Jobless since june!

I've been so stressed out and for the first time, I felt anxiety. I have lots of different types of. experience, but no HS Diploma/G.E.D. a Felony from 2001. I have tried so many surveys/games to make something but its a dead end well it seems like it .

What was the felony and what sort of help do you need?

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Get it in Writing.

You got the job offer, you are so excited. But did you really get the job offer?

Companies that are on the up and up will always, not sometimes but always do the following:
Send you a job offer, and what is included in that letter is Critical;. Keep that letter, make copies. Hopefully, you will not need to point anything out that is not being done.

Job offers can vary but they should at a minimum have the following information.

Start date…

Most jobs, for that matter most businesses, want an individual for hire to have great customer service skills, networking stills…

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The past

I have tried so hard to stay positive on my. Job search I do have. A background from 2014 I did my. Time and I still can’t get a job umm when I was away for my crime I learned so many skills and. Now I’m out I can’t even get a job

Hey Cari Coyle - you aren't alone in your search. • For support join this group

• For resources and where to go from here check…

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Like to get a descent job with several felonies

I have been filling out applications for 2 weeks I own my own business but I need a job to earn extra money and become self-sufficient unfortunately I have a jail record a mile long I've not been incarcerated for over two years

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I'm interested in hearing the Steps

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Ex felon no ged or diploma and alot of tattoos

Working on getting ged and its so hard to find a job i have experience in labor work but its so hard to get hired i just need one shot to prove im a good worker dependable

Hi dellis riggzz jr

I am so sorry to hear that things have been a struggle for you lately.

You're definitely not alone, as…

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You know what really sucks in the world. I made a mistake and I paid for it I did my prison sentence and my parole. But people in this world still will not let me live it down. Companies that say they hire felons won't even hire me. I put atleast 10-15 application in on a daily basis and go-to the interviews. Just to get the email they went with somebody else. I am almost at the point prison is easier I have been out for over a year and off…

Hey waylon hyde - I am so sorry to hear that things have been a struggle for you lately.

You're definitely not alone, as others…

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Anyone from Connecticut,Hartford area,with any job leads for felons

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Also in CT Tiffany... I hear you and support you! Keep your head up... I have some suggestions if your still looking. Give me a…

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Good Morning Everyone, so for all of you that have been trying to help out with me finding and or getting a job i thank you. But i want all of y'all to know that think there's no Rainbow nor pot of gold t the end i am here to tell you Don't give up. I have been trying to get a job for 3 years and no one would even try to give me a chance due to poor decisions i made in my life. I've been out of trouble now for 5 year's this year and out of…

من شما را استخدام میکنم

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I have just finished my 2nd degree and because of my past, i can not find a job. I am a felon and find it hard to get my foot in the door. Judge by me not my past. Disappointed in society. Not everyone who has a past is a bad person.

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What field are your degrees in?

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please help me find a job

i am 14 years old about to turn 15 and i am willing to do anything to help my mom pay rent my mom just got out of prison. she’s a single mother and works at ihop

Imma M3m3 Here are a few things I suggest you do.

• Stop by and apply in person or online with local grocery stores, movie…

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Ms bronco

My son is on probation for a felony...adjudication was withheld...he really needs a good job. Any recommendations? We are in Fl.

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Google felon friendly employers to find companies who will consider him along with other resources to help in his search. A…

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