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I’m looking for a 2 week job here in Houston Texas . As I’m leaving for the military in 5 weeks. I am a fast learner. I’m considering jobs that pay daily or weekly if they must . But just for my personal convenience. I am having trouble because no one wants to hire someone for that little time. I can work full time for those 2 weeks . I can do 60 hours a week if I must .
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Hi Kevin Ceniceros , for a short time like that you may want to look into taking a gig job. It’s a great way to start earning…

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Should I ask for a raise?

I hope this doesn't seem insensitive because I know most of you are searching for work. Believe me, I was in your shoes not so long ago and I remember the agony and heartache but I need opinions. I can't post to Facebook because I broke my own rules about not friending people at work. So...

I will start by saying that I really love the company I work for and my job, though it was not without some problems early on. I was hired for a position…

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Yes, I agree with James, I was in a situation as yours. I asked and got a raise and had extra. People to help me. All they can do…

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Merchandiser positions available in Alexandria and Fairfax, VA

Coca-Cola is now looking for part time and full time merchandisers to support our team in the Alexandria and Fairfax, VA location.

REFRESH your career by joining our exceptional Logistics team! Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated (CCBCC), the largest independent bottler in the US, is looking for a Part Time Merchandiser/Stocker!
Learn more and apply today.

Part time:

Dear sir I'm mechanic from Sri Lanka I'm working to Doha now I have experience south Africa ollso I'm interested to coca cola job…

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Chaminda Sampath Coca-Cola bottling is only in the United States.

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I made looking for a job a full time job

I lost my job in January and just was offered the job of my dreams. It was a tough discouraging road. I was out every day dropping off resumes, I dressed up for phone interviews, I sat at the computer on indeed for hours on end, I even went as far as applying in neighboring cities. I was finally offered 3 great jobs. I never would have thought I’d be offered my dream job just minutes from my home. It takes a lot to find a job these days but…

That's a blessing...i was blessed to find 2 jobs not 10min away from me☺

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I’m currently 66 years old and I’m working full-time as an in-home care associate I’m looking for another job and I have applied to many different positions I am very qualified to do administrative assistant positions and reception jobs. I’m not sure but I think most employers look at my age and possibly think I Donely work for a year or two and then I’d leave I’m a loyal employee I worked at Cascades Job Corps for 16 years I’ve worked as an…

Hi Robyn Albee ! I would check out this article on how to age proof your resume! NO company should ever judge you based on your…

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Work from home for Lionbridge!

Are you internet savvy? Then check into current work available with Lionbridge. Full-time, part-time, flexible and task options. For details and to apply:.


Lois Martin This a great opportunity for those looking to work from home! Thanks for sharing

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Hiring for Warehouse Supervisors in Montgomery NY

Currently there are 4 - positions available. These are full time jobs with full benefits.

General duties:
Primary focus of position is shipping/receiving/distribution; NOT operations
Responsible for Supervising the shipping/receiving functions of all outgoing/incoming products from the warehouse.
Follow Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) policies and procedures.
Front line supervision is an extremely…

How to apply ??

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Raju Bhusal this job was posted 3 months ago and unfortunately is no longer available

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I got a job finally!!

I got a job with Hilton full time so happy! It's been a long road finally it's over


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Finally found a job in my field.

After stressful job searching, I am pleased to say I am finally employed in my field of Optics. It goes to show that persistence pays off. Good fortune to all those on their journey and search!!!

I'm also serch new job but didn't get the job last two years

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Experienced Line Cook - West Bloomfield $13.40/hour!!!!

MCM is looking for an experienced cook in the West Bloomfield area!

Shift Hours
Full-time, 40hrs/week; 7:00am-3:30pm, weekends required

Specific Job Details
Prepares hot food for patient care and the cafeteria. Assists in menu planning and production schedules. Assists in cafeteria meal service and special functions. Sanitizes work area and equipment.

High School or equivalent. Minimum of three years’ experience. Must meet or…


This is Huge, we'll get the word out Ryan Aman .

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Nelson Franco Thanks Nelson!

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Does a anyone know of employers willing to hire Persons on the autism spectrum in Woodbridge area? #highschoolagraduate #partime #fulltime

How do you mention a disability? Can I help?

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