How would you answer, What Make You a Better Candidate for This Position?

11 years experience with machinery fast detailed learner safety oriented commitment and dedication work ethic

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Thru the grace of God he will feel an touch every spot where we lack an uplifting us an make us stinger an much... see more

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How would you answer, what is your greatest weakness?

I am a very detailed person.

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All jobs can get stressful. What I learned in my 33 years was to take a breath and refocus. I would put a to do list together of what had to get done that day and deal with each interruption as they surfaced.

Great Co workers and being abe to laugh and vent helped too!

Its great when you can figure out what works for you when you get stressed out !! God Bless !!There is also stress... see more

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Why is it that when Im being interviewed and they ask “Tell me more about yourself?” I always get nervous and scared? I don't know but its the easiest yet the hardest question to answer. Am I the only one that deal with this issue?

it’s not a difficult question. This is where you tell the interviewer more about your work history but keep in... see more

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Jessica Mitchell you should speak about your characteristics pertaining to the job you are interviewing for and how... see more

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A really good environment, the job is an opportunity , the work is there ,and functional also perseverance

Thanks for sharing your experience here with the community, Blake Smith ! When did you get started with Amazon?

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How do you keep companies from discriminating people for their age?

Contact AARP! This month’s issue of their news letter is all about age discrimination and what they’re doing to... see more

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If there is a choice between being right and being kind. I choose kind.

Well let's sway and sing Kimbaya

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This is kind of a tough topic for me. I am a CDL driver and we lost one of our guys today. I got a message that one of our drivers had an accident, they think a heart attack.

He was a great dude and a very good driver and it got me thinking that I should start trying to get more active on the road. A heart attack actually killed my dad and it scares the hell out of me. How can I work out when I am trucking constantly??

My son runs while he's parked. Then goes and reserve a shower

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Let’s really dig deep why do u think we can’t trust people? I think it’s because so many people are selfish and they don’t wanna keep secrets NOT EVEN IN THE WORK PLACE because let’s face it without a little excitement work would be boring but I feel it’s just second nature to me at least to keep my mouth shut because I was raised that way.

What about you what are your thoughts

Unfortunately, we can’t control the actions and attitudes of others. The first step is accepting that and the next... see more

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John Huang thank you for your input! I think I still have time to be a different me this year and change for the... see more

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When I was cleaning in my floral department I was cleaning the back walls when I experienced a electrical shock to my right hand, it hurt and caused the lights to flicker within my department. The resulting shock caused a second degree burn and blistered, while painful I was able to handle the injury with ease. However when I called for a manager to come to assist in the situation, he didn't come till I was clocked out of my own shift and I had... see more

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