Jobless since june!

I've been so stressed out and for the first time, I felt anxiety. I have lots of different types of. experience, but no HS Diploma/G.E.D. a Felony from 2001. I have tried so many surveys/games to make something but its a dead end well it seems like it .

Dear Anya Duran,

I will pray for you.

All the best.
Liz B.

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I hope you know that

We all feel a little lost sometimes, but just remember this:

YOU can do this
YOU are significant
YOU matter
YOU are braver than you think you are

YOU have got this!


oui j ai le meme sentiment je sent que je suis importante et je cherche de faire quelque chose plus importante dans ma vie pour…

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I kept a positive attitude at work by

Well I'm a felon,and its a blessings I had someone give me a chance ,i also enjoy seeing the looks on the customer's face when they see their vehicles. I love work,and competition

Thanks you guys my heart just smiled real big ,I really appreciate that .

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I am looking for a job with a railroad company, any level of entry is desired and I am willing and able to learn anything. I was released from a federal prison just over a year ago, and gave been bouncing from job to job. Any advice or guidance is greatly appreciated. I have paid my dues and I am ready to be a productive citizen

Rhyan Driggans You're definitely not alone, as others here on Jobcase have faced this as well.

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What can do

I can't find a job to save my life but i really need one not just for myself but for my babe to i just had a new born and i really need a job and i have two felony on my back ground i just want to kno can anyone help me get a job so i can raise my son right. Help me please

you could also apply for popeyes chicken they hire no matter your background, they are very short handed at alot of stores... just…

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I just got my forklift driver and OSHA certification last Monday. I work at a warehouse now unloading trucks by hand. I want to find a job as a forklift operator that pays more than the 10.00 a hour Make now. I went to prison when I was 18 years old and

I spent 28 years in prison.I just got out at the age of 46 . I worked as warehouse laborer for several years. I love to and get along with other people very well. I just want a chance to work and prove my worth to a employer that will give the opportunity to.

Dammon Watson ou're definitely not alone, as others here on Jobcase have faced this as well.

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The unwanted

Everyday i wake up i apply for jobs but i never get a call back and then when i do get a interview i never get hired its so hard all i want to do is change my life around i do have a criminal background but its not that bad but its so hard to get a good job cause of that i just wanna work and live a happy life im a very hard worker i know i how to work on cars i know how to hang dry wall im just asking someone to help ..

hi Lamar Frazier , try the Long John Silvers restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA. They are in need of experience kitchen help right now…

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Like to get a descent job with several felonies

I have been filling out applications for 2 weeks I own my own business but I need a job to earn extra money and become self-sufficient unfortunately I have a jail record a mile long I've not been incarcerated for over two years

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Ms. Angel,
It's called Striving Against All Odds

If you stumble across this message within 1.5 hour from now, I will share with…

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Need a tattoo designed?

Tattoo design is my specialty. View my full portfolio at


Maybe you'd want to go for a job in graphic design too. Good luck with your business.

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First time Felon looking for a job

I have a recent aggravated assault on my background. I get plenty of calls and I let them know up front about my background and you guest it, they are no longer interested. I have a good resume and lot's of experience in banking customer service and collections. I am looking for an office type job with a company that does not do background checks or would be able to overlook the aggravated assault.
All help is appreciated,
David Adair

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I’m a 6 time felon and at first I did the same thing but after thinking about it- Why would you snitch yourself out? 80% of the…

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Have a desire to move forward.

I've spent my life in and out of prison over 30 years and now I'm 54 yrs. old with nothing but, because of God"s grace and mercy He have allowed me to see 54. I am currently at United Community Ministries which is a shelter in Rocky Mount. Once again God have allowed me another chance to live
I need help.

Hi Howard!

I am so sorry to hear that things have been a struggle for you lately.

You're definitely not alone, as others here…

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