I had a great phone interview last Tuesday with a director from a company that was extremely close to the job I was doing before I got laid off. I emailed them directly on September 30, then found the same posting on LinkedIn, so I applied again.
I then followed up on my original email.
During the interview he mentioned that it was my follow up that got me the interview because when he read my original resume he thought I was overqualified.
At... see more

If nothing else, my recent 18 months of consistent applications and discerning interviews have illuminated a near... see more

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Quit Your Job Properly

There are proper ways to do everything and that includes quitting your job. The manner in which you leave your job has professional implications. In addition, you must consider personal matters, especially regarding finances and your health care.

It pays to think about your exit strategy as part of your overall career plan, now and at future steps along the way.

Determine when to inform your boss. When you decide it is... see more


I totally agree

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I have interviews three jobs in the past two weeks. I called to check on my application. Personnel told me the department would contact me and to call them. I called the department and she told me contact personnel. I checked my mailbox and the woman from the department sent me a letter, dated the day of my interview saying I was not chosen. I have 5 degrees and administrative experience and skills. What else do they want?



I have the same problem I have been turned down over 20 times in the past month and half they could be basing it on... see more

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I applied to multiple jobs for months even jobs i had no experiance with and kept getting told NO finally after a few months i finally got a job offer to be a supervisor and of course i was so excited and cried tears of joy!

PRISCILLA BONAPARTE First off congrats! I was wondering would you mind sharing some tips and your story of how you... see more

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i didnt received any interview call

Ive been waiting aince the 25th to hear back from amazon about my emails to confirm my start date. I have not heard anything back and wondering if I should go ahead and call them?

Well I went for a interview on October 26 and was told that I had the job that all we was waitting for was my... see more

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Samantha Stephany thanks. So your still waiting too huh...well good luck to you too

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As the job seeker, we are on our best behavior, but recruiters and hiring managers are not. I tell myself that I wouldn’t want to work with that company anyway if they treat people like that, the way they are trying to recruit.
How many times have they asked for your Resume then they are gone, or when you have a phone interview then you never hear back from anyone.
Job hunting is a roller coaster your going to have good days and bad days but... see more

Amy Newby, i get what your saying with job load. HR should have a form letter to send out, 2 seconds of time. We... see more

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I interviewed with a company I am excited to work with,I met the District Manager first then had phone interviews with Regional manager as well as Regional H.R,the following week the D.M called and we negotiated pay,He welcomed me to the company and even though he was on vacation he would key me into their system for me to watch for the email requesting the drug screen. I have been eagerly checking my email and nothing has come through.It has... see more

So where are you located I may know of a job

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Jerimey Apple .. any work in ms.for a retired RN. No other experience

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I have been a recruiter for 20 years+. Here is what happens to a submitted resume:
1) If you are given a persons email to submit a resume it will go to that persons email. Now you have their email address and can follow up with your resume.
2) You send it to an HR inbox. This is where it gets tricky- in this case they are in most cases using a resume software key-word search to search your resume. It will tally how many times key words from their... see more

Thank you Todd for explaining the application process.

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So I just moved back home an am desperately looking for a job. Recently I managed to land an interview with this hotel and was super excited because I REALLY wanted the job. I brought extra resumes, had my own writing tools, asked the right questions, and even took the bus just to get there fifteen minutes early. It took them two weeks to reply just to say no and before that even happened I made sure to call them, email them, and even went in... see more

Try a job placement service. Let them do all of that worrying for you. They are paid to find work for you so they... see more

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What I found to be the best ways to follow thru with a contact person.

Agrees! In-person application follow ups is the best way to get in front of hiring managers and show how your... see more

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