I was coming out of the bank one day I noticed that my car was being towed of course I kicked and stomped nothing I could do about it so when I went down to pay the 300 and some odd dollars if they were charging me since my registration is expired I asked who handled her collection accounts 3 years later my agency had collected almost 10 million dollars and had over a hundred clients in the towing industry it's a true story

Perfect example of turning lemons into many glasses on lemonade. Now that’s entrepreneurship

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So recently I was let go and on very morally questionable grounds and right before Christmas literally 3 days before I moved into my new place all seemed great until I was asked to come to the office and that's when I got delivered the news. It was heart breaking and terrifying because all I could think was now what. I had just enough money to post for 2 months rent and that was it but I got let go at the worse part of the year. In my field... see more

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Selling the Company to Overseas Investors. Dealing with contracts, and
coming to a mutual deal for all Parties

Work together to find common ground, and find solutions to the area of difficulty

Abanco Iternational LLC was a premier Venture Capital Firm helping companies
bring their products to the public. We created new technology, jobs, and better
ways to live. It was challenging everyday.

Many of the people I worked with became my friends.

Not enough listings to make it worth the time right now hoping it picks up

I'm use to being a part of a team, I truly enjoyed working for Frisch's Bigboy, but sorry too say I felt that I didn't have room for growth.

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