Am I too old or over qualified

I have a MBA degree and over 25 yrs management experience. I have interviews and I do well on them, but I never get the call back to be offered a job. I am employed but career is stagnant and looking for a change. What is wrong with me?

Well! I am really tired of being told that I am over qualified for a position or not a good fit wtf, I have been in retail…

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Home Depot Hiring 80,000!

Looking for a Job? Well look no further! The Home Depot is NOW #hiring up to 80,000 seasonal full & part time employees across their nearly 2000 Retail Stores and 100 distribution centers.

Interested applicants can apply online at, via text to (HOMEDEPOT TO 52270), or in person at the employment kiosks located inside the store.

Candidates who successfully complete their applications can schedule an interview via…

Yeah min wage

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Why doesn't anybody call back?

I've been searching for work for months now and have had dozens of interviews. I meet the qualifications for the job, dress appropriately, and do well during interviews, but no-one calls me back afterward when they say they will. I even make follow-up calls to make sure they haven't forgotten. I've done all I can, so why don't they do their part?

I have the same problem. I walk out of an interview where they said they would call me either way, hey I don't expect a call , but…

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Time to follow up!

Don’t let employers forget about you once the job fair ends...

Now is the time to follow up!

-Do it sooner rather than later
1-2 business days after the job fair is ideal.

-Make it personal
Remember that employers have met and spoken to MANY people at the fair, so it’s unlikely they will automatically remember you. If you had a good conversation, make note of something you discussed and mention it in the email.

-Reach out to the right people

Good luck to all of those who attended the job fair!

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Irene Taylor How kind of you to send your well wishes Irene! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

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age discrimination

I went for a job interview that I was well qualified for and the Hiring manager asked me if I was 51? Well they said that they will call me in a week.It has been almost 3 weeks no call. was her asking me my age discrimination?

What I am seeing is they do not ask your age but when did you graduate high school, Pretty much same thing, Agree?

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Looking for a new hire?

Great news found a job took time, no it was not my resume. It's the amount of applicants some jobs have hundreds.

I am so sorry that you lost your wife. One thought: do you have friends or family in managerial positions or in HR? If so, ask…

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Lois Martin I found out something it's not the resume but the amount of applicants for a job. Also some postings should be taken…

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They called me!

Been looking for work since late June, was getting very discouraged at this point. My best friend of 36 years died suddenly on Labor Day. I had to decline some interviews, because I just couldn’t emotionally do it. I posted on Facebook about and old friend I worked with, called me from a local hospice. They happened to have an opening! I also know the office manager and their patient care coordinator use to be my boss. I met with them yesterday…

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Keep going

I read this from others now it happened to me. I went on interview after interview and was turned down trying to get a better job.
One lady told me she thought she should pay me close to minimum wage for a job that should make a lot more based only on the fact I was a homemaker for 11 years, but I was working for 2 years at a different job. I told her thank you for her time and left the interview. I also filled out endless applications just…

Hi Mary, Forgive me, but I am unforgiving with people that deliberately say the wrong thing, the woman you were stating said that…

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Im curious.

Why does It take local employers nearly half a month to get to your application?

Hi curious I would like to know that to because l Say if you going to do that let me know that so I can start looking some…

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Census Bureau Jobs

Has anyone else experienced the red tape involved with getting approved for a job at the Census Bureau? I applied December 6th of 2018 and I am still waiting on my background check to be approved. I do not smoke, do not drink and have no criminal past that I know of. I think they could make the process a little more streamlined to get people in there faster. Has anyone else experienced working for Federal Government and what were your experiences…

Jobs posted 2-4 months before they are available

I've seen rejection e-mails which state they advertised for 2 weeks and received over 200 applications, and other jobs which were open 2-4 months. What is the best way to weed unqualified resumes?

Hi Gregory Shelton ! If you have found that you are not hearing back from jobs or landing interviews, the issue might be your…

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