I went for a job interview for a Supervisor position, HR called me and started the conversation with...."Hello, do you have a minute to talk? Yes I replied. Well I received a call from @$#! who stated she would love to offer you the position...HOWEVER..... its a promotionary position, and since you are NOT a state worker we can not offer it to you! I work in a State hospital, have been for 3 years, took the civil service exam as well, you…

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I don't understand why they called and offered you the position when they turned around and declined you. To me that was dum and a…

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Career-Switching Tips

Career switching is becoming a choice for many different people for a number of different reasons. For some, it is because they have been in the same career for most of their professional life and they are bored or find that they are stagnant and have no where to grown any further; they are at a dead end. Others may find that their chosen career isn't what they thought it would be and it doesn't bring them the happiness and…


I do believe you have a lot of good points But I am of the baby boomer age and I am finding more and that sometimes the money I…

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4th interview and no reply back, what gives???

I had my 4th interview a week ago. The other 3 interviews I was contacted within a day or two to schedule the next interview. After every interview, I sent out thank you emails. Now the 4th interview was with a panel and not a one on one interview, but I was told that I would be gotten back to within a couple of days. I emailed the HR manager after a couple of days and no reply. Then I emailed the sales manager on Friday and no reply. I emailed…

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I would say for some reason they are no longer interested that happened to me one way long time ago I applied at waffle house and…

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sorry but i have done so a lot of interviews .what kind of job is this

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Hey Eric Washington - this is the Jobcase community.. We are so glad to have you here on Jobcase!

To learn more about what we do…

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Good Advice from a Career Coach (I AM NOT A COACH - JUST SHARING INFO)

This is WHY you are NOT invited for any job interview!

You respond to job ads all day long but NEVER hear a word back!

Almost every day I hear from clients:
Roland, I constantly apply for jobs, but nothing! What's wrong with me?

Nothing WRONG with you!
When you understand the rules of the job search game, you will be a better player.

These are the main reasons why YOU are not getting invitations
for #jobinterviews:

  1. Your CV doesn't tailor…

❛We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if…

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Why don't recruiters call you back

I spoke with a few recruiters about positions and now I'm trying to follow up and they don't call back.
One I'm trying to get my assessment test results... nothing, no response.
What can I do to get them to contact me?

Thank you!

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I am sorry if they have not. I have not experience this before. What recruiters are you talking about? Job? Or military?

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Six tips for success at hiring events and job fairs

The old saying, “You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression” has never been more true than when it comes to hiring events and job fairs.

Job fair and hiring event preparation happens long before you walk into the event, so take as much time as possible in the days leading up to prepare.

Here are our six tips on how to showcase your best self at these events, and increase your chances of landing a job.

Bring copies of your

Awesome tips.

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Average wait for an application response

Hi, I’m Alexis and I’ve applied for quite a few jobs, but I’m only 17 and I’ve never had a job before if anyone could please give me in there own experience the average time to wait for a response from a applied job position before moving forward to another? Also if you know of any good places to start off from for a first job that would be greatly appreciated! ( side note I’m not able to work at fast food chains due to my parents )

Hi Alexis Saucedo make sure you follow up with the jobs. Consider calling or sending over an email! On average it could take 1-2…

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22 Interviews and still trying to keep my head up

I have been out of work for almost 4 months and been on over 20 interviews. Most of the companies I have either not heard from or had to chase after to find out that I didnt get the job . ANNOYING AND RUDE! I am learning that I just need to keep moving on. I am disappointed with my life right now but I can still set the reset button on my life. I can get a job, get my money situation in order, get my weight in control and start moving…

I totally understand how you feel. It does become difficult when people do not believe in you and make it hard for most. My advice…

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7 Interview Tips That Will Help You Get Hired

  1. Practice and Prepare Review the typical job interview questions employers ask and practice your answers. Strong answers are those that are specific but concise, drawing on concrete examples that highlight your skills and back up your resume. Your answers should also emphasize the skills that are most important to the employer and relevant to the position. Be sure to review the job listing, make a list of the requirements, and match them to your…


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Is 2nd Interview a Good Sign??

I have a 2nd Interview they just need to confirm on Interviewers schedule to know when exactly they will interview me.
Is this a good sign?

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