywords to update…

HR basically ignore almost anything that comes in without being referred by someone already there. That's the only way into some…

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TOUCH THE GIFT WITHIN YOU! (Tomorrow will never be the same.) [IBYC]


I truly believe we all have gifts within us which are waiting for a rebirth. Yes, they were born with us during our period of natural birth. However, like with anything else, if we don't shake it and wake it, yes, it can remain asleep.

I want to encourage you to, NOT give up on yourself and fall by the waste-sides of life. Yes, I can only imagine that life has been tremendously hard for you in more ways than one. However…

Yes I agree I got an interview thank god I hope I get the job although it's part time better than nothing

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