In the year 2019, what is the proper time to wait for a decision to an interview you just had? If you are told during the Interview a decision will be made by end of week, should one assume that if you don't hear anything back by end of week, that you have not been selected for the position? I usually send a thank you for the Interview email within 24 hours of having my Interview. What is the proper time to wait to email regarding the status... see more


Hi, Joseph!
Within a week is okay and quite normal. Keep a positive smile on your face, and as you shake hands... see more

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Stephanie Land has been among the 40,000,000 Americans who rely on SNAP to strive to feed their family. She navigated cleaning houses, 7 govt support programs, abusive relationships. She powered through days with hard work and kept her heart focused on the stars with love for her daughter and determination for a brighter future. And she triumphed! Through online and night classes she became a great writer. And as of 2019 a best selling... see more

Barbara Ehrenreich (who wrote the forward to Maid) has an outstanding book called Nickel and Dimed from 1998 that's... see more

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So my interview went well. But for the first time ever. I was told to call her in a week. She didn’t say she or they would be in touch. She said for me to call her directly. Is that good or bad?

Its bad. If they wanted you you would know. Theyre stringing you along because they might pick you if nothing... see more

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Once you've clicked send and your application has been submitted don't forget your next step which is to follow up! Here are some tips to help.

When do I do it?
If you were given an email to contact the recruiter/hiring manager, send a follow-up email 2-3 days after you originally applied. It's likely that they haven’t gotten back to you by then, so this is a fantastic way to remind them of who you are and why you are a benefit to them.

What do... see more


Very well written and great advice!

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Just finished seasonal job at the warehouse. Now waiting to hear back from amazon prime logistics delivery.

Just want give you caution about Amazon Prime Logistics Delivery. My seasonal job was end on January 3rd 2020 and... see more

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I am so so frustrated and angry. Friday I interviewed for a job and it went fantastic. They even asked in the interview when I could start. Friday evening they called and said they were extremely impressed with me and would be sending me an offer. I asked if it would be Monday and they said yes probably Monday. It is now midday Tuesday and not a word. This is a small company and I don't have any email addresses but i do have cell phone #'s. Today... see more

I have put in many applications in before my self never got a call back once keep looking dude

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I've been contacted by so many recruiters only for them to disappear on me. Either on the phone, in person, or video they tell me what a wonderful resume I have, they think they can help, blah, blah, blah, then I don't hear squat. It makes so angry that recruiters put you through all of this then leave you hanging. I'm unemployed. I'm not going through this process for fun. I need a job so why they heck are you contacting me and wasting my time... see more

Thanks for sharing this Sholette Seymore . We have lots of JObcasers who would like work from home opportunities... see more

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I have probably applied at one company for various jobs over the course of a couple of years and just when I really need a job, I have an interview with them on Monday. But darn I had to search everything to find out when I applied there and have not found the job description yet. Fun Monday.

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I've submitted to over 200 jobs, most don't even call me and the ones that do tell me I'm over qualified. Should I remove my masters degree from my resume and my experience that shows I am highly qualified?

I think it is worth experimenting to see what happens. Your resume should always be tailored to tell your best... see more

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I received a call last Thursday regarding a customer service position, I was told it was strictly Customer service and would I be able to interview the next day, of course I said yes. I was super excited and the salary I was quoted was great. I get to the interview everything went well and I was asked could I stay for the hiring orientation. I get in orientation and all they talked about was selling insurance. So I asked if the position was... see more

There is a place near me that does this. They have several different company names. They all are located in the... see more

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I've been searching for a job since May, I've applied everywhere and I've followed up on all my applications but still have had no luck I'm starting to get frustrated and discouraged

Hi Kaesha
I'm sorry that you having a rough going and there are others in the same boat. I happen to be one. I've... see more

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